Anniversary Love Letters – 6 Samples To Get Started!

Anniversary Love Letters; Wish to celebrate the coming anniversary with your partner by giving him/her a sweet surprise this time? Try writing an anniversary love letters like old times, noting down all the moments that made a difference and how you faced the good, the bad and the worst times together, hand in hand.

Take a look at these sample anniversary love letters we have here for you.

Get an idea about how to go ahead with writing yours.

Anniversary Love Letters

Sample Letter #1

I don’t think I express my appreciation to you often enough for having given me so many happy years, so I’ve decided to write this letter, an anniversary card just doesn’t say enough. This way I can sit down and gather my thoughts together and present them to you with a small token of my love….

It is a very sweet way to start your anniversary love letters, when you are addressing your spouse. Sure cute love SMSes are nive too. But dedicating a hand-written letter is not only romantic and unconventional, it also gives you the scope to collect all those letters as memories that you can keep going back to, to celebrate and cherish your love and an ever prospering relationship. The example given above is a nice and pleasing way to start a love letter on the occasion of your anniversary, dedicated to your spouse.

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Sample Letter #2

As I was standing in the greeting card section of the grocery store a couple of days ago, I just couldn’t find a card that could adequately express the love that I feel for you. After a year of marriage, I just can’t believe how happy I have been. You make me feel like I can do anything, and with you by my side, I know that I can. They say that the first year of matrimony is the hardest, and if that’s so, we really have an easy life ahead of us! Of course, things can’t always be perfect, but they’ve been very, very good, and I’m so grateful to you for that….

If giving your spouse regular and conventional gifts surprise her no more, then try something new this time on your anniversary. On a scented and coloured paper, let the ink of your love flow as you write one of best anniversary love letters ever to your partner and see how fast you can fall in love with each other! He/she will beam with joy reading those words filled with love and devotion as he/she will surely take note of the efforts that you took to write the letter when you always had the option to just drop a text. It is the small gestures that count and reinforces the love in a relationship.

Sample Letter #3

I was remembering our courtship and how we would look into each other’s eyes and talk about growing old together. Of course, we had no idea what that meant, but we knew we had our whole lives before us. Now, here we are, (not old yet!) twenty years later, still in love, still happy, still looking toward the horizon, wanting to walk the journey of life together. Do I say it often enough? I love you! Thank you for loving me back and being my beautiful and wonderful companion for the last twenty years. That’s 240 months, or 7,300 days, or 175,200 hours, or 10,512,000 minutes – every moment a treasure.

Worried about how to make your upcoming anniversary special for your partner? Why don’t you write a love letter to him/her recollecting all the special moments that you have shared till now, from the courtship period to the marriage and years of bliss that you have spent together? Chronicle all the special and cherished moments that you had with your spouse so that it becomes an eternal moment of celebration and goes down the memory lane as a permanently fond memory in the next many years. Make anniversary love letters a thing you both do. It’s a great idea.

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Sample Letter #4

You are the love of my life.

Our marriage has always been my greatest source of peace and happiness. Spending time with you is all that I want, because that’s when I feel the most contented. I love you, and I want to thank you for the many wonderful years we’ve spent together.

I hope these flowers will bring a smile to your face and make our special day even brighter for you. I remember the first time I brought you flowers. We hadn’t known each other very long, and I wasn’t sure how you’d react to receiving a gift from me. You don’t know how happy I felt when you threw your arms around me and gave me a hug!

If you wish to make some heartfelt confessions about how you feel about your marriage, your partner and all these years of companionship that you have sought towards each other, then you can simply put up all these thoughts and emotions in nicely written anniversary love letters taking an idea from the above given example. It will not only make the moment special but the hesitation to say out all you feel in your heart will no longer be an issue as you can put each and every thought of yours that’s hard for you to say in that letter. Get it on with a plan to watch a few Hollywood love movies right after.

Sample Letter #5

Happy Anniversary, my love! I can remember standing at the altar with you ten years ago, staring into your eyes, and thinking that I could never love anyone as much as you. That feeling has only deepened with time. When I gaze into your eyes now, I realize that my love for you is boundless; it has increased exponentially on a daily basis since we said our vows. We have truly been blessed to have found each other.

Have completed ten years of blissful companionship and looking forward to celebrating it in the perfect way? Why don’t you surprise your spouse this year by writing down the highlights of the decade you spent with him/her and give an awesome surprise? For pointers, you can take the example from the above given love letter for celebrating the ten years of togetherness. Make sure that you give a personal touch to your anniversary love letters by mentioning all the special dates and moments you have shared with him/her to make the letter a memorable one, felt from the heart.

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Sample Letter #6


It’s been three years we are together and I feel as though I met you yesterday, I didn’t realize when time flew away and how I spentthe days with you. Darling you are the love of my life and sometimes I think howI would have managed life without you. You are awonderful friend, guide, teacher and a sweet person.My days just flyin seconds when I am with you. You have been such a support and I am so thankful to God that he gave me a precious person like you in my life. My life would have been so dullwithout you, you won’t believe I cherish every moment I spent with you.

Celebrating your marriage anniversary but clueless about how to make it any different from the past celebrations? Follow this awesome love letter sample given above and write down your true feelings on paper.

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