The Mehr - Arjun Rampal Marriage. Where Does Sussanne Khan Fit In?

While the rumors linking the Hrithik – Sussanne divorce down to Arjun Rampal have just begun to die down, Arjun’s marriage to Mehr Jesia is itself a tumultuous tale – one that we are going to explore right now.

The Background

Arjun rampal

While everyone knows Arjun Rampal to be a multi-talented Bollywood personality, having tasted success as a model, Bollywood actor, producer and even a TV personality and host, it is important to note that Mehr Jesia herself is a former beauty queen and one of the pioneers when it comes to Indian supermodels, along with massive names like Madhu Sapre and Feroze Gujral. Hence, when both these personalities got married to each other, they were tagged as the best looking couples of their time. Well even now. mehr Arjun Rampal

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Their Marriage

arjun and mehr wedding

Arjun and Mehr got married in 1998, in a classic case of a prince charming sweeping the lucky lady off of her feet, and despite all of the rumours doing the rounds, they have remained married all these years. Mehr has been seen by Arjun’s side all of these years at all public events, right from Cannes to film award nights. While she may not have promoted herself as much as some of the other Bollywood wives, there is no denying that she was and still remains very much a part of Arjun’s life.

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Arjun rampal and his kids

The couple have two lovely daughters, Mahikaa and Myra who were born in 2002 and 2005 respectively. Arjun, the ever doting father, has the names of both his daughters tattooed on his arm.

The Rumours


Now while the two of them have been married all of 18 years, things have been far from smooth. Innumerable rumours of Arjun’s alleged infidelities have come to the fore, and while understandable, given his Greek God good looks, the veracity of the claims has never been verified, and yet has taken its toll on the Mehr – Arjun marriage. Arjun-rampal and mehr at fashion week

The latest of these rumours in 2015 claimed that the two were living separately and were evaluating their relationship, and that during that break both of them had decided that they were going to pursue the divorce option. However, the two put those particular rumours to rest as they presented a united front at the Lakme India Fashion Week, happily posing for pictures and chatting away as they sat next to each other during the show.

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The actor had, in the March of 2015, slammed rumours that they had filed for divorce and asked the media not to “cook up stories” when it came to him and his wife. Still, rumours of their impending split and multiple extra-marital affairs would not stop doing the rounds, the most persistent of which were the ones concerning Sussanne Khan and Arjun.

The Sussanne – Arjun Rumors


The biggest test of the Mehr – Arjun relationship came when rumours started spreading that the cause of the Hrithik – Sussanne split was because of an affair between Arjun and Sussanne. Incidentally, this was extra incendiary in nature as Arjun and Hrithik are good friends. Given the fact that the Hrithik – Sussanne relationship was considered the very embodiment of love, proof that true love could exist even amongst all of the glitz and glamour of the silver screen, the news of the Roshan family split hit Bollywood pretty hard. But what was hardest to digest were the rumours doing the rounds that infidelity, that too involving close friends, was the cause of the split.


Sussanne has since come out and rubbished the rumours, and her mother has even rushed to her defence saying that her daughter already had enough on her plate trying to raise two children single-handedly and dealing with the aftermath of her broken marriage, without hurtful and unsubstantiated claims being thrown into the mix.

Arjun on the other hand took to Twitter to indirectly quash rumours of his impending nuptials to Sussanne, opting to post a pic of himself with some “girls” in Shillong, but before you get your conspiracy meter in a twist, the girls in question were his two daughters Mahikaa and Myra, and his wife Mehr, whom he had joined on vacation. The lovely family pic put the rumours to rest for the time being.

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The Future

arjun-rampal wedding

What the future holds for this lovely couple and their loving family is anyone’s guess, but if we were to go by tradition, there might be many more rumours linking Arjun with all and sundry, but it will not be easy to pry this couple apart as we have already seen.

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