Ambika Pillai Bridal Makeup: 10 Essential Tips For Indian Brides

Ambika Pillai Bridal Makeup Tips. From the use of beet-root and pomegranate essence to colour of the lips, right up to the latest make-up techniques including airbrush application, strobing and what not – bridal makeup has come a long way over the passage of time. A good make-up artist is up to date with the latest methods and trends in make-up. Ambika Pillai Bridal Makeup guide is the best advice you can gets and here we have consolidated the most important tips she has to share with brides-to-be.

Let us hear what the expert has to say about achieving the perfect bridal look in make-up, and what things must kept at the back of the mind when going for any bridal look.


1. Keep The Skin Tone Natural: Ambika Pillai Bridal Makeup

Keep The Skin Tone Natural

Pillai advocates keeping the natural skin tone of the client alive after the makeup. Translucent application that ensures a naturally beautiful bride, is key to a good bridal makeup routine.

2. Opt For Spot Concealing Rather Than Concealer Mask

Spot Concealing

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Instead of slapping on layers of concealer, one must use it for what its function really is – concealing spots or marks, like scars, etc. Apply the concealer only on the parts of the face where you feel it’s absolutely necessary. If you don’t have anything to be concealed, preferably skip it.


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3. Eye Makeup: Metallic Finish For Jewellery

Eye Makeup Metallic Finish

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For Indian bridal makeup, especially Hindu brides who may extensively use heavy jewellery, Pillai suggests the metallic finish for the eye makeup. Soft colour profile should be maintained for the eyes of a bride preparing for a Christian wedding, to keep in sync with the angelic white overtone of the bridal attire.

4. Lush Lashes And Mascara

bridal Makeup Photography

bridal Makeup Photography

Pillai is all for the showing off of bold and black lashes! The eye-make-up of a beautiful bride is complete only when there is a set of full and healthy lashes. Instead of placing additional eyelash, use a curler and put on some good old mascara.

5. Loud Lips! (Brown Bids adieu…)


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It is the season of loud lips. Loud and popping colours like pink, oranges, and bright reds, should be so loud that it is on your face for the ones looking at the bride. Lighter colours also give the makeup a less heavy and natural look.

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6. Balance Eyes And Lips: Ambika Pillai Bridal Makeup

Balance Eyes And Lips

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If the bride is going for a fancy, elaborate and dramatic eye make-up, like with wings and heavy colours, then the lips should be more subdued, and vice versa. The balance between the eyes and lips is crucial for the integrity of the bridal makeup.

7. Maintain Healthy Hair


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Ambika gives this tip in general and especially for the brides. The pre-wedding, and wedding make-up routine is going to be the ultimate test of the hair.


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So if you never got around taking care of your hair, and are lucky to get a sufficiently long engagement period, healthy hair should be of top priority.

8. Textures For Hair: Ambika Pillai Bridal Makeup

Textures For Hair

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Pillai asks you to be bold to try textures and styles. Sometimes it so happens the bride is not sure of what to choose and leaves the straight hair let down with a clip. NO. Straight hair is so BC! A good makeup artist will let you learn your face and choose something accordingly.


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9. Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin

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Get skin treatments well in advance if you have any specific skin conditions. Don’t wait till the wedding and leave the makeup artist in a fix. A full body polish is also a good idea, not only for a smooth skin but also since the bride gets this one chance to really pamper herself!

10. Learn Your Face To Accessorize

Learn Your Face To Accessorize

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Some accessories suit only certain face-cuts – a bride with a large space for forehead can boldly choose a tikka and even a maatha patti. Another example is the choice of the nath – if you have bigger lips, make sure you choose a smaller nath, and vice versa. Basically, learn your face before you accessorize.

Ambika Pillai Bridal Makeup Video For Harper’s Bazaar

These are great tips for any woman to be the most beautiful bride that she can be. And that too coming from an expert like Pillai, you can trust these pearls of wisdom to be one hundred percent original. Ambika Pillai is a name that resonates in the world of contemporary fashion for hair and beauty. She has done many fashion shows across the globe including the world’s fashion capital, Paris, and has built her own chain of salons in Delhi, Kochi, Trivandrum, and so on, where she handles a network of clients that include celebrities, designers, models, socialites, and more – a result of seeking her passion. For more details and salon rates about Ambika Pillai Bridal Makeup, you can visit