Amrita Arora Wedding: Did She Steal Her Best Friend’s Beau?

Amrita Arora may not have dazzled much on the silver screen and much of her popularity is attributed to her being Malaika Arora’s younger sis, but the Amrita Arora wedding was nothing short of a grand celebration with Bollywood bigwigs in attendance. The beauty looked sublime on her wedding day when she tied the knot with her businessman beau Shakeel Ladak. Since Amrita’s mother is a Christian, father a Hindu, and her then to-be hubby a Muslim, the Shankeel Ladak Amrita Arora wedding was a mix of customs and ceremonies of all the three faiths. Here’s all you wanted to know about Amrita Arora wedding and the events that led up to it.

Amrita Arora Wedding- Amrita Arora

The Beginning Of Amrita Arora’s Career

Amrita was born in the year 1981 to a Malayali Christian mother and Punjabi Hindu father. Her elder sister is the popular model turned actress Malaika Arora Khan. Amrita followed the footsteps of her sister and took up modelling, slowly drifting towards becoming a video jockey, exactly like her sister had done. She eventually made her Bollywood début in the year 2002 at the age of 21. She has acted in several films since then.

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Meeting Mr. Ladak

Amrita Arora Wedding - Amrita And Shakeel Ladak

It is said that Amrita always knew Shakeel Ladak since he was the husband of her close friend Nisha Rana. Amrita and Nisha were from the same college, and were good friends since years. Nisha and Shakeel had divorced in 2006 though, around time when Amrita was still in a relationship with cricketer Usman Afzaal. What exactly sparked Amrita’s infatuation towards Shakeel, one that was so serious it lead to a Shakeel Ladak Amrita Arora wedding, is still a mystery but it is quite likely a case of a guy coming to the rescue of a damsel in distress. Since Shakeel and Amrita were acquaintances already, maybe they must have rekindled their friendship and by September 2008 the duo were officially in a relationship. This fact did not go down well with Nisha, Shakeel’s ex-wife, who started levelling a slew of accusations towards Amrita for stealing her husband. Since Nisha and Amrita had many common friends, her allegations propagated quick, and reached the ears of Joyce Arora, mother of Amrita Arora. In an interview to media in October 2008, Joyce Arora stated Nisha’s allegations to be baseless, since Nisha had already divorced Shakeel in 2006, at time when Amrita was in a firm relationship with Usman.

Amrita’s mother also added that Shakeel had shown her the divorce papers, and it was a divorce that came through after a mutual consensus between Shakeel and Nisha. She even shared that in spite of her daughter knowing Nisha since college days, they didn’t have any communication for nearly 12 years, and that Amrita met Shakeel for the first time in March 2008. Anyway, it was a case of a ex-wife going sour due to her ex-husband’s new fling. It did little to hamper the relationship of Shakeel and Amrita, and the pair decided to tie the knot in March 2009, and the Shakeel Ladak Amrita Arora wedding was a union made in heaven it seems.

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The Shakeel Ladak Amrita Arora Wedding – The Nuptial Days

Amrita Arora Wedding - Amrita Weds Shakeel Ladak, The Pics

Since Amrita is half-Christian and half-Hindu, and Shakeel follows Islam, they decided to have a mix of ceremonies for the Shakeel Ladak Amrita Arora wedding. For this reason, the couple decided to first have a Christian wedding where Amrita dressed up in a white wedding gown while Shakeel looked dashing in a Jodhpuri-style jacket. Amrita’s gown was designed by the popular celebrity fashion designer Ashley Rebello, and featured an array of Swarovski crystals. Amrita’s bestie Kareena and Salman Khan’s sister Arpita played the part of bridesmaids, while Malaika was the maid of honour. The Christian wedding ceremony was held in the morning, and after exchanging their vows the Shakeel Ladak Amrita Arora wedding party settled for a brunch at the swanky Olive restaurant, which Amrita would frequently visit.

Amrita Arora Wedding - Amrita And Shakeel At The Post Wedding Party

The couple then scheduled a traditional nikah ceremony a few days later, and that was preceded by a sangeet and mehndi ceremony to infuse some Punjabi style to the festivities. Ace Bollywood choreographer Farah Khan pitched in with a musical skit on the sangeet ceremony, which was hosted by Salman Khan’s sister Alvira Agnihotri. This was followed by the mehndi ceremony, where Amrita was joined by all her lady-friends from the industry.

