Power Couples: The Arbaaz and Malaika Arora Khan Wedding

It is not just the on-screen love stories that make us dream and drool over the notion of falling in love, but it is those celebrities whose real love life stories make us want to believe that everybody is entitled to their very own happily-ever-after.

The sizzling Malaika Arora Khan, who continues to dazzle like a shining star even at the age of 39, is married to 47-year-old actor-filmmaker Arbaaz Khan for over fifteen years now. Although we have not seen much of their steamy chemistry on-screen, but we know quite a bit about their recipe for happy marriage. This is the story of the Arbaaz-Malaika Arora Khan wedding, their marriage, and the happy-ever-after.

Love Story


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Just like every love story, this celebrity couple has their very own — an absolutely cute love story. After becoming a cover girl for a magazine, and after being shot by five famous photographers, Malaika decided to drop out of college to pursue her career in modelling. And at one of the photo shoots, this sexy lass met her charming, young beau, Arbaaz Khan. They hit off really well. And it was only a matter of time, when the photo shoot ended, Arbaaz and Malaika realized that they were head over heels in love with one another. Soon they were seen around sipping on coffee and laughing to bits together. And months later, these coffee dates turned into candlelight dinner and romantic walks. Their love continued to grow, and they dated for five long years. Five years later, this couple showed it to the nation that love knew no boundaries. With their loving families approval, they tied the knot and lived happily ever after.

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Fairytale Wedding


When it came to planning the wedding, everybody was confused about whether this beautiful couple would have a Muslim ‘Nikaah’ ceremony or a traditional Hindu wedding. But they surpassed everybody’s expectations by getting married at a chapel. Arbaaz put a beautiful gold ring with a pear shaped solitaire diamond on Malaika’s finger, and they were announced man and wife.

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To please the in-laws, Malaika even agreed to a Muslim ‘Nikaah’ ceremony. Their duo wedding ceremonies reflected that love was the most powerful force than traditions and societal norms in this Universe. Malaika wedded Arbaaz on December 12th 1998, in Mumbai, in a dainty white wedding gown designed by Wendell Rodricks. And handsome Khan looked dapper in his cream suit.

Secret To Togetherness


Even after more than fifteen years later, one can see infinite love in their eyes for one another. This gorgeous couple makes cynical romantics want to fall in love. They have once again proved that a marriage takes more than just love to make the happily-ever-after come true. Owing to their absolutely busy schedule, they continue to ensure that they share responsibilities and other chores, help one another, and stick through thick and thin. They do not intervene in one another’s professional lives, and respect one another’s space. It is the understanding and respect for each other that have built the strongest foundation of their marriage. When love continued to blossom in Malaika and Arbaaz’s lives, happiness bloomed by the name Arhaan in 2003.


Parenthood changed the couple’s life. Arhaan became a priority, and everything else took a backseat. Such is their love!

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When the foundation of the marriage is rock solid, and based on mature understandings, no force in this Universe can ever make it part ways. The Bridal Box continues to seek for inspiration from such a lovely couple who never stops reflecting the truest meaning of marriage, companionship, family, and love. They show that a partner’s support can help you achieve the greatest of success, and make your biggest of dreams come true.