7 Health Benefits Of Using Astragalus During Pregnancy

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Congratulations! You are expecting! The feeling is exciting, yes. And, you are probably paying closer attention to your diet and your hygiene than you have ever done earlier. And, the people around you start talking about weird herbs, and unheard of teas to consume for a smooth pregnancy.

Have the elders in your family told you about the astragalus herb and how it helps pregnant women? Are you looking for some information on astragalus-use during pregnancy? Well, if you nodded along, then consider reading our post below. Here, we look at astragalus during pregnancy, how it helps, and whether it causes any side effects while you are expecting.

What Is Astragalus?

Astragalus is a legume or herb endemic to the China. There are more than 1000 species of the genus Astragalus. However, the Astragalus membranaceus and Astralagus mongholicus are widely used for their various medicinal benefits than other species of the herb. You can use Astragalus membranaceus to enjoy a healthy and safe pregnancy (1).

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7 Health Benefits Of Using Astragalus During Pregnancy:

Astragalus is an incredible herb that ensures a healthy gestation phase. And, here we list all key health benefits of using this herb while you are expecting.

1. Minimizes Fatigue And Re-energizes:

You may experience weakness and fatigue while expecting, as your body utilizes energy. The use of astragalus may help you restore your energy levels and revitalize you. Astragalus improves your stamina and prevents bouts of fatigue during pregnancy.

2. Strengthens Immunity:

Pregnancy often makes you vulnerable to various infections, viruses, and diseases due to weak immunity. However, Astragalus acts as a natural, immune system booster and strengthens your immunity during the delicate phase. The herb protects you from several microbial infections, gestational diabetes, and other ailments while expecting (2).

3. Promotes Smooth Functioning Of Liver:

Your body generates more hormones during pregnancy than usual. As a result, your liver works harder than normal. The use of Astragalus promotes smooth liver function. The herb also repairs liver damage.

4.Lowers Pre-Eclampsia Risk:

If you have a family history of pre-eclampsia, then using astragalus can help lower the risk of the condition. Astragalus also helps prevent pre-eclampsia if you have a family history of diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases, organ transplants, sickle cell disease, PCOS, or hypertension. You can also combine the herb with other natural, liver-protectors like milk thistle and dandelion.

5. Treats Flatulence And Constipation:

Your body tends to generate increasing quantities of progesterone, a vital hormone that maintains a healthy and safe pregnancy while expecting. But, progesterone slows down the digestion process significantly and leads to flatulence. So use astragalus, as it provides you great relief from the problem of flatulence, gas, and constipation while expecting. In fact, many pregnant women suffering from constipation use the herb to alleviate the troubles (3).

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6. Remedy For Allergies In Pregnancy:

You might experience certain allergies while you are pregnant, but you may refrain from using medications or over-the-counter medicines to treat the allergies. The use of astragalus while pregnant is a safe and appropriate solution to obtain relief from several allergy symptoms. The herb also treats the symptoms of asthma while you are expecting (4).

7. Cures Bladder Infection And Kidney Stones:

Astragalus is an excellent remedy to cure a urinary bladder infection and prevent kidney stones during pregnancy. The herb promotes the smooth functioning of your liver in the delicate phase.

Side Effects Of Using Astragalus During Pregnancy:

Even though there are numerous health benefits of astragalus while expecting, the use of certain species of the herb may trigger some side effects. Here, we list the potential side effects of the herb while expecting.

1. Birth Defects And Malformations:

The use of locoweed, a species of astragalus, can prove quite dangerous for your fetal health. The herb can lead to certain fetal malformations and birth defects, such as heart defect in the fetus if you use it while expecting. Avoid using locoweed during pregnancy (5).

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2. Miscarriage:

The use of locoweed during pregnancy can also lead to abortion or miscarriage, so it is best for you to avoid this species of astragalus during the pregnancy. Other common side effects of astragalus are digestive discomfort, hives, nausea, swelling of the face, breathing difficulties, rash, and uneasiness in the chest (6).

A Word Of Caution:

Make sure you use astragalus only after consulting your gynecologist or physician and in the prescribed amounts, as the doctor would recommend you the right species of the herb in the right amounts. Usually, it is best to prepare a concoction or tea from the fresh or dried astragalus roots and have it. Or else, you can add the herb to your soups. The appropriate intake of the herb will ensure a safe pregnancy and prevent the risk of potential side-effects.

Did you use astragalus while expecting? How did you benefit from it? Share your experience with other moms-to-be in the comment section below.

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