Saira Banu – A R Rahman Marriage Story Revisited. 20 Years And Counting

There isn’t much we could tell you about legendary composer AR Rahman that would come as much of a surprise, and all of the superlatives that we could cram in here have already been associated with him, several times over. A Trinity College of Music graduate, Rahman has gone on to prove his musical genius on the world stage, and has picked up two Oscars in the process as well. Not bad for a quiet and unassuming boy from down-town Madras.


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Looking For A Wife


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When the time came for A.R. Rahman’s marriage to be discussed, the maestro was decidedly clear on the type of girl he wanted to marry and spend the rest of his life with, and he made his terms clear to his mother, Kareema Begum, and left the rest up to her. His wishes were simple and threefold:

  • His wife had to be educated; something that Rahman did not get to fulfil completely in his quest for musical perfection
  • She had to be beautiful (the maestro’s definition of beauty)
  • And most of all and most importantly, she had to have a lot of humility

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This Tamil musical virtuoso‘s mother had her work cut out because since the first two of his criteria were standard, the last one was not something that was easily available or apparent, and it was the one that was most important for her son. She began her search for the perfect woman for her son, and she knew she had found what she was looking for when she found a young girl praying at the mosque that she frequented, but there was a twist in the tale.

The girl that Rahman’s mother had found turned out to be Meher, sister of Rahman’s wife-to-be Saira. It was when she approached Saira’s father, a Chennai based businessman, that he made it clear that marriage was on the cards, but it would have to be his elder daughter Saira who would have to be married first. Meher would later go on to marry film star and the musical maestro’s namesake, Rahman.

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The Wedding Is Set


Saira, as it turned out, had all of the qualities that Rahman wanted in a girl, and she had them in spades. Not only was she beautiful, she was also one of the most humble and down-to-earth people that anyone could have hoped for, as evidenced by the fact that she has shied away from the limelight all throughout her superstar husband’s rise to fame and beyond.


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An interesting anecdote tells us of how Rahman and Saira had a conversation before their marriage when Rahman told her in unequivocal terms that “if we have planned dinner and a song comes up, we will have to ditch the dinner.” Turns out, Saira had no qualms about her husband-to-be’s commitment and dedication to his craft, and the two were hitched in March of 1995, when Rahman was 27 and Saira 21.

The Strongest Of Bonds

AR Rehman with Legends

“I miss him terribly when he’s away” was how Saira described how she dealt with her husband’s often long absences promoting and creating his work. This was in 2007, a good 9 years ago. The two have ever since their marriage been the Yin to the other’s Yang and have been nothing but the model couple to anyone who is looking to do the whole marriage thing right. Never one to share the limelight with her superstar husband (who could hardly be accused of coveting it himself), Saira has been the shining light to Rahman, and “his fiercest critic” who “keeps (him) grounded.”

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Rahaman and his wife

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Their true strength of their marriage and the love that they share was on rare display at the Oscars in 2009, where Rahman would go on stage to collect two well-deserved awards for his work on Danny Boyle’s magnum opus,Slumdog Millionaire. It was here that the true strength of the couple’s attachment could be made out, with Saira clinging to her husband’s right arm throughout the ceremony, both elegantly dressed in black (on Saira’s recommendation, Rahman has admitted she’s the one who keeps up with the trends in the relationship) and trying their best to get away from the cameras as quick as they could.

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A r rahaman-family

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The couple have three children together, two daughters Khatija and Rahima, and one son Ameen Rahman. Till date, AR Rahman has clarified that it is his entire family, but especially his wife Saira and mother Kareema who have been his greatest inspiration and also his fiercest critics, spurring him on to greater things and beyond.

We would like to wish the wonderful couple and family all the very best as they continue to inspire us, and set an example as to what a true supportive and living relationship has to be like.