KREA OMNISTYLER: India’s ONLY ALL IN ONE Hair Styling Tool Available Today?

KREA has come out with wildly successful products in the past.

So when I read that they were coming out with a new … multi-functional product, my interest piqued. Because I was searching for the perfect tool to use on my sister, who was getting married.


Another essential from KREA? Let’s have a look

My sister, Kavya, really likes styling her hair. She loves presenting herself well, and expressing herself through her looks. Her wedding then, of course, had to show her bet sense of aesthetics.

She didn’t want to spend excessively on just a one-time event – which is why finding the right tools to use was so crucial. She intended to use the styling tool long after her wedding.

With all this in mind, I went ahead and bought her KREA OMNISTYLER. As you’ll read below, you’ll find out how it made her wedding such an effortless blast of a celebration!


OMNISTYLER is extremely promising especially in today’s results-oriented market

What’s Wrong With Other Hair Styling Tools?

Let’s quickly look at what other hairstylers – both straighteners and curlers – do, as far as we know –

  • A lot of them are simply dangerous to use. They can burn hair, skin, and scalp easily
  • No styling tool is especially made to do both straightening and curling. You can do one ufun citon with one device, and only give so-so results if you try
  • Most heating components used in hairstyling devices rise to very high temperatures – which can damage hair and internal working parts
  • Getting hair done professionally is seriously experience, especially for a wedding. It is also time-consuming
  • Doing your own hair for events is also just as, if not more, time-consuming

Havin used KREA for my sister’s wedding extensively, I can say that you can safely forget about any of these worries – with KREA OMNIYLER.

I had all these doubts before I bought it, and had so many presumptions. I so many ways, I’m delighted to be proven wrong by the OMNISTYLER.




KREA OMNISTYLER was dependable, and reliable even during one of the most challenging-yet-joyful events in my sister’s lifetime – her wedding.

I think it’s a humongous plus point with just that fact – but let me elaborate on more details as to why the OMNISTYLER defeats all other hair styling tools that you can get in the market!

  1. Never-Seen-Before Dual Function – Curl AND straighten your hair with OMNISTYLER! Its unique angled arms, and exceptionally accurate PTC Heating component make both styles of hair innovatively easy. Let you switch between wavy and straight styles, without learning a whole new tool!
  1. Super-fast Styling – OMNISTYLER can straighten or curl hair in about less than 10 minutes! The time it takes to sip a good cup of coffee. Even elaborate hairstyles will take much lesser time – as the method of styling is much easier.
  1. Accurate Heating – KREA OMNISTYLER has a PTC Heater, which is much more precise than MCH Heaters used in other irons. 5 preset temperatures to style your hair with accuracy and consistency.
  1. Safest Straightener/Curler around! – OMNISTYLER’s PTC Heater also has a maximum temperature of 230 degrees. Rapid cool down, no damage to skin, hair, scalp nor to internal parts. 60-minute auto-shutdown feature for responsible styling!
  1. Simply Convenient – With OMNISTYLER, curling isn’t a new trick to learn – it’s as familiar as straightening. And is just as safe. 5 adjustable temperature settings, from 140 to 230 degrees.
  1. Dutifully Dependable- OMNISTYLER is truly durable – because of the safer heating option used in it. No additional heat is generated, so it won’t damage internal parts. You can use for long hours without worry, if needed. You also get a 1-year easy replacement warranty.
  1. Elegantly Efficient – OMNISTYLER has angled arms, a special feature different from any other straightener available in India. The angles arms help section and curl hair efficiently, and innovatively. It is built to listen to what you want out of of your hair!


A few tries is all it took to learn how to use it. Now it’s only endless possibilities!

A few tries is all it took to learn how to use it. Now it’s only endless possibilities!

1. For Pin-Straight Hair

Getting pin-straight hair hasn’t been easier. The angled arms really help section hair better than usual straighteners, because it fits better on the contours of my head.

To straighten, I simply had to place the side opposite to that of the label, closest to the scalp. Then I had to glide down my hair with very light pressure.

2. For Curly Hair On Your Right Side

Honestly, the danger of using a curling wand was too much. I sweat, I try to be overly cautious, and still burun myself.

OMNISTYLER changed the curling game for me. Curling feels as simple as straightening! As is just as safe!

To curl, I lifted my right elbow, and placed the side with the “CURL” label closest to the scalp. Then I twisted the “CURL” label side towards the mirror, and glided slowly towards the mirror with light pressure .

3. For Curly Hair On Your Left Side

Both sides can have even-looking and gorgeous curls, with OMNISTYLER. For the left side, I lifted the section of my hair that I wanted to curl, placed the “CURL” label closest to the scalp. Then I rotated, and glided towards the mirror, with light pressure.



We were not prepared to get such outstanding results!

I was able to get exactly the results my sister and I wanted for her most special occasion. The OMNISTYLER got her the ringlets framing her face, that she always desired for her wedding. For the reception, she had smooth, silky straight hair. All we had to do was to follow their instructions well.

It didn’t take too long to learn to do both straightening and curling. Once learned, it took even lesser time to do varying curls and other styles of hair. Just make sure to use some heat protectant spray while you start to learn its usage.

My sister was amazed. When we tried it out a week before the wedding, she was certain it would take too long to master using the OMNISTYLER. However, in about three of four tries, she created her first beautiful tightly-wound curl!

After that, with the results she was getting, she wanted to keep trying. We both did each other’s hair, and we hadn’t had a smoother, or quicker styling experience – and that too with such professional results! And it’s great that you can make your hairstyle – vary the curling motion and the angle, and you can do almost any style you like!

Needless to say, on the day of the wedding, it took only 17 minutes to curl her hair into stunning ringlets. For the reception, it took even lesser to sarihe hair – 8 minutes. I think for a wedding and a reception, we achieved a record in hairstyling! We couldn’t be happier.


In essence – the OMNISTYLER is a genuinely multi-purpose tool – that fulfills all its purposes exceptionally well.

It’s a damn good straightener. And an even better curler. A

Very significantly, OMNISTYLER is also so much safer than curling irons, and auto-curling tools.

We approached KREA OMNISTYLER with overwhelming expectations.

Replacing a professional hairstylist for an powerful hairstyling tool – was a choice we only hoped would pay rewards in terms of results, and savings.

OMNISTYLER below our expectations out of the park, and onto the next-door apartment terrace. It created beautiful hair no matter what hairstyle you intend to achieve. It was immensely easy to use once you knew the fundamentals of its usage. It’s such a long-awaited relief to find a products that does nal this in less than just 10 minutes.


The most dependable hairstyling tool me and my sister have come across

My sister recommended KREA OMNISTYLER to so many of her friends, colleagues and family at the wedding.

I certainly recommend KREA OMNISTYLER to anyone – beginners, professionals, and even – bride-to-be’s. What a worthwhile purchase!

You can buy KREA OMNITYLERo here.