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Does True Love Exist? 7 Facts That Scream “Yes!”


When it comes to answering the question,”Does true love exist?”, it’s important to remember that what constitutes “true love” differs from person to person and time to time. What’s more than that, true love can also be defined by our past experiences, such that if we had a romantic experience in the past and did […]

The Classy Mira Rajput Shahid Kapoor Wedding


Dashing and boyish good looks supplemented with a healthy dose of excellent acting skills? Yes, we’re talking about Shahid Kapoor, the quintessential Bollywood heart-throb whose charisma, boyish handsomeness and charming smile has warmed millions of hearts across India. Like all of the other extremely good looking men and women across the land, however, he is […]

Indian Bridal Hairstyles: The Perfect 16 Wedding Hairdo Pics


Some Indian bridal hairstyles are best suited for certain hair types while some go well with any hair type. But no matter whether you hair is short, medium-length, curly, long, manageable, barely-manageable etc. you will find something of major value here. Here are the different styles you can choose from to make your tresses look […]

In Context: Why Getting Married Is Not An Accomplishment


Marriage. It’s something that’s been on a pedestal since what seems like forever. Getting hitched was once the only thing a maiden had to look forward to as she blossomed into her prime. It was the box to tick. Often, a young woman’s wedding might even define her very existence and set the tone for everything else […]

17 Incredible Famous Love Quotes By The Great Ones

famous love quotes

There’s something about quotes on love. While some you may forget, quite a few are etched in your memory once you read them, and for good reason too. Throughout history and time, when the great ones have spoken about love, it is not the trivial or the read-once-and-forget kind. There is depth and meaning in […]

50 Good Morning Love SMS To Brighten Your Love's Day


How many times have you started your day by reading a beautiful good morning message sent by your loved one? How did it make you feel? The joy of having them wish you the first thing in the morning can totally brighten up your day and lift your spirits. It’s not just the receiving part […]

13 Classic Wedding Decorations For A Romantic Wedding


These 13 classic wedding decorations will give your wedding decor a beautiful and timeless appeal. We take a look at some of the elements and color schemes that lend a quintessential charm to your very own classic wedding decorations. 1. His & Her Arrow Chair Signs These super cute his and her arrow signs are […]