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14 Ideas For Wedding Cake Designs That Actually Deserve To Be Framed

Cakes at weddings have been a thing since roman times, probably even longer than that. A lot of traditional weddings incorporate cakes to sweeten the moods. You can go with the usual, or you can get flamboyant.  It’s your wedding, so cake it well. Here’s a bunch of ideas on how to go about getting […]

12 Chocolate Wedding Cakes That Are Simply Sinful

They say the devil is in the detail. When it comes to chocolate wedding cakes, that’s certainly true. You normally never invite evil into your wedding, but with this list of sinful temptations, you’ll have yourself a very devilishly sinful wedding indeed. Why go with tradition when you can have a cacao wedding worthy of […]

Which Disney Bride Are You?

Every groom needs a bride. And every girl has thought about being one at least once; the subject of supreme adoration and desire to that one guy, who looks at you and sees his whole world. And just like every groom, every bride has her own persona. Which one’s yours? 1. Princess Classic You’re the […]

Which Disney Groom-To-Be Are You?

That’s how I heard of my first ever happy ending; watching Disney movies. And that’s how we’ve all learnt about them, and the prince and the princess who went on to live happily ever after. Every millennial will admit to harbouring weird fantasies, courtesy of old man Walt. But when you’re a dude, there’s a […]

What To Do On V-Day When You Love To Hate Each Other

Some couples lose that chemistry past the ‘initial honeymoon’ phase. Others don’t. And some settle for some in between version of the two. More often than not, these couples are also very ‘fire-less’; well not all of them. There exists a fairly odd version, the lover-haters. They love each other, but it’s just so much […]

What Is Your Bride Spirit?

Brides come in all shapes, sizes, flavours and smells. They also come with personalities in different versions with different super powers. When you find yourself on your way to bride-hood, you’ll find yourself pick one type over the other. Everyone else will see it too. It’s normally good to flow with your own persona, but […]

Arranged Marriages Work In India: 10 Brutally Honest Reasons Why

Why Arranged Marriages Work In India; As humans, we’re used to being afraid of things we don’t know much about. And it gets worse when we have vastly different medians to compare them with. The cray-cray levels get dialed to eleven when we’re dealing with culture clashes. Arranged marriages are like that. People from other […]

27 Real Reasons Why Women Want The Bad Boys

“Women like bad boys..” It’s something all ‘nice’ guys complain about; they cite this as the number one cause they don’t get the girl. You see it all over the internet. You see it in real life. Science has taken on ambiguous quests to prove this also. But is that all there is to that […]

MTV’s Big F And The Changing Face Of Indian Relationships

Say hello to this quiet little web series from an entertainment powerhouse, that is changing the way we view Indian sexuality. MTV has always been ahead when it came to keeping the vibe, so it comes as no surprise that they’re ahead of the curve this time too. And this time they’re running with something millennial – love […]