Amrita Singh Marriage : The Lies And Truths Behind The Divorce

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The tale of Saif Ali Khan’s tumultuous first love,The-Climax 2 a.k.a the Saif – Amrita Singh marriage, is one story that India cannot seem to get enough of, and with good reason. The entire affair seems to have been so bizarre as to be out of a left-field Indie movie in itself. So what exactly happened that led the two to tie the knot, stay together for 13 years and then split up?

Amrita Singh Marriage -Their Meeting

While it was believed that Amrita and Saif met each other at a party and seemed to enjoy each other’s company a lot, the truth is that the two met on the sets of a certain Rahul Ruwail film in which Kajol was also a part. Amrita had no idea about the kind of reaction that her presence was having on the young Saif, who was decidedly smitten by the actress, so much so that he decided to ask her out for dinner a couple of days later – an act that he had to summon a lot of courage for, as he recalls.

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Amrita was so taken aback by the whole thing that where she would normally muster a stern “I don’t go out for dinner,” she found herself uttering a “I don’t go out for dinner, but you can come over to my place.”

Amrita Singh Saif Ali Khan – The First Dinner

As it turns out, Saif, who was interested only in “having a nice time with a very nice person” and Amrita seemed to hit it off on the right foot, with conversation drifting from the professional to the personal and back with a fluid ease, and before they knew it the whole thing was done and they had kissed each other. So much for Saif’s agenda.

Amrita Singh Marriage With Saif Ali Khan – A Secret Marriage And A Stormy Relationship

And so began their story of tumultuous love, and right from the outset, Saif’s parents were disapproving of their relationship. Among many other things, Amrita Singh was almost twelve years older than the ‘Chota Nawab’ of Pataudi. While mom Sharmila and dad Mansoor made their feelings quite clear, the young ‘hero’ was in no mood to relent, leading to the secret Saif Ali Khan Amrita Singh marriage, in October of 1991.

The couple has their ups and downs like most other couples do, but remained with each other for almost thirteen years up until their divorce in 2004. Many of the problems associated with their marriage can be attributed to those who got married in such a haste and on an impulse, especially against the wishes of parents. Still, things seemed to be going rosy for a while. Saif, famously once quoted as “the happiest man in the world,” also once said of his ex-wife that he “strongly felt that you don’t very often meet people who on a chemical level do something right for you” and that he should “hang on to it.”

Clearly, feelings change because the short story is that the couple’s marriage lasted for 13 years and yielded two children, son Ibrahim and daughter Sara. Was it simply a case then that the couple grew out of love and that cupid happened to strike Saif Ali Khan twice, in that he left Amrita for Kareena? The truth, of course, is slightly more convoluted than that.

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Not So Little, Not-So-Secret, But Quite Dirty Indeed

The main reason that led to the downfall of their relationship and marriage can be viewed in two ways. Amrita’s story, as she revealed to Stardust magazine, spoke of how she bore the brunt of Saif’s infidelity on many an occasion, with two examples that stood out. The first taste she says she got of Saif’s wandering eye is when they were giving an “up and coming actress a lift,” such that upon returning to the car after buying something she caught Saif and the girl talking about things far more personal than just business or movies.

The final act in the coffin according to Amrita was Saif’s affair with Rosa, an Italian dancer, who he was courting overseas.

Saif on the other hand maintains that it was simply a case of “falling out of love” with Amrita, and that he then saw no sense in pursuing such a relationship. The couple divorced in 2004 in a much publicized split and left many a disbelieving fan in their wake.

Amrita Singh Marriage – Post Divorce

If you think that after the curious case of the Saif-Amrita Singh marriage story and tragic divorce, things seemed to get better for Amrita, then you’re mistaken, at least initially. Amrita, who had given up her acting career to be at home and to look after her kids after marriage, suddenly found herself alone and in the company of two children that she had to raise alone, with Saif offering no help or financial assistance to his estranged ex-wife.

Amrita was suddenly back in the market and looking for roles, once even clarifying that “I need to work to support myself and my kids.”