Amrita Arora Wedding - Amrita And Shakeel At Mehndi Ceremony, And Inset With Kareena And Alvira Agnihotri

After the mehndi came the prime event, the traditional nikah ceremony. For this event, Amrita wore a stunning green lehenga adorned with heavy shimmering gold-coloured embroidery. She also wore a lovely emerald necklace that quite nicely complemented the green theme of her bridal attire. Once they said their vows for the second time, the couple organised a gala reception at a premium five-star hotel. It was attended by who-is-who of Bollywood including the entire family of Amrita’s brother-in-law Arbaaz Khan. Here Amrita wore a short red choli with an intricately designed lehenga. Shakeel was decked up in a jet-black sherwani, which actually contrasted well with his wife’s red dupatta. Overall, the Shakeel Ladak Amrita Arora wedding festivities were grand, and it was actually a lovely confluence of various customs and wedding practices.

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Life Thereafter

Amrita Arora Wedding - Amrita And Shakeel With Their KIds Azaan And Rayaan

The doting couple had their first son in March 2010, whom they named Azaan. There were speculations that Amrita had conceived before wedlock, and that is what triggered a sudden announcement of marriage between Amrita and Shakeel. But in an interview to The Times of India, Amrita vehemently denied the fact and said that you simply have to ‘do the math’ to find out whether it is true or not. The couple welcomed their second son in October 2012, and at that time Amrita shared that she will dedicate her entire time looking after her children, and that she has no plans of returning back to the silver screen. It has been a successful run for this cute pair post a very happy Shakeel Ladak Amrita Arora wedding, and we wish them happiness forever.

Stories Buried In The Past – Dating The English Cricketer

Amrita’s first love was the Pakistani-born English cricketer Usman Afzaal. Amrita and Usman met way back in 2004 when Amrita was just starting her Bollywood career. Both are known to be party-creatures and it is said that they met at a party when Usman was in India for a cricket match. The duo got along as friends initially but eventually began dating each other. Amrita was never shy of showing-off her amorous relationship with Usman, and the couple would often been spotted partying together, and would attend public events together. In an interview to The Hindustan Times newspaper in 2008, Amrita shared that she was very much in love with Usman, and for Usman, she was his second love after cricket. It is said that Usman’s brother was also planning to make an entry in Bollywood during those days, and Amrita was all-out lending a helping hand to her beau’s bro. Usman would make frequent visits to India, and sort of became a regular fixture at high-profile parties, which he would attend with Amrita. It was clear from their affectionate rapport that the two were meant for each other. Things were definitely going smooth in their relationship, despite no rumours of an Amrita Arora wedding to Usman, up till mid-2008 when it hit a stumbling block called Sahil Shroff.

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‘Who is he, dear!?’

Amrita Arora Wedding - Amrita And Usman Afzaal

It was around May 2008 that other rumours started doing the rounds, that something has gone wrong between Amrita and Usman. Not much was known up till June 2008 when media reporters quizzed Amrita about her relationship with Usman to which she stunned everyone by replying that she has broken up with him. It was later discovered that cracks had started appearing in Usman and Amrita’s relationship as early as late 2007 due to Amrita’s increased closeness with then upcoming model Sahil Shroff.

It is said that in August 2007, Amrita bumped into Sahil at a party, and was introduced by a common friend. Interestingly, Amrita and Sahil already knew each other since they both had studied in the same college. This time their meeting was more elaborate and they shared their phone numbers in the first meeting itself. After that meeting, Sahil was frequently spotted hanging around with Amrita. On one occasion, he was also seen going out on a dinner with Amrita, her sister Malaika Arora Khan, and her husband Arbaaz Khan. Apparently, someone tipped-off Usman, who was in London, and he is said to have made a visit to India to confront Amrita on her alleged affair with Sahil. What added more fuel to the fire was the point that Amrita was often seen and heard recommending Sahil for modelling events.

When Amrita was quizzed about it she denied having any kind of heart-to-heart relationship with Sahil, and shared that she was just his good friend. Sahil reiterated the same point, and added that he already knew her since years, and therefore shared a deep friendly rapport with Amrita and her family. But guess that was not enough to convince Usman, and it is said the once loving couple started considering parting ways. It seems that their long-distance relationship was already causing significant stress to their bond. Amrita would often miss out on dates with Usman due to her work commitments, and even missed attending Usman’s birthday celebration once. That day marked the beginning of the discord between the two, and soon Sahil became a catalyst that accelerated the disharmony.

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Finally in June 2008, Amrita and Usman had their last communication through a phone call and called-off their four year old relationship, and any plans of an Amrita Arora wedding. Close friends of Amrita shared that there was no fight and melodrama during the breakup call but just a normal talk accepting the fact that their lives have now taken separate paths. It is said that Amrita was emotionally shattered after her breakup, and it was during this phase that her friend Kareena Kapoor came to her rescue who was also dealing with her breakup with long-time boyfriend Shahid Kapoor.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well and we are happy that Amrita found her perfect match and is in a very happy place in life now.

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