51 Anniversary Ideas To Show Your Partner How Much You Love Them

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Anniversaries come every year to mark the special day you both had chosen to unite and spend the rest of your lives together. It is important that you make it not only special but also memorable. The best part is, you need not spend a lot of money to do that!

Here are 51 ideas that you can execute on your special day with your most special person in the world!

51 Romantic Anniversary Ideas

  1. If it is your very first anniversary, why not celebrate month-i-versaries? Celebrate your wedding date every month until your first wedding anniversary. Plan special dates, pick up special gifts, and make sure that every next one gets better. Make the first anniversary the most memorable one. Plan a week’s stay at your favorite resort or destination and have a blast!
  1. For special anniversaries like the 5th, 10th, 15th or 25th, etc., you can consider celebrating the entire year. Plan ahead to mark one day for each month, probably the same date as that of your wedding, and go on special dates on all the 12 days.
  1. Nothing can be as special as personalized gifts when it comes to celebrating anniversaries. Write a lovely letter that your better half can cherish for a lifetime. You can watch DIY videos to craft little things on your own and surprise them with your effort and love you have invested in it.
  1. Reserve a table at your partner’s favorite restaurant for a candlelight dinner. Or, even better, set up one at home with their favorite food or order from their favorite restaurant and enjoy a romantic anniversary dinner.
  1. Visit your favorite spot and watch the sunrise or sunset together. Time stops, and it’s just you and your partner, holding hands and experiencing gratitude and happiness.
  1. For those movie buffs out there, book an entire row of tickets for a favorite movie, and enjoy it exclusively with your spouse. Order a surprise cake to be delivered during the interval or during the movie and celebrate your anniversary!
  1. To mark the number of years you have been together, give your spouse the same number of gifts and make it memorable. For instance, if it is your 16th anniversary, pick up 16 small and special gifts. Pick up things that your spouse might find useful and will appreciate.
  1. Prepare an album of photographs of the two of you taken on every anniversary, right from the time you began dating. Look back on the years that you both have crossed and cherish those wonderful memories.
  1. Set up a surprise party! Act like you have forgotten your anniversary and go to work as usual. Plan it with your group of friends and family to surprise your spouse. Take them to an unexpected destination or host a party at home. Seal the occasion with romance after everyone leaves.
  1. Try to relive your wedding day by viewing all your wedding photographs and videos. Wear your wedding clothes and try to relive the day in the present. You will feel not only nostalgic but also younger and in love, all over again.
  1. Reach home earlier the previous day and decorate your room with a lot of photographs of the two of you throughout your relationship and married life. Sit together to reminisce all beautiful moments spent together over your favorite drink.
  1. Book an appointment with the local photographer, dress up well, and go click beautiful pictures that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. Take many candid shots and create a wonderful collection that you can display at home and be reminded of your beautiful relationship for the rest of your lives.
  1. If you are an adventurous couple, go hiking, bungee jumping, skydiving, skiing, parachuting, scuba diving, or do anything new to get that adrenaline rush to rekindle your spark.
  1. Make a surprise video where your family members say nice things about your spouse to show him/her that they are appreciated. Collect short recordings from different members of your family and put it together to make a wonderful video that emphasizes the importance and specialty of your beloved spouse.
  1. Buy your partner sexy underclothes or other intimate clothing as an anniversary gift and add a special note promising an exciting time together on your special day. You can also buy them an amazing outfit and ask them to meet you at your favorite place for a romantic dinner.
  1. Call a radio station that your spouse listens to and request for a special romantic love song dedicated to your partner on your anniversary.
  1. Learn to play your partner’s favorite song on a musical instrument and play it for them on your special day.
  1. Spend the evening playing your favorite board game together. What is a celebration without having fun, right?
  1. Recreate your first date or meeting. Try to visit the same place or if you are at a different place, go to a similar location and try recollecting the past and make it a memorable experience.
  1. Buy thematic gifts for the anniversary you are celebrating – gold for your 50th, silver for your 25th, etc. You can also customize a special gift for your better half around the same theme.
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  1. Prepare surprising love notes and hide them around your home, car, etc. Record your partner’s reactions when they see these unexpected surprises.
  1. Try something new or something you’ve never done before. Let your anniversary mark the beginning of a new routine, such as a dance class, pottery, or baking class. Enroll as a couple and enjoy spending time together while learning something new.
