Amisha Patel’s Beauty And Fitness Secrets Revealed

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Amisha Patel has been a role model for many Indian women – be it as the cute girl in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai  or as the sexy siren in the underwater song ‘Lazy Lamhe’ in ‘Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic‘ When most women went for the Size Zero figure, some remained true to the curves. Amisha has always been seen promoting the curvy body and her curves have gained a lot of attention. Here we present some of Amisha’s beauty, makeup, fitness and diet tips.


Amisha Patel Beauty Secrets:

Amisha is a true believer in the “Beauty from within” principle – she abhors heavy makeup and has professed that she never wore makeup till she was 21. For her, a young woman should depend on her inner glow and beauty rather than makeup. She feels, for a young woman, kohl rimmed eyes, mascara and lip gloss is enough.

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What’s in her Bag?

Amisha usually carries very less makeup in her bag. She usually carries a light colored lipstick or a copper gold shade (if she is wearing an Indian dress), some sheer lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, a pink and a nude blusher and sometimes a sheer powder. She confesses that she is not at all a foundation person, for her a moisturizer below the sheer powder is enough.

Amisha Patel Hair Secret – She uses raw eggs on her hair and keeps it for 15-20 minutes till it dries and then washes it off. This helps to create bounce. Also she has been said to use gram flour-turmeric and raw milk face pack to brighten her skin. She also feels oiling hair with almond, castor and coconut oil before washing it on a regular basis results in healthy and luscious hair.

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Amisha’s Fitness Tips:

Everyone wants to know the secret behind her toned body and fitness. For her, being happy and being with positive people is also a factor to keep oneself happy and fit. She always says that she loves staying fit and being attractive. She also stresses that she is not willing to go under the knife to get the perfect body. She has also been heard saying that she would rather workout for ten hours to ten months to lose one inch than going under the knife. She believes that once a person goes under the knife, one is never happy with one’s body.

She says that monotonous workout is never good and urges to try new things and provide challenges for the body. She also says that it is necessary to customize one’s training.

Amisha usually does crunches, weights and also works out on the cross trainer to keep her body fit and toned.

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Amisha’s Diet Tips:

For Amisha, eating healthy is all that matters. She is strictly against crash dieting and feels anything that is extreme is never good. For her, eating on time, eating in moderation and eating healthy are the rules to look out for. She enjoys eating all kinds of food and believes that life is too short to deny one of the foods they love. She has been heard saying “I’m not the kind that survived on black coffee and juices. I know my Japanese cuisine from my French; I revel in ordering the choicest of meals”.

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So these are some insights into the life of Amisha. Hope you liked reading these beauty secrets of Amisha Patel. Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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