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5 Awesomesauce Perks Of Being In A Long Term Relationship

The title says it all, doesn’t it? It’s common occurrence for us to stumble upon long term relationships/marriage bashing memes while scouring the internet. Or maybe even funny forwards on WhatsApp. Or a hilarious picture that ends up on your Facebook timeline. And then there is the debate about how media influences our ideas. So […]

11 Funniest #WeddingFails Found On Twitter

Twitter is the rage, people are hilarious and weddings are great occasions to witness this. From distracted to-be-hubbies to bad misspellings, we have eleven wedding fails (Twitter gems) that are outright hilarious. I scoured the depths of Twitter (not really) to find you these nuggets under the hashtag #weddingfail to bring you these. Please feel […]

6 Things You Should NEVER Do At A Wedding


Weddings are stressful, there’s no doubt about it. With so many things happening and so many people to handle and with so many things that could and do go wrong, it is stressful for the bride and groom. The last thing you want to be is an inconvenience to them. So here are six things […]

Wedding Earrings: 16 Designs That Will Woo You Over


It’s the wedding season and if you’re a bride, chances are you’re on the lookout for the sassiest awesomesauce statement earrings to rock your own party. Well, you don’t need to look any further. Here are 16 amazing wedding earrings to choose from. Wedding earrings come in a variety of styles like studs, drop/eardrop, chandelier […]

15 Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes To Die For


If you know anything about footwear, you’d know that the name Jimmy Choo is synonymous with beauty, elegance, style and statement. Like Rolex is to men, Jimmy Choo is to women; it spells grandiose. Not-so-surprisingly, Jimmy Choo is a must have in every shoe-lover’s wardrobe. Here are 15 Jimmy Choo wedding shoes that will make […]

13 Mehndi Tattoo Designs That Will Blow Your Mind


Ever thought mehndi is only for wedding or festive occasions or something that the older generation likes? Well, think again. Because mehndi is back, and has captured hearts across the globe. Not just the ex-generation but the next-generation is also getting their hands (pun intended) into some cool mehndi or henna tattooing. Fortunately, we have […]