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How To Overcome Love Addiction – 14 Action Steps

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve been searching for something like this; it’s a death sentence of sort anyway, since you’re actually at the point where you’re googling ‘how to overcome love addiction’ at like 3 am. You’re not quite sure what it is, but the words ‘love addiction’ come closest to describing […]

5 Diamond Engagement Rings For Sparkling Summer Engagements

Diamond engagement rings come in all shapes, styles, settings and cuts. Ranging from an Asscher cut diamond set in platinum (The new rage!) to an uncut rose diamond set in a gold band wrought in antique-styles, engagement rings can satisfy every individual requirement. While big can be thought to be better, taste is what really […]

A Detailed Guide Into Why Love Is Pain And Heartache

Love is pain. Anyone who has ever loved and lost, or has seen their love go unrequited knows this. The idea of love has always been a tricky concept. You can never pin down exactly how intense it is, and you can never exactly specify the individual emotions involved. It is part of its multi-facected nature that […]

Does He Really Love Me? Take This Love Quiz To Find Out

Ohoh, you’ve gone and done it now. You’ve fallen in love. Girl, well, two things. Firstly, you go girl, that’s fabulous! Good on you! Hopefully, you’ll be fine. Secondly, girl, what were you thinking?! You’ve made yourself vulnerable again, leaving your heart out in the open like this. You need to be sure girl; there […]

5 Online Stores To Pick Stunning Wedding Greeting Cards From

You have spent ages and ages sifting through wedding greeting cards looking for just the right card to give to the imminent couple in your life, but since it’s their WEDDING, and since that’s a rather huge thing, you just can’t find the right card. Aww poor you, here have a hug. Now brace yourself, […]

How To Forget Love: 7 Steps To Recovery

One of the greatest transformative powers known to man is the force of love. Love is everything in this world, those that know their Corinthians will know that without love, there is no point to anything. Such is the intrinsic appeal of love that all of us seek it in some way or the other, […]

How To Master Hindu Bridal Makeup In 10 Easy Steps

Hinduism embraces many faiths and traditions under its vast and benevolent umbrella. The traditional Hindu bride is a picture of feminine beauty, one who extols all the virtues and characteristics that are appreciated by our empowered and egalitarian society. Her elegance and grace compliment her and only highlight the beautiful individual she is. If you […]

7 Best Long Distance Love Quotes For Him

While being in love is a thing and experience of manifold emotion, it is not always necessarily pleasant. Sometimes, a large number of people are forced into the unenviable position of being in a long distance relationship, maybe even for some time in their life. We don’t think we need to explain the heartache that […]

How Deep Is Your Love: 19 Deep Love Quotes For Her

When you are in the pursuit of just the right words to include in a deep love quote for that special someone in your life, you can’t afford to go at it half-assed, you have to throw the entirety of your being at the starting line. If you’re looking for words that will tell her […]

16 Love Proposal SMS Messages To Sway All The Hearts

The advent of mobile phones has changed how a lot of us communicate, with these devices allowing us to be ever more connected across distances. And it has become increasingly popular to express affection, to send your heartfelt expressions of sincere love and the echoes of your yearning heart through SMSes. These blazingly fast messages […]