6 Antique Engagement Rings That Guarantee A Resounding YES

If you’re out shopping for the perfect engagement ring, which assures the answer to THE question is “I will”, you know you are trying to open an umbrella in a hailstorm. Picking out a single ring for the engagement, the perfect moment of life, is a task that is harder than it sounds, especially if you are looking to spend good bucks on a fancy antique engagement ring. But with a little knowledge and understanding about the different types of antique engagement rings available in different cuts, and other details that explain the antique trend, you should be all set to find the perfectly magnificent token of love for your beloved!

Here are some amazing antique engagement rings that are bound to restore your faith in true love and real diamonds!

Antique Engagement Rings

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The first antique ring we have here is a ring from circa 1925. A solitaire, since there is a single mounted diamond, on yellow gold with engraved minimal patterns that brings back the twenties with great vigour. Even for this lone and glorious piece of diamond, there are many ways in which it can be incorporated in a ring – depending on the cuts, edges, grooves, and the ring itself. This classic piece of jewellery is more than enough to convince your beloved that your love is true!

Antique Engagement Rings - diamond antique Engagement Ring

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Antique engagement rings can come in different styles simply based on their cuts – Old Mine, Old European, Transitional…you name it. These names not only trigger a certain nostalgia with which the ring is associated with, but they also offer amazing varieties in the kind of antique diamond jewellery. Here’s an antique old mine cut diamond engagement ring, with some intricate filigree that needs no advert to sell itself! Plus, if you want to make it even more unique, you can oft for a different choice of precious stone, to make it, say, an emerald engagement ring.

Antique Engagement Rings - art deco ring

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Even in the antique jewellery, the most popular period sought after now is the Art Deco Period which falls between the 1920’s and the 1930’s. This Art Deco antique engagement ring has a central round diamond with a diamond halo, with minor box-cuts encrusted on the sides, made in platinum, circa 1920. The thin metal strands in the hollow metalwork, which is also studded with diamonds, adds a certain grace to the ring, without marring its elegance with too many elements.

Antique Engagement Rings - emerald engagement ring

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Coloured diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and much more have made their way into fancy engagement ring designs. You can see an antique ring with a centrally located ruby, guarded by two similar-sized diamonds, in platinum metalwork that plays with the ring, daubing it with filigree. The ring as such, due to its partially spherical structural design, accentuates the stones, than actually take away from it. What better token of love than a red ruby to represent your heart!

Antique Engagement Rings - cushion cut ring

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The most popular cut for the diamonds in the 1920’s was the classic cushion cut. You have here a fascinating piece of antique jewellery – a cushion cut diamond, one of a kind in the antique engagement rings segment, circa 1920, displaying curvaceous metalwork studded with crystal clear diamonds. A classy antique engagement ring, for a classier proposal!

Antique Engagement Rings - victorian Antique Engagement Ring

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The Victorian era had much to offer the world in terms of literature, fashion and art. It revolutionized the way we think about various walks of life altogether. This exquisite piece of antique jewellery – an antique ring, circa 1880, with foil-back diamonds studded in an extremely intricate flower motif metalwork will surely melt your heart! The metalwork becomes the filigree and the diamonds become the flower. The slightly mis-shaped bezel holding the central circularly cut diamond, only speaks of its antiquity in volumes. A souvenir from the Victorians, a souvenir for the heart!