Astounding Wedding Tent Decorations That'll Make You Soar!

All the weddings I have been to as a child were held in similar venues – a grand hall, all dressed up with some lovely flowers and other bits and pieces of decor. I am sure you have attended numerous such weddings as well. But now, the wedding scene in our country is spilling out of these wedding halls and into more exotic, fun-filled venues. Theme weddings, outdoor weddings, beach weddings may have been a niche market in that past, but they are slowly and steadily spreading their roots in the Indian imagination. A lot of couples today choose to have their weddings centred around a theme, or even opt for quirky venues, and offbeat wedding tent decoration to host their weddings. And the idea of an outdoor wedding is fast gaining popularity. This is a superb opportunity for your artistic mind to wander and come up with the best ideas for your big day. Don’t be afraid to dream big, because India now has several amazing wedding planners who will work hard to make your vision come alive before your eyes. Outdoor weddings are colourful, exciting and hugely fun. So, hats off to you, if you are considering one. We have picked out some amazing wedding tent decoration ideas for you to make your wedding stand out from the others. So take a look at them, get some inspiration going and get planning!

The Regal Red Tent

Red tent

Image: Varun Suresh Photography

Red is not only the colour of passion, but also of love. With the right decor and designs, shades of red could just be the backdrop for your royal wedding. And a royal wedding need not just be held indoors. The red carpet that is laid on the ground really sets the tone for the glitz and glamour of this wedding tent. The comfortable couches, the red roses that grace the little tables are all truly a spectacle to behold. But what really exalts the theme here is the hanging paper lamps that will sway elegantly with every passing breeze. The way the red fabric is draped on the roof of the tent also adds to the regal charm of the whole look. With a venue like this one, the fun, laughter and good conversation will just flow!

The Floral Burst Tent

Floral Burst Tent

Image: Bhumi Simran Photography

Flowers can really elevate the look of any wedding venue. But, when your venue is already gorgeous with its natural beauty, flowers are just the thing that will accentuate this further. A simple frame will work just fine to hold up the array of gorgeous flowers. This is also easy and relatively cheaper to pull off. Opt for flowers that will add to the overall colour scheme of your wedding. Lilies, dahlias, tulips, roses, orchids – any or all of these could really add that dainty and elegant charm to your wedding tent, and wedding day.

The Colourful Canopy

Colourful Canopy

Image Courtesy : Shubharambh productions

One great wedding tent decoration idea, no matter what the theme of your wedding may be is to really get the canopy of your tent to do the talking for you. Here, the canopy is just a burst of colour that will take you right back to the days when you played holi as kids! The hues of red, yellow and purple all merge into and out of each other seamlessly, creating a canopy that is truly one of a kind! Who would not want to get married under a kind canopy that is winking down at you with a million hues!

The Festive Lights Canopy

Festive Lights Canopy

Image Courtesy : Shubharambh productions

Your wedding is a celebration – of love, of family, of friendship. And when this reflects in your decor, you know your big day is going to be one big part that nobody will forget. A canopy that is covered with tiny, starry lights that softly illumines the scene is something that could be taken out of a romantic movie! And as if that is not enough, the hanging paper lanterns festooned with crystal garlands, and the translucently shimmery drapes coupled with tiny wax candles at every table would make even the most stone-cold of want to fall in love!