Anti Love Quotes: 34 Anti-Love Quotes For You Who Think Different

Anti Love Quotes: 34 Anti-Love Quotes For You Who Think Different; The definition and perception of love is different for different people. Some look for love to complete them while others look for adventure and soul-searching to first fall in love with themselves. For some, the idea of love is repelling and they’d rather just be single. So while you may hear a lot of quotes and statuses for the love-birds in town, we’ve got some anti love quotes for the ones who don’t see love as a priority!

Here are those anti love quotes you really wanted!

It’s for those of you who have a rather different take on love.

1. Anti Love Quotes - Mae West

A successful love story most likely culminates into marriage. But it’s a cliche that most anti love quotes point to. Then too, isn’t marriage a very over-hyped affair? The need to be bound by a legal document to live, along with an even more cliche name change after marriage. all of this with the one you’re already living with! It seems like a way to make sure you don’t find your exit.

2. Anti Love Quotes - Steve Martin

Another true point by anti love quotes. You spend your lives trying to fix the darn thing! By the time you fall in love, you realize you had been dreaming of something completely different and then you spend your life trying to bring it where you want it to be.

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3. Anti Love Quotes - Cher

Cher says it like it is, as far as anti love quotes go! Falling in love wouldn’t be such a necessity if people could just be like Kleenex!

4. Anti Love Quotes - Rodney Dangerfield

Isn’t this winner among anti love quotes hilarious? When you’re single, you can’t wait to fall in love. And when you fall in love, you wish you’d never prayed for it! Think of all the sorry love peoms, quotes and sms you’ve had to write!

5. Anti Love Quotes - Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde, the man of words, and many more pro and anti love quotes, knows his emotions well! A kiss can either make it or break it.

6. Anti Love Quotes - Joan Rivers

This is one anti love quote that I really find hilarious! It’s witty and humorous and defines love in a unique way.

7. Anti Love Quotes - Henry Youngman

Love is an emotion you enjoy while it lasts but it is the end of it which leaves you with an empty pocket, mind and soul.

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8. Anti Love Quotes - Knocked Up

Complications, relationship issues, confusions in love, and the constant stiffness between your parents and your partner. What could you expect, if not the bitter truth of these anti love quotes?

9. Anti Love Quotes - Katherine Hepburn

When you’re single, you have many men praising you for the woman you are. But when you get married, all you get is a bickering husband. Go ahead, get married; our anti love quotes dare you.

10. Anti Love Quotes - Lynda Barry

It is one of the many risks anti love quotes warn you about, the risks we take knowing fully about the disastrous consequences. We jump right into it for the short term pleasures we derive out of it.

11. Anti Love Quotes - Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho, known best for some outstanding novels, and a few Paulo Coelho pro love quotes and anti love quotes, definitely has a good understanding about matters of the heart! According to him, love is a trap that slowly shows its corners.

12. Anti Love Quotes - Jim Carrey

‘just lol-ing at him!’ Such is love. You dream all your life to find someone who would complete you and appreciate you but all you ever get is a partner who still thinks you’re not enough. Or worse still, they may just be right. Oh the pain, the pain, in these brutal anti love quotes!

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13. Anti Love Quotes - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Dreams, says this cut above other anti love quotes, are all rosy and filmy with a lot of dancing around the trees and gazing into each-other’s eyes. In reality, life is more about struggling to get by the day, and love just meddles.

14. Anti Love Quotes - Oscar Wilde Says

Another classic quote by Oscar Wilde! Romance is nothing but a form of deception that we use to manipulate one to stick around in our times of need.

15. Anti Love Quotes - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Okay, some anti love quotes, like this one, are oh-so-cold, but wouldn’t that just solve a lot of problems? The woman wouldn’t find anything to crib about and the man wouldn’t want to burn his ears off!

16. Anti Love Quotes - Aerosmith

The proposals, the apologies, the begging, the pleasings, the..~ahem. Cheeky or not, as anti love quotes go, this one has a point. It all makes love really hard on the ol’ knees!

17. Anti Love Quotes - Bob Dylan

Oh Bob Dylan! Also the man of many anti love quotes! Love and wisdom do not go hand in hand. You can either be wise and in control of your life, or, you can be in love, and be controlled by another one.

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18. Anti Love Quotes - W. Somerset Maugham

This truly terrifying ultimatum of anti love quotes is the story of our lives. Being played on is a thing that we all have dealt with. And the worst is that even our life plays tricks with us.

19. Anti Love Quotes - Confucius

Love is a need-based emotion which works in its truest form when we have demands from the other one. It is an exemption, as far as anti love quotes are concerned; one which allows us to depend on the other without being questioned or judged.

20. Anti Love Quotes - Johnny Carson

Many stereotypical jokes on women in these anti love quotes! But isn’t it a fact that most married people look more haggard and tired of life?

21. Anti Love Quotes - Zsa Zsa Gabor

Love finishes one’s capacity to think or act thus making one feel like it’s the end of one’s life.

22. Anti Love Quotes - Ray Bandy

A wise choice of words and an amazing explanation of the honeymoon phase in this apt statement dialogue among anti love quotes! It is the time you spend swooning over each other, a little more than the dating phase and a lot more than the married life phase.

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23. Anti Love Quotes - Groucho Marx

Wouldn’t this be a terrible yet most honest answer at the end of some dates worthy of anti love quotes? It is the idea of love that takes us on many such dates to find the perfect partner only to return home with an empty and disappointed mind.

24. Anti Love Quotes - Tina Turner

It truly is! It is an emotion that you simply get from others and then go around passing it on to others. A lot of other celebs have defined what love means, but none like Tina.

25. Anti Love Quotes - Ambrose Bierce

Marriage brings your life to a realistic stop that shows your days of being crazy, rebelling in anti love quotes, and living for forever love poems are over.

26. Anti Love Quotes - Socrates

Broken hearts and terrible love lives definitely teach a  lot of anti love quotes; and maybe one a thing or two about philosophy and the idea of being solely responsible for your misdeeds.

27. Anti Love Quotes - Plato

And this disease affects majority in the world. Some may even call it an epidemic, and we acertain with these anti love quotes that drives all of us crazy over it.

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28. Anti Love Quotes - Isaac Disraeli

Thus, it is nothing but a fictional act of love which makes us want to base our lives on it.

29. Anti Love Quotes - Joan Crawford

A little fire can bring warmth but when the same fire gets out of control it can destroy lives. Same goes for love.

30. Anti Love Quotes - Lemony Snicket

Feelings have a great influence on our lives, our loves, and in this case, our anti love quotes too. Like a baby, even love has major effects on our life. The effects may sometimes be positive or negative.

31. Anti Love Quotes - Javan

Sometimes? Or most often? Talking about magic, we often want to believe in things that we wish were true. Similarly, love makes us want to believe in things that we want to be true. Let these anti love quotes wake you up, before any sad unrequited love movies do.

32. Anti Love Quotes - Love Chemistry

Talk about being realistic! I personally never understood the phrase ‘love is in the air.’ I mean, is this why most people are getting sick? We need anti love quotes vaccines.

33. Anti Love Quotes - Amnesia

It makes you forget the world and your life starts revolving around that one person only and you feel like you wouldn’t survive without them.

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34. Anti Love Quotes - La Rocherfoucauld

Isn’t it? There are movies and songs based on true love. But so are movies based on ghosts! Has anyone seen any?

Our celebs and famous personalities definitely have some interesting things to say on the topic of ‘anti-love.’ These 35 anti love quotes show just how much of a burden being in love is. Aren’t we super happy and content just being by ourselves in our own awesomeness? What’s your take?