How To Get The Perfect Lip Shape With Makeup: A Tutorial

All you need is a steady hand and the perfect lip pencil to achieve those dreamy lips.

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A perfect lips’ shape means a perfect pout! But unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with it. While every lip shape has its beauty, thin or uneven ones can be a bit tricky to work with. But worry not, as numerous makeup and beauty hacks are available to help you achieve those plump-looking lips.

However, the perfect pout is an art, and you have to put in some effort to get it. So, swipe up now to know how you can make your lips look luscious and balanced!

You Will Need

  • A lip pencil
  • A lipstick
  • A lip conditioner/lip primer
  • A concealer

How To Get Perfect Lip Shape With Makeup?

Let’s learn how to create that perfect look for your lips.

1. Analyze Your Lip Shape

For the perfect lip makeup, you need to first analyze your lip shape. Once you know the shape of your lips, it becomes easier to make them look balanced. Effective makeup tips and tricks can easily help you make your lips appear even, beautiful, and perfect.

2. Hydrate Your Lips

Hydrate your lips with a lip balm

Start by applying a lip balm/lip conditioner to hydrate your lips. Let it settle for three to four minutes.

If you have dry and flaky lips, using a lip scrub prior to the application of lip balm is highly recommended. A lip scrub eliminates deep flakes, dryness, and chapped bits of skin from the lips, making the application of lipstick much easier. It also gives a smooth and seamless finish to the lips.

Now, start the lip makeup by using a lip pencil of your choice. Make sure the pencil is sharp enough to add precision to the lips.

3. Start Lining Your Lips

Start lining your lips

Start lining your lips starting from the Cupid’s bow and continue till the corners, following the natural lip shape.

You can also overdraw or under draw your lips shape; depending on how balanced you want your lips to look.

The model here has a slightly thinner upper lip as compared to the lower lip. So, I have overdrawn her lip shape. Avoid going way above the natural lip line as it may not appear natural.

4. Finish The Lining

Finish lining your lips

Tilt your head sideways to line the corners of the lips, and to see the corners clearly.

Now, repeat the same steps on the lower lip, starting from the center of the lip and continuing till the corner.

While outlining the lip, you can simultaneously fill your lips with the pencil. This works as a strong base for your lip color and makes your lipstick last longer.

5. Apply Lipstick

Apply lipstick

Now, apply the lipstick with a thin lip brush on the entire lip. Make sure you fill in the lip shape evenly.

6. Correct The Flaws

Correct the flaws

Once you are done with the application of the lipstick, correct any flaws, crooked outlines, or unfinished looks by using a small flat brush and some concealer/foundation in the shade closest to your skin tone. Correct the outer edges of your lips by balancing them.

And, you are done!

7. Final Look

Final look

Who needs botox when you can get the perfect lip shape using makeup. Yes, not all lips are created equal, and thin or uneven lips can throw a few challenges at you when you sit down for makeup, but despite that, all lips are beautiful. You need to know (and hopefully now you do) how to apply lip makeup well. To achieve a perfect lip shape, you need a few things like a lip pencil, lipstick, lipstick brush, conditioner/primer, and a concealer. Put these to use as described hereabove, and you will be stunned at how gorgeous and wholesome your lips look by the time you are done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are big lips attractive?

Yes, big lips are considered to be attractive.

What is the rarest shape of lips?

Cupid shaped lips where the center of the lip is more filled out than the sides are considered the rarest of lip shapes.

Is a bigger bottom lip more attractive?

Yes, lips where the bottom half is larger than the upper half are considered more attractive than lips that have heavier tops or equally filled out halves.

Can lips change shape naturally?

Yes, lips change shape with age as the upper half becomes longer and the lower half becomes thinner.

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