Aid Finally Arrives, Unexpected And Warm

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The Bollywood community had of course got wind of the goings-on in the Khan khandaan, and parts of the community showed their solidarity and their sympathies by offering Amrita a number of roles with hefty pay packages, as a means of relief.

Amrita also fondly recalls how a certain Sunjay Dutt stepped in and offered her financial help, which although she “declined politely,” she is ever grateful for even now. Although the offers on the table were plentiful and generous, Amrita chose her roles carefully and has starred in only 5 films and one TV serial post her break-up.

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The Khan Family

Relations with Sharmila and Amrita were never quite rosy if you remember, but things completely broke down once Amrita came out and accused Sharmila’s son of not supporting her financially at all after the break up. It is said that Sharmila didn’t even stay in touch with the kids, and even on the kids’ birthdays, there was no sign of the grandparents. Not quite up to Nawabi standards, we daresay.

Things As They Are

However, it seems there is a silver lining. Their relationship seems to have patched up with Saif’s recent involvement with his children. Talk about the trip to Mauritius when Ibrahim got to show off for his Instagram. We hope that Amrita is no longer single-handedly raising the kids and is doing much better. However, when visiting the aftermath of this bitter and spiteful divorce, one really has to wonder – were they really a match made in heaven after all?

Sara Joining Films, Amrita Singh Teaming With Anil Kapoor

Amrita-Saif’s children seem to be taking the same prescriptive path of becoming actors just like their parents. While their son Ibrahim Ali Khan is busy with his education, his sister Sara Ali Khan seems to have captured the film producers’ fancy. The doe-eyed 23-year old has garnered ample attention from big names like Karan Johar and Sunny Deol, who are apparently vying to sign Sara for her first debut film. But things do not seem to be falling in place well, and in fact Sara’s mother Amrita acknowledged the fact but reiterated that Sara will be joining films indeed. There were reports that Sara rejected Karan Johar’s offer for a lead in the sequel of the film Student of the Year, while also being offered a role in Johar’s Bollywood adaptation of the book The Fault In Our Stars. But Amrita denied the news. “Not true at all. My daughter was never offered Student Of The Year 2. As for the other film, the remake of The Fault In Our Stars was shelved, so where was the question of Sara doing it?”, she shared with a tabloid. As for Sunny Deol’s remake of his film Betaab, even that does not seem to have materialised, and the project is said to be suspended temporarily.

The fact that Amrita has always spoken out for her daughter is a stark indicator of the role of a doting mother she has played in Sara’s life. She has been quite liberal with her daughter, and in fact has never restricted Sara from developing a pleasant rapport with her stepmother Kareena Kapoor. In late September 2016, there were reports that Amrita did not approve of her daughter and son’s presence at Kareena’s 36th birthday but Amrita vehemently squashed the reports as rumours. She added that she does not have any problems with Sara and Kareena’s equation. When quizzed about her apparent objection towards her daughter’s midriff-baring attire at Kareena’s birthday bash, Amrita quickly pointed out that it is she who decides what her children wear, and she definitely approves of it. Amrita added that she even chose Sara and Ibrahim’s apparels for the Saif and Kareena’s wedding.

Coming back to films, Amrita is definitely not out of limelight and is teaming up with Anil Kapoor, one of Amrita’s co-actors of many films of 1980s. Amrita and Anil will be sharing screen space for the first time after three decades, and this time they will have Anil Kapoor’s nephew Arjun Kapoor joining them as well. Amrita has already worked with Arjun, playing his staunch Punjabi mom in the film 2 States. The upcoming film, which is said to be named Mubaraka will have Amrita-Arjun play the mother-son duo once again. Anil Kapoor’s role is unknown but he candidly shared in an interview that he is scared of collaborating with Amrita since she is brutally honest and may spill all his secrets to his dear nephew. Well we tend to agree with that fear! Here is looking forward to Amrita’s next film, and hoping that we get to see Sara and Ibrahim grace the film screen soon. Till then wishing the Khan family the best for life’s pursuits.

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