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Master Punjabi Bridal Makeup In 5 Easy Steps

Punjabi Bridal Makeup

Known for its stunningly gorgeous women, Punjab has one of the richest and most colourful traditions for bridal makeup in India. The look that is favoured by these dazzling beauties seems to lean in favour of heavy intricate costumes and delicate jewellery. Trends in Punjabi bridal makeup have not veered too far away from more […]

6 Ultimate Honeymoon Places in North India!


With a host of wonderful destiantions to choose from ,we thought we’d give you options near Delhi. Our beloved capital is a sprawling metropolis that is the pride of our nation. The epitome of culture and heritage, this is what all cities should aspire to have and be. Other than of course the ridiculous levels […]

Best Love Proposals To Get An Immediate Yes

Best love proposal

Are you truly, madly and deeply in love? Are you full to bursting with a deep and abiding affection that is calling out to every cell in your body? Does the sound of a certain someone’s voice transport you into rosy visions of a life worthy of even the greatest daydreamers? Does the idea of […]

How To Forget Your First Love In 9 Steps

Rebound Relationship

When you first come on to love, it is the single greatest transformation that you will ever go through. Well, at least one of the few top transformations, just to be on the safe side; you can’t be too careful with all these technically correct people out there these days. One of the other, and […]

8 Unique Wedding Gifts to Stock A New Couple's Bar


Customarily, it seems that for the most part, people’s understanding of wedding gifts for couples seems to be limited to articles of clothing, or a myriad number of cosmetic products; accessories to help start off the new couple’s kitchen ventures (that admittedly has some wonderful selections, which are not limited to several varieties of tupperware), and funny […]

15 Adorable Good Morning Love Quotes For Her To Wake To


It is no secret that the female of our species has historically been more empathic and invested in the emotional side of life as opposed to the male members; within the confines of the constructs of conventional patriarchy, naturally. It seems that all women, even when they are girls – perhaps especially more so when […]