11 Trendy Arabic Foot Mehndi Designs You'll Love!

The Indian wedding celebrations are incomplete without the application of mehndi which is considered auspicious and a sign of prosperity in the Indian culture. For hands, you will find enough designs and patterns. But as far as foot mehndi designs are concerned, the options are limited. Here, we have listed down some amazing Arabic foot mehndi designs that you’ll love:

1. Paisley Foot Mehndi Design

Paisley-Foot-Mehndi-Design-Arabic Foot Mehndi Designs

For occasions such as marriages and festivities, it is a must that you not only decorate your hands but also your feet with mehndi. This paisley foot mehndi design is best suitable for such festive occasions as the design is quite intense and intricate.

2. Contemporary Arabic Foot Mehndi Design


If you are not looking for a much elaborate design but something light yet contemporary, then selecting this design for your feet can surely work for you. The mix of bold and fine-lined patterns creates a distinct look which is easy to follow and amazing to flaunt for any occasion or just like that.

3. Exquisite Peacock Patterned Mehndi Design For Feet


It is an amazing foot mehndi design which gives complete coverage to your feet from toes to heel, in an elaborate and spread-out design. The intricate peacock patterns crowing on the head of the designs and the underlying patterns gives a glamorous yet traditional touch to this whole look.

4. Side-Slanting Foot Mehndi Design


If you are looking for a different style of foot mehndi pattern then go for the unconventional foot mehndi design with side slant pattern to make sure that your feet stand out and garner the desired attention. It consists of intricate and finely designed floral patterns and tendrils which make the design even more impressive.

5. Fairy Dust & Floral Doily Work

Fairy-Dust-&-Floral-Doily-Work-Arabic Foot Mehndi Designs

Sometimes too much is too much, and that may just not be your style. If you’re looking for delicate entrails that look like a mix between fairy dust and floral doily work, then this simplistic foot mehndi design is for you. It’s a fairly easy design, and that dash of glitter adds a sweet twinkle.

6. Old School Austere Floral Design

Old-School-Austere-Floral-Design-Arabic Foot Mehndi Designs

Print motifs are in, and if you’re a diva who wants to take the high road, this old-school austere floral design is for you. Sure, this is a heavy-handed foot mehndi design, but the no-fuss symmetric bold borders have their own allure. Match your design with your lehenga and you have a winner combo.

7. All Borders And No Frills

All-Borders-And-No-Frills-Arabic Foot Mehndi Designs

Speaking of bold borders, this foot mehndi design is all borders and no frills. It looks like it’ll take a few minutes, and it does. One of the most fuss-free foot mehndi designs out there, this one is ideal for kids and teens, and those who may attend the mehndi ceremony but would like to have a manageable evening without worrying about henna stains.

8. Single Line Arabic Foot Mehndi Design


Keeping in tune with a similar sentiment, here’s a single line foot mehndi design any clumsy damsel can handle. It doesn’t extend all the way to your soles, so as long as you wear sandals, you’re good to go. After you’re done, dust off with some sequence for a bling effect.

9. Glitter Arabic Foot Mehndi Design


Apart from colours, you can also choose sparkling glitter mehndi designs to get that blingy look without any jewels. It is not at all time-consuming which makes this design a quick life-saver when you are short of time. If applied with a little bit of creativity, you can explore many other design variations for several occasions.

10. Quick To Create Arabic Foot Mehndi Designs


Instead of going for elaborate designs, you can choose this simple yet overwhelming Arabic foot mehndi design especially when you are short of time. It is an ‘easy-to-master and follow’ kind of foot mehndi design that takes hardly a few minutes for complete application.

11. Traditional Orthodox Patterns

Traditional-Orthodox-Patterns-Arbic foot mehndi design

Lastly, we have this work of art. A list on Arabic foot mehndi designs would be incomplete without the traditional orthodox patterns that remind you of the mystique of the east. Symmetrical chakra designs alternating with pomegranate patterns and plumes of fern are the heritage of the deserts. A must try at least once, despite the risks.

Hope you liked these awesome Arabic foot mehndi designs that we’ve presented. Wish to share your designs and ideas? Please feel free to do so by commenting below.

Images Source: Google, Pinterest