Amrita Rao's Marriage: The Sudden Announcement That Shocked Many

The news of Amrita Rao’s marriage came as a surprise to many. No one exactly knew who she had been dating and very little was written about her love life too. Her beau Anmol Sood, made the announcement of their wedding via social media on 15th May 2016. But little we know that they were an an item for seven years! Yes, you read it right. So who exactly is this gentleman Anmol? How did they meet? Let’s take a look.

Amrita Rao – The Actress

Before we get into details about Amrita Rao’s marriage let’s take a quick look at how she started her journey in Bollywood. Amrita was born in the year 1981 in a conservative Konkan family in Mumbai. Her upbringing was simple, and she started making appearances in commercials when she was still in her teens. By the time she was 21, she was making appearances in music videos too. She made her Bollywood début in the year 2002 with the film Ab Ke Baras. That marked the beginning of her career. She took a hiatus in between and then bounced back again. Interestingly, she made her telly début in 2016.

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Amrita Rao Marriage – Meeting The Man With The Golden Voice

It was circa 2006, when Amrita visited the studio of the popular radio station Radio Mirchi in Mumbai. She was one of the guests for a show called Purani Jeans, that aired classic old melodies of Hindi cinema. Little did Amrita know that the interview would be the turning point in her life. The interviewer was none other than RJ Anmol, a popular radio jockey.

Amrita Rao Marriage - Amrita Rao And RJ Anmol Sood Share A Pic Online

RJ Anmol, whose full name is Anmol Sood, is a Delhi boy who did his MBA in marketing, and worked previously in Dubai, before deciding to try his hand at radio jockeying in Mumbai. While the interview with Amrita was definitely their first meeting, little is known about their subsequent meetings since the couple have been extremely private about their affair.

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Amrita Rao Marriage – The Courtship

The pair was initially very secretive about their bond. During the early years, when Amrita would be quizzed about her relationship status, she would evade the question by chuckling at it or give a terse reply that she was ‘single’. In an interview in 2013 with The Times of India, she went a step ahead by saying that her first relationship will be her last but quickly retracted by adding that she has no plans of getting married soon. Irrespective of her statements, there was little she could do, or rather was doing, to hide her affiliation towards RJ Anmol, nor the fact that the media would obviously talk about the possibility of Anmol and Amrita Rao’s marriage happening.

Amrita Raos Marriage - Amrita Rao And Anmol Sood

As time progressed, the doting duo started making public appearances together, mainly at events where she would accompany Anmol. Their hand-in-hand stance at the red carpet made it evident that they were more than just friends. What became the culminating point of their public display of love was in 2014 when Anmol was down with dengue and was admitted in the hospital for some time. Soon Amrita became a permanent fixture at the hospital. But in spite of the glaring evidence of their romantic affinity, she stayed silent about it. Anmol also stayed tight-lipped about the entire matter but the pair continued making public appearances, and those of us who got a wind of their relationship continued to root for Anmol and Amrita Rao’s marriage. Things continued that way till May 2016, when a Facebook post by Anmol left everyone pleasantly surprised.

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Amrita Rao Marriage – Discreet Wedding And The Announcement

As the frequency of Anmol and Amrita’s public appearances increased, there was a lot of speculation about some announcement that they both would make. Rumours started doing the rounds in February 2015 that Anmol Sood and Amrita Rao’s marriage had indeed taken place. While neither of them denied it, the absence of an official statement made it clear that is was nothing but hearsay. Things continued this way till one warm Sunday afternoon in mid-May. Facebook fans and Twitter followers of RJ Anmol were greeted by an adorable picture of Anmol and Amrita announcing their formal union to the world.

Amrita Rao's Marriage - Amrita Rao With RJ Anmol Sood At The Filmfare Awards

Fans and celebrity followers from various media houses were taken by surprise by this announcement since no one saw it coming. Little was known about anything till the couple made a press release stating the following:

“We have always been private about our personal life. This relationship was sacred to the both of us from the moment it began. Making your relationship public can help you be in constant news, but we wanted only our work to do the talking. Marriage is a very personal affair and we thought of keeping it like that. We wanted to announce it at the right time, and we did!”

On Anmol Sood And Amrita Rao’s Marriage, From The Happy Dulhan Herself

Amrita Rao Marriage - Amrita Rao With Anmol Sood At Their Wedding

Needless to say, the long-time sweethearts captured the entire essence of their hush-hush relationship in this one press release. In an interview later, Amrita acknowledged that their wedding was a very private affair, and was just a simple wedding ceremony attended by close family and friends. Going by the date of the post, they most probably tied the knot on May 14th or May 15th of 2016, and it is speculated that the couple might throw a grand reception for their friends from the industry.


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Let’s hope we get to see more photos of the doting couple together, and hopefully they share some photos of their wedding as well. This is one pair that has managed to break the seven-year itch barrier, and got hitched without any glitch! That’s what true love is all about, isn’t it? We can’t wait to hear more from them, and wish the cute pair a very very happy married life.

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