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Rajasthani Bridal Mehndi Designs For Full Hands: Top 22 Of 2017

Rajasthan is known the world over for its rich and alluring colours and culture. From clothes to jewellery to mehndi designs, Rajasthani art work is all about attention to details and exotic beauty. Rajasthani Bridal mehndi designs deserve every bit of attention and extravaganza. Rajasthani bridal mehndi designs have been loved and adorned by women […]

Wedding Photos: 7 Absolute Must Haves

Weddings are the closest we have to real life fairy tales – beautiful ceremonies that weave together love, laughter, togetherness and joy! The goal of wedding photography is to capture all of the moments that highlight the union two persons who have come to the beautiful realization that they want to spend the rest of […]

How to Have a Small Private Wedding

Planning a wedding – a herculean task that involves a myriad of responsibilities, sources, organization, delegation, selection, arrangement and a lot more! A wedding is a one-time affair but demands all the party planning and event organizing skills you have acquired all throughout your life. But, hey, it’s also the most special and beautiful event […]

7 Dupatta Draping Styles For the Modern Day Diva!

The dupatta is a major part of much of traditional Indian attire. The dupatta’s significance comes from its versatility – it can be worn in a variety of ways that can each play their part in accentuating your look. There are several styles of draping a dupatta; each with its own unique elegance and style. […]

Getting Ready Shots Every Bride Must Have in Her Wedding Album

Pictures may speak a thousand words, but even amongst pictures, there is often a hierarchy: Those captured at a wedding retell a fairytale! Wedding photography has seen a revolution over the years. Today, photographers use their skill and blend it with creativity to produce mesmerizing pictures that beautifully project the true charm of a wedding. […]

11 Different Indian Bridal Looks to Make Heads Turn!

Indian weddings, just like most others, are well known for their vibrant colors, festivities, and food. However, within the sub-continent, and especially within India, there a number of different traditions that have their own unique spin on what a joyous celebration like a wedding entails. Having said that, today’s Indian Bridal looks are the result […]

In Love with a Flirt? Let’s deal with it!

Love is a word that can have a different meaning for two people in the same relationship. All of us understand, perceive and show love in our own individual ways. Maybe that’s why it’s pointless to even try and understand someone else’s love story, forget judging it! While love and flirting go hand in hand, […]

Blind Dates – Fun Or Frivolous?

Love is blind… but what about a blind date? The concept of a blind date is not new, but has seen renewed popularity amongst the younger generations! For all those who are unaware (if anyone), a blind date is when you go on a date with someone you have never met or even seen (social […]

5 Topics Newlywed Brides Must Never Discuss with Her In-Laws

It’s safe to say that any mention of the word ‘in-laws’ can bring with it a mix of emotions. It’s not easy to just wake up one day and suddenly have ‘new parents,’ as they’re sometimes known. Still, the fact remains that these people are going to be a part of your life, in one […]

50 Simple Mehndi Designs That Look Fab And Stylish

While bridal and elaborate mehndi designs may look ‘a bit too much’ for your everyday routine, here are 50 simple mehndi designs that are just perfect for you, be it to beat the Monday morning blues or to kick start the weekend fun! 1. Simple Mehndi Design For The Back Of Hand Some simple mehndi […]

Jealous Love Quotes – For Those Who Go All Out In Love!

Jealous love quotes are not a common choice; well, who wants to admit to being jealous or being so happy that someone is jealous over you or about you. But that’s the thing, right.. What do you think about love and jealousy? Would you say that they are two sides of the same card? Well, […]

Hindu Bridal Hairstyles: 14 Safe Hairdos For The Modern Day Bride

Getting ready for a wedding can be a maddening rush; and if it’s your own wedding it’s madness multiplied by 100! Right from the mehndi, attire, makeup and yes, the hairstyle, the bride needs to organize so much. The perfect bridal look is achieved when all these elements are well thought of, planned and executed […]