10 Amazing Madagascar Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love

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Nowadays, hyperactivity in kids and teens pose a major problem for parents. While the youngsters like staying glued to gaming consoles and TV for several hours, they can wreck havoc in a busy household on holidays. If you want a solution to keep your naughty and hyperactive kids engaged for a long time, coloring pages is the right thing.

Coloring pages can be on various subjects and choosing the most apt is important. Kids get attracted to popular cartoon, superhero figures, animals and natural themes easily. So, it makes sense to give them Madagascar pictures to color.

Top 10 Madagascar Coloring Pages For Kids:

The animated cartoon movie which later had a spin off to video games too, has four endearing animal figures that kids love. Give your kids coloring pages featuring Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippopotamus, Melman the giraffe and Alex the lion, and you will be amazed at the result.

Below listed are top Madagascar coloring pages that your kids are sure to enjoy:

1. Gloria And Melman Breaking Into Dance:

This lovely image shows Gloria the hippopotamus and Melman the giraffe enjoying a dance together. They are quite happy and there is a natural backdrop as well. Your kids will happily paint the image.

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2. Alex – The Lion In Happy Mood:

This image shows the popular Madagascar character, Alex the lion. Alex is visibly happy as depicted in this image. Your kids will find this image is very easy to paint as there is no second object in it.

3. Four Friends Exploring Jungle:

This image shows the famous four animals from Madagascar. They are all happy as evident from the image and possibly they are exploring a jungle. With so many lovable animals in one frame, there is no reason for your kids not to paint it!

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4. Melman Posing Single With Smile:

This nice image has Melman – the Zebra from Madagascar posing single. He is apparently in a jolly mood. Such a nice picture should prompt your kids to color.

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5. Gloria From The Backside:

This is a nice image showing the famous hippo character – Gloria from Madagascar. The hippo is posing and her backside is visible. There are plenty of flowers on the backdrop. It is enticing enough for your kids to color.

6. Melman In Funny Pose:

This is a funny image that will draw your kids’ attention. It has the giraffe – Melman posing in an awkward pose. He has bent the neck between legs.

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7. Madagascar Penguin With Ball:

This is a nice image that has a Madagascar penguin. The penguin has a ball holding with one of its wings. Since there are not many elements in it, your kids will find it easy to fill colors.

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8. Gloria – The Hippo In Circus:

This lovely image shows Gloria – the hippo in the circus. She is wearing a fancy costume and balancing herself on a rope. There is an umbrella in her hand that complements her ensemble. The image looks attractive and is sure to be loved by your toddlers.

9. Madagascar Team Together:

The Madagascar’s main characters and some other animals come together in this image. Some penguins are hanging on the neck of the giraffe, giving the image a very endearing look. Your kids are going to love coloring this image.

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10. Alex In Jubilant Mood:

This image shows Alex – the lion from Madagascar in a perfectly jubilant mood. He is standing with hands thrown apart at both sides. He is also wearing a cap. The picture is simple and your kids will may not find any difficulty in coloring this.

After seeing your kids coloring this page so silently without disturbing you, you will definitely say this: There is no better way to introduce kids to the world of colors than printable coloring pages of Madagascar. We hope your child enjoyed these free printable Madagascar coloring pages online. Do share your kid’s thoughts about them in the section below.

You can also make your own Madagascar coloring book with the colored sheets for unlimited fun and excitement.

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