Top 7 Amazing Ideas for Wedding Reception Decorations!

Your wedding is going to be one of the most memorable occasions of your life. While you may be nervous about your wedding, your reception is a whole different ball game. When compared to your wedding, your reception affords you more space to get creative. While you may have had a slight tinge of nerves for your wedding, by the time the reception rolls around, you will be more relaxed. You have officially become married and now is the time for good food, drinks and festivities.So put in your best foot forward,and glance through these amazing ideas for wedding reception decorations. One of the questions that must be foremost on your mind right now is the decor for your reception. The very first thing that you would need to decide beforehand is whether you would want a theme reception. Think long and deep about this before meeting with any wedding planner. It is best if you have some ideas of your own. Your wedding planners can add to your ideas and make them better. So without further ado, we present to you some ideas for your wedding reception decorations that you might just fall in love with.

The Starry Night

Wedding Reception Decorations-starry decorations

Image Courtesy : Shubharambh Productions

This perfect for those of you having an outdoor wedding. The twinkly fairy lights are sure to make any bride feel like her fairy tale is actually coming true. Imagine dancing under these lights with your new husband for your first dance. The floating paper lanterns also add to the charm of the whole set up. The whole canopy could be decked up with these glowing fairy lights. Add beige or white fabrics to get the complete look.This is one unique wedding reception decoration idea to choose from.

The Umbrella Canopy

Wedding Reception Decorations-The Umbrella Canopy

Image Courtesy : F5 Weddings

Instead of covering your outdoor canopy with fabrics, opt for some very colourful umbrellas instead. With the right kind of lighting, these umbrellas would look simply ethereal and magical on for your reception. You can also add some twinkly lights all around to take this decor to its next level of charm.

The Night Club Reception

Wedding Reception Decorations-The Night Club Reception

Image Courtesy : F5 Weddings

When you think of a party, a night club cannot be very far from your mind. Celebrate your wedding reception the same way you celebrated your single life – with a night club. Some dark lighting, and some candles would really look stunning. Do not forget to add those disco balls in order to get that authentic feel of a night club.

The Garden Theme

Wedding Reception Decorations-Wedding Reception Decorations-The Garden Theme

Image Courtesy : Shubharambh Productions

There is a certain definite charm about bringing the outdoors to the inside. And this is exactly what this decor theme seeks to do. The hanging bits of vines and foliage are so daintily and perfectly arranged that you really feel like you are in a garden. Add to that amazing little candles floating amidst the rustling leaves and flowers, and the whole look is almost too pretty to be real. Again, those twinkly lights can be used here as well, and is sure to add that fairy tale feeling to your big bash . This is one of the favourites in Indian wedding reception decorations category.

The Painted Bicycle

Wedding Reception Decorations-Photobooth decoration

Image Courtesy : Bougainvilla Designs

Having quaint little pieces like a painted bicycle is going to make your wedding decor stand out from everyone else’s. You can decorate the bicycle with gorgeous flowers or photos that have a special significance for you and your beloved.

The Elegant Reception

Wedding Reception Decorations-The Elegant Reception

Image Courtesy : Bougainvilla Designs

You cannot go wrong with elegance as the characteristic for your wedding decor. Lovely hanging chandeliers and fancy candles would be exceedingly vintage and elegant. The ornate, golden chair with the matching table cloths alongside an array of perfumed flowers with some wax candles in between is going to simply blow your guests’ minds away.

The Decorated Cages

Wedding Reception Decorations-cage decoration

Image Courtesy : Bougainvilla Designs

Another great latest wedding reception decoration option is to use pieces like painted cages or antique lanterns as a central motif in your reception decor. When it is decorated with beautiful flowers, do we need to add anything more? You can keep the other pieces of decor that go perfectly with your central motif.