  1. Decorate a jar or a big container and fill it with small notes written with love messages for your better half. Present it to them on your special day. Your partner can open the jar to pick up notes whenever they are feeling low or in need of a boost and get reminded of how much they mean to you.
  1. Gift them a ring or any small piece of jewelry that has your names or ‘I love you’ inscribed on it so that they feel loved and cherished every time they look at it.
  1. Bake a cake of your partner’s favorite flavor. Instead of the usual ‘happy anniversary’, write something interesting, emotional, or fun. Let your imagination run wild.
  1. Buy a special gift and plan a treasure hunt for your partner to explore. Give them riddles to solve and end it somewhere where you both can have a beautiful romantic dinner together when you can give them the special gift.
  1. If your partner is obsessed with a comedian or a musician, get tickets for their show and have an amazing time enjoying a wonderful concert or comedy show together. Don’t forget to click pictures with the celebrity!
  1. Plan an outdoor movie screening in your backyard or terrace. Set up an elaborate set of beds, blankets, pillows, scented candles, and your favorite snacks, and enjoy your favorite movie together.
  1. Get them something that they wouldn’t buy for themselves. Something that they would use daily. A car accessory or a product that they might use every day and think of how much you care about them.
  1. Stalk their online shopping apps and try to find out what they were searching for or their wishlist in the apps. Find out what they wanted to buy. Surprise them by buying one or all of those items and show them how much you love them.
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  1. Plan an outing at a nearby farm or garden that lets you pick your own produce, which you can use to bake or cook a meal together.
  1. Create a fort in your living room and spend the entire day snuggling inside and doing what you love doing the most. Play your favorite indoor game or watch your favorite movie together.
  1. Spend the evening together to make a bucket list of things you both want to do throughout the rest of your lifetimes. Make concrete plans to complete the best of the listed ones before your next anniversary.
  1. Set up a massage parlor at home, learn good massaging techniques, order a few exotic scented oils, and give them a wonderful massage to relax and have an unforgettable day.
  1. Spend your special day at a local charity or do some volunteering work. Extend your love to society and the underprivileged some love and care.
  1. Adopt a pet dog or a cat on your anniversary and spend the rest of your lives showing love to the new member of your family.
  1. If your spouse is an artist, gift them accessories and materials associated with the art form to encourage them to pursue their favorite art.
  1. Write love messages on chits and roll them and fill them into colorful balloons. Fill your room with balloons and let your beloved pop each of them to find wonderful messages in each.
  1. Buy them a customized coffee mug with delightful phrases printed on it that convey your love and thoughts for your better half on your special day.
  1. Plan a romantic sunset cruise. Rent a boat and take packed food to enjoy a beautiful and safe trip and seal the night with a romantic dinner by the moonlight.
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  1. Book a fancy hotel room decorated beautifully and take your spouse there blindfolded. Spend the entire day together and talk about your wonderful journey together.
  1. Plan a movie marathon and spend the entire day watching all of your favorite movies together at home. Record a video expressing your love for your spouse and play it in between one of the movies and surprise them.
  1. Spend your special day creating a DIY project together, making it from scratch.
  1. Spend your day painting or renovating your room, buying new furniture, or painting old furniture. Have fun doing something together!
  1. Play a sexy game of truth or dare with your spouse and make it as interesting and naughty as possible. Give your marriage an erotic boost!
  1. Look up and book a hot tub or a hotel room with a jacuzzi and spend a long time relaxing and bathing together. Spend a relaxed and romantic day.
  1. Spend your anniversary at a theme park. Take adventurous rides, eat street food, and click a lot of pictures together. Have a fun-filled, carefree day that you will remember for the rest of your lives.
  1. Create a home garden together and cherish the fruits of your labor in the months that follow. You will be happy to see the plants growing, which will also signify the growing love for each other.
  1. Go for an all day long hike and spend your special day hiking in the midst of nature. Keep telling each other about how much you love each other and make the day memorable.
  1. If your anniversary comes on a weekday, especially on a day when you cannot take the day off from work, go on a coffee date. Act like it is your first date! Rekindle the spark in your relationship and enjoy the excitement between you both.
  1. Take a box and fill it with chits containing wishes and things that you want to do. Pick up a few and do whatever is mentioned in them. You can do things that you cannot express directly to each other, even a sexual fantasy.

Try these ideas to make your partner feel loved and cherished – not only on the anniversaries but also on all the days in between. Do let us know how they liked it!

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