7 Amazing Things To Try For Gorgeous Wedding Tree Decorations

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Wedding tree decorations signify one thing: Weddings are not just about ceremonies, they are also a way to celebrate the bride and groom who are about to tie the nuptial knot. Almost every girl dreams to have a fairy tale wedding, ever since her childhood. And when the time comes, their parents leave no stones unturned to make their priceless daughter’s dream turn into a grand affair. The extravaganza of florid wedding ceremonial parties cannot be complete without some resplendently romantic decor. The essence of feel good factor of the exuberant celebration can only be brought into reality with creative and pompous wedding decoration. A beautifully decorated wedding venue adds on a different charm to your special moments.

Hence, the flourishing fairy tale wedding seasons and the thriving consciousness of innovative wedding decorative ideas have given birth to the trend of wedding tree decoration. The concept of tree decor for weddings has originated from the wedding custom in the Netherlands. In this ritual, the guests and well wishers of the bride and groom are supposed to write good wishes and greeting for the newly married couple in a piece of paper and tie it to the tree branches with the help of hooks, clips and strings. This unusual and meaningful ritual is now being adopted by many soon to be married couples and they artistically opt for wedding tree decorations. Lets put on our imagination hat on and see what all can be done in the realm of wedding tree decorations.


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Wedding tree decor can be as easy as embellishing the tree with the beautiful moments of the bride and groom captured in a picture. The candid camera moments which are usually the prized possessions of the couple, can help them relive the moments that they had spent with each other before taking the vow. It is very simple yet lovely way of decorating the tree with a distinct personal touch.

2. Ribbons And Lanterns Wedding Tree

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To create a serene and mystical moment you can decorate the tree by hanging white paper lanterns and ribbons. Nicely lit up white paper lantern and smooth white ribbons would give a classy and elite look to the venue.

3. T-lite Wedding Tree

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You can ornament the wedding tree with beautifully designed t-lite holders. The warm light peering out of the t-lite when lit will bring out the warmness of the ambience. The natural light produced by the flame which is passed through the t-lite holder will enhance the beauty of nature around it.

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4. Satin Ribbons And Silk Drapes Wedding Tree

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You can furnish the natural beauty of the tree with pastel colour drapes complimented with matching ribbons. The upholstery of satin and silk will make the tree look dandy and exquisite. The silken clad tree will complement the silken clad bride and groom.

5. Crystal Corded Wedding Tree

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Add a sparkle to the wedding tree with the strings of encrusted crystal beads. Suspend the beads of crystals from the branches of the wedding tree which will give a starry ambience to the venue and a touch of twinkle to the royal wedding.

6. LED Decorated Wedding Tree

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beauty lies in simplicity. One of the most simple and easy way to decorate a wedding tree is with strings of small LED lights. Different coloured lighted strands hanging or draped from the tree branches gives a very grand look to the overall decor.

7. Flowery Decorated Wedding Tree

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a tree itself is an abode for colourful flowers. But if the wedding is not in a flower season or the tree doesn’t have flowers, then you can decorate the tree with bunches of colourful vases and jars of fresh flowers hanging from the tree. Simple yet sophisticated.

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