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Churidar Neck Designs: 42 Best Churidar Designs You Will Love


Churidar neck designs have always been in vogue! They present a perfect blend of style, charm and immaculate exquisiteness. A perfect churidar, even with its great colour scheme that matches your complexion and brilliant work, will not look perfect on you without the appropriate neck design/pattern. Choosing the correct churidar neck design that syncs with […]

40 Honest SMSes That Best Describe Failure In Love


Love – it’s not just an emotion, it’s the most powerful one. It’s not just any other concept, it’s the most important of all. It bends the rules of space and time. It defies logic and realities. It follows no science. History shows it. It makes you feel things you haven’t before, it makes you the […]

Arabic Mehndi Designs with Expert Video Tutorials


Arabic mehndi designs are the in-thing this season. According to a global survey on mehndi designs and styling, “The arabic mehndi style is far more popular than other styles all around the world”. Even back home, people are adapting to this style thanks to the intricate design, elaborate templates and a far more exquisite impression […]

25 Wedding Veils That Will Make You Say ‘I Do’


We all know there’s nothing more ‘wedding’ than a wedding veil. Whether it is a a shy white netted blusher or a satin pink Royal veil or even a cute frilly elbow length veil, its what makes the bride seem more… bride-like. Different Types Of Wedding Veils You have a hundred different varieties of veils […]

44 Cutesy Romantic Love SMS To Make 'Em Smile

It is an era of instant communication, and while the avenues are aplenty to pour your heart out to your sweetheart, there is a certain thrill in being succinct. It is perhaps the cuteness of being concise; saying it all with too little. Guess that’s the reason the good ol’ SMS seems to have never […]

50 Quotes That Best Describe Painful Love


Love hurts, no doubt. Loving somebody hurts. Not being loved hurts. Breaking up hurts. Being broken up with hurts. Real love hurts. Fake love hurts. Loving too much hurts. Loving too little hurts. Any and everything about love hurts. So why do we love?? I wish I could answer that for you. I really do. […]

Unplugged Weddings - The New Trend?


Weddings are sacred and pure. In spite of the confusion, all that stress and crazy irritation that leads up to the moment, the wedding itself is a spiritual experience. But sometimes this beautiful experience is ruined by the clicks and flashes of the various cameras that the guests hold out. The trend of unplugged weddings […]