Amazing Vintage Wedding Decorations To Create Memorable Wedding Experiences

In India a wedding is still considered to be “the most” important thing in somebody’s life, and as the times are changing there is a major evolution in mind-sets of the people to make their wedding the most unique event they can, so that it can be remembered as something different; quite unlike earlier days when weddings used to be only about certain customs. This is where vintage wedding decoration comes in.

The Indian wedding industry as we put it has also evolved as an organized sector instead of a loose bunch of caterers, flower suppliers, tent wallahs and other service providers. Nowadays you can get all the solutions that you could possibly want in one place, it’s easier for the people as well. With the wedding industry coming up with new ideas daily, themed weddings are talk of the town and adding a vintage touch to your wedding is the new in thing. The term vintage of course means anything which has got a certain historical value to it, and people always remember such things. Here are some vintage wedding decor ideas for gorgeous wedding decorations vintage style!

1. Vintage Decor Wedding


Image Courtesy: Shaadi Planners

The vintage touch can be established with something as simple as a wooden gated entry to the wedding venue, or even the style of welcoming the guests; maybe even a vintage flower pot on the centre table, with vintage furniture all around the path leading up to the stage. These include, but are not limited to, lamps, candles, lighting arrangement, candle holders, chandeliers, wall fittings, cutlery, even the attire of the serving staff.

2. Vintage Wedding Car Decorations

Vintage Car Decor

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Soul

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These days even vintage cars are being used as the vehicle of choice for the bride and groom, as AUDIs and BMWs can be seen so commonly on the roads. Nothing says special and different liked a bedecked vintage car to make your getaway from the wedding venue.

So when the guests arrive, they inevitably find themselves in a different time period, and that is always a very special feeling; and it doubly serves the purpose of standing out from other wedding functions. The ambience is lifted to a different level and the guest love at being part of such wedding functions. It has been getting increasingly popular by the day and even the smallest details are paid careful attention to. Everything including the dress of the bride and groom, the jewellery, the decoration on the stage, the arrangement of the baraat, everything is done in a vintage style.

3. Vintage Music

Vintage Music

Image: Shutterstock

Vintage Music is another aspect of the vintage wedding decor, although it’s not strictly vintage wedding decoration, it definitely sets up the right mood. The recordings of echoes from the past in the form of your favourite songs that speak of old gold can create that vintage ambiance that you want for your wedding, which will go beyond even the last dance. You can make playlists full of amazing songs from the times of bellbottoms and big hair and hand them out burned onto CDs to your happy guests. If you’re rightfully a little worried whether that will go against the vintage theme, you can always get CD covers that will stick to the surface and make it look like a classic vinyl record.

So in conclusion, if you want to stand out, go for a totally vintage theme for your wedding decorations to make your wedding echo through eternity.