5 Reasons Artificial Flowers For Wedding Decorations Are Ideal

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Let us get this straight before you jump to conclusions. Having natural and real flowers is always preferable, but due to a zillion constraints these days, it might not be the best idea though. Here are five reasons why artificial flowers for wedding decorations make a strong case for themseleves. You could agree or you could disagree but the fact remains that you surely will be hard pressed to know whether they really are real or not.

1. They Don’t Wilt Or Wear And Tear

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Well, for real flowers though, it isn’t exactly a bad thing. It is what makes them romantic and cool. Imagine plucking the rose petals and throwing ‘em on your partner? Sound sexy for sure, but again, at a modern wedding with guests and gadgets who really has the time for some rose foreplay? Lighter things aside, natural flowers need a lot of care, especially if you are going all out for a very outdoorsy wedding. With scorching Indian summers, it is more often than not that your flowers will look tired and almost dead by the end of the function – so having artificial flowers that look just as good as new, makes for a stronger case.

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2. No Strings Attached

The thing with flowers is that you can’t make them magically – they have a rhyme and a rhythm when they come and when they go. The season and the locations is what we are talking about here – the ones you’d like or want are always going to be exotic, almost extinct or available at a cost that’s higher than your honeymoon. So this is where the artificial really do the trick, you could have any floral theme you’d want at anytime of the year and you don’t need to really plan in advance for it.

3. They Don’t Bankrupt

Artificial flowers are inexpensive, and there is no denying the fact that they are cheap in a way – but they more than make up for it by looking their best. Yeah, yeah you don’t get to smell the scent, or feel the texture but hey, there are more dollars bills in your pocket to actually go buy yourself a Versace you could smell all day.

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4. They Can Be Reused

Well real flowers die, just like Aragorn. But the artificial ones can be reused over and over again. You can decorate your home with them – gift them to friends as giveaways or just shamelessly resell them on the net. The fact remains that they save a lot of money, and a whole lot of real flowers too. So much for the eco-friendly art-flower haters, these things actually save some of the greens, maybe.

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5. As Real As It Gets

We have some awesome designers and innovative creators who are making artificial flowers as real as they can get. With the advent of green tech and use of fabric and eco friendly ideas – the flowers aren’t plasticky anymore! You can have the most exotic of flowers made from organic vegetable colours on recycled fabric – beat that!

So if you are on the lookout for artificial flowers to deck up your wedding decor, it isn’t a bad idea after all. But be careful to choose the ones that don’t just feel real but are made of natural stuff to an extent at least. Artificial flowers don’t mean having plastic props anymore and you will be more than surprised to see a plethora of choices when you step out shopping.

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