Artificial Bridal Jewellery Sets - 9 Best You Can Splurge On

Indian women love jewellery. I will even go so far as saying that jewellery is the one great love of our lives.. We have all grown up coveting necklaces that our mothers wore for weddings, the bangles that our grandmothers wore everyday, and their special occasion kadas that came out for festivities. Although jewellery is not the reason you should be getting married, you’ve got to admit it’s tempting. It’s beautiful, enchanting and bloody expensive! Not all of us have doting grandmothers, who owned and passed on jadau jewellery, or indulgent parents who can afford to splurge on the jewellery that we want. It’s not something to break your heart over. Here are a few of my favourite styles, now available in imitations as well; haute artificial bridal jewellery sets:

1. Kundans

Artificial Bridal Jewellery Sets - Kundans

Kundan jewellery is probably one of the oldest style of jewellery in India and the most traditional of styles too. Originating from the western part of the country, it was initially worn only by the royals of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Kundan means highly refined gold. The kundan necklaces are usually very elaborate and beautiful.

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2. Artificial Bridal Jewellery Sets – Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery, as the name suggests, is inspired temple architecture and idols. It’s one of the signature styles of jewellery commonly worn in Tamil Nadu. It’s almost always only in gold. It has very intricate designs and is totally a must own style. Artificial bridal jewellery sets like the one seen in the picture below can be found at


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3. Kaasula Peru Or Kaasula Maala

Kaasula peru is an age-old design synonymous with jewellery coming from Andhra and Tamil Nadu. Initially, it was just gold coins (each one a few grams in weight) joined together to form a beautiful chain. The design has undergone a lot of changes and experiments. Now there are plenty versions of it, and artificial bridal jewellery sets abound. It is even being fused together with (in terms of design) the mango maala, about which we will talk next.

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4. Artificial Bridal Jewellery Sets – Mango Maala

The mango maala, quite like the kaasula peru, is a very traditional South Indian jewellery style. Its design, quite simply put, is mangoes strung together. The mango design can either be set in just gold, or be a combination of gold and gemstones including diamonds. It is now being teamed with the kaasula peru, which would make the eventual design even more elaborate.

Imitation or artificial bridal jewellery sets available in the market today could put the original pieces to shame. It’s not just about being able to afford it, sometimes if you are practical enough (not my strong point though), you can see that it makes better sense to buy imitations than the original pieces. Wedding jewellery is elaborate and expensive and in most cases never used again. Those pieces just go into bank safes and wait there, till someone really close gets married, and you find a valid excuse to doll up that much! Or till you can pass them on to your children.

Who would’ve thought you could now buy imitations of the very traditional kaasula peru and mango maala?

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5. Artificial Bridal Jewellery Designs – Gutta Pusalu

Gutta pusalu is inspired from Nizami jewellery and is very lively and colourful. It’s mainly bunches of tiny pearls strung together and hanging from a gold chain. It is now like the rest of the traditional styles being combined with other gems and stones.

Traditional gutta pusalu are a speciality of Hyderabad. A walk down the old stores around Charminar will surely show you a few showstopper artificial bridal jewellery sets.

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6. Jadau

Jadau style was brought in by the Mughals. It’s not very different from kundanand polki jewellery.

7. Antique South Indian Jewellery

Traditional South Indian jewellery is mostly gold with rubies and emeralds set in floral designs. These designs are unique to the southern part of the country. Artificial bridal jewellery sets in traditional designs can be bought from many outlets.

8. Artificial Bridal Jewellery Pieces Inspired By The Nizami Jewels

The Nizams of Hyderabad are known not just for their cuisine but also for their awe-inspiring jewels. Once you look at the display of jewels, you will be a loyal fan for life. No wonder then, that the Nizam-inspired artificial bridal jewellery sets are a huge rage right now.

9. Diamonds

Stuff that bridal dreams are made of. Well, even imitation diamond artificial bridal jewellery sets are pretty dreamy. You can splurge on a few imitation diamond sets and not worry about emptying your bank accounts. Try and . They usually have a good collection for imitation diamond baubles.

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As you girls might have guessed by now, I’m a South Indian (yeah, yeah, I know you could tell from the list above) and my world of jewellery is limited to southern states and what movies showcase, you know… so I can fall in love and act like a kid in candy store around them. These are my favourites, but I’m looking forward to being enlightened about other styles too.

Share with us the other styles of jewellery, specialities in terms of design or craftsmanship, styles that are associated with brides from a particular region etc. and help us showcase them.