10 Attractive Arabic Mehndi Designs For Legs You Need To Try

Arabic designs are known for their free-flowing style and beautiful floral motifs. And when these designs decorate the feet, they look very chic and absolutely feminine. We have ten beautiful Arabic mehndi designs for legs and feet that you will fall in love with.

1. The Sideway Pattern

The Sideway Pattern

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The sideway pattern is usually designed in L-shape in free-flowing style. In this pattern, the emphasis is on the core design that rests on the heel and the ankle of the foot. Vines of leaves and flowers along with little detailing and spirals just look stunning. This is one of the freshest Arabic mehndi designs for legs and feet.

2. The Front Display

Front Display

In the front display, a single line of flowers and leaves is drawn. It can either start from one of the toes and go up till mid-calf, or just cover the front of the foot. The toes are decorated with intricate designs just near the nails. This pattern leaves out ample space around the design emphasizing on the detailed decoration on the front of the foot.

3. Mirror Effect

Mirror Effect

Any style of design drawn on one foot will have an identical mirror image on the other foot. This is nothing too complex, and the mehndi designer does not have to think of a different style to adorn the other foot. Identical designs can also be very creative and bring out a more unified and powerful appearance.

4. Bold Designs

Bold Designs

Thick bold curves and lines are used to draw this simple Arabic mehndi design for legs, filling in the leaves with dark mehndi colour and keeping it uncomplicated and bold. This design has a very subdued tribal reflection over the Arabic design because of the thick bold leaves and spirals.

5. Concentric Circles

Concentric Circles

In the middle of the foot, concentric circles (circles inside circles) are drawn and embellished with intricate details. To add a little artistic touch, either petals of flowers are drawn around the circle, or vines of leaves, or paisleys. The design does not look too gaudy or spectacular. But its simplicity spreads magic, and that appeals to the viewers.

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6. Colourful Patterns

Colourful Patterns

In any mehndi design, be it sideway pattern or front display, when colours are added to enhance the overall appeal, the mehndi looks very beautiful and graceful. Most of the Arabic mehndi designs have hues of dark brown and red. These days artificial colours like blue, pink or green are used to make the design look very alluring.

7. Architectural Patterns

Architectural Patterns

This pattern looks very elegant and beautiful on a bride’s feet. Intricate designs are drawn one above the other and they look very very similar to the top structure of a temple or the dome of a mosque. Extensive detailing throughout makes this design look very unique and just gorgeous.

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8. Fishnet Pattern

Fishnet Pattern

This is one of the most gorgeous Arabic mehndi designs for legs and feet and it simply stands out because of its arresting design that follows alongside the curves of the foot. A fishnet is drawn on the front of the foot with diagonal lines crossing over one another. A payal-like design is drawn around the ankle with a hanging pendant on the front of the foot. The side of the foot is an intricate continuation of the payal from the ankle to the toes.

9. Bedazzling Designs

Bedazzling Designs

Many women love this. Those who like to add a little sparkle and bling to their mehndi designs can use colourful stones and liquid sparkles to enhance the overall look of their favourite mehndi style, be it a fish pattern, architectural style or any other one.

10. The Spiral Pattern

Spiral Pattern

This pattern is not just a spiral design on the foot. It includes a vine of flowers and lets that spiral around the foot. Starting from the tip of the toe, it covers the front of the foot, goes around the ankle and comes up to the calf. The intricate design around the leg makes one feel like a Goddess of nature. This design looks very delicate and makes for a strong impression.

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