16 Amazing Health Benefits Of Watercress Juice And 2 Yummy Recipes

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You may use plenty of herbs and plant extracts for staying healthy, but it is hard to find one that can offer as many health benefits as watercress. This semi-aquatic herb is preferred by doctors for its therapeutic properties. Found mostly in the US, Asia and Europe, it generally grows along the river banks. Featuring small, round leaves, watercress is known for its peppery, pungent flavor. Its origin can be traced back to the ancient days of Roman and Greek civilizations. Promoting health, watercress was used to treat a number of clinical conditions in earlier times.

Health Benefits Of Watercress Juice

Watercress can be used in juice form, either on its own or mixed with other herbs and vegetables. Drinking the juice can be beneficial for you in numerous ways.As its pungent and strong taste may not appeal to all, so mixing it with other herbs is advisable. Some of the health benefits of watercress juice are:

1. Skin Health

Just applying OTC creams and lotions will not make your skin texture smooth and beautiful. You need something extra for that. Drinking watercress juice provides your body with vitamins C and A from within. This improves skin health and texture eventually (1).

2. Healthy Hair

Watercress can be used to treat a number of hair related problems. Drinking the juice can be beneficial to cope with hair loss and dandruff (2).

3. Anti-anaemic Properties

If you are suffering from iron deficiency, including watercress juice in your diet can be helpful. It is also rich in Vitamin C, which helps the human body absorb iron better (3).

4. Anti-inflammatory Attributes

Watercress contains high amounts of Vitamin C, which helps the body fight inflammation. Drinking the juice can help you find relief from symptoms of flu and cold as well (4).

5. Antioxidant

Watercress contains a good amount of anti-oxidants, which help your body resist the damaging effects of free radicals. It helps in countering the effects of aging as well (5).

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6. Aphrodisiac

If you find your sexual drive waning, there is no need to reach for OTC performance enhancement products. Instead, drink watercress juice a few times a week and spice up your sex life (6).

7. Controls Blood Sugar Level

This has not been proved clinically but using watercress juice can help keep blood sugar levels within check (7). Its soluble fibers can check carbohydrate absorption by the body.

8. Healthy Bones

Watercress contains the right amount of calcium, Vitamins A, Vitamin C and magnesium. So, including it in diet can result in healthy and strong bones (8).

9. Relief From Cold And Cough

Watercress contains sulfur glycosides, which has expectorant effect and can be handy in treating chronic bronchitis (9).

10. Digestion

Drinking watercress juice can aid your digestive system. Its fiber and Vitamin C content can stimulate gastric secretions, aiding the digestion process (10).

11. DNA Damage Resistance

In a number of studies, it has been seen that using watercress can enhance a cell’s capacity to resist DNA damage (11).

12. Good For Vision

Two antioxidants are abundantly present in this herb, namely lutein and zeaxanthin. These help enhance your vision and prevent macular degeneration (12).

13. Hangover Treatment

At times, you may return home too tipsy after gulping down too many pegs of alcohol. To recover quickly, drink a glass of watercress juice (13). It has a detoxifying effect on the liver. It flushes out the alcohol from the body quickly.

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14. Cleansing The Body

Watercress juice can serve as a cleansing agent and help keep organs like the colon clean. It helps eliminate toxins from the body (14).

15. Teeth

Watercress can be good for oral health. It is effective in treating gum problems (15).

16. Thyroid Functioning

Watercress has elevated iodine content, which can help people with thyroid gland conditions like goitre (16).

Watercress Juice Recipes

Watercress can be used to make mouth watering and nutritious juices and shakes. You can try these two recipes at home and obtain the amazing health benefits of this herb.

1. Watercress Green Juice

To make this recipe, you require a big apple, 2 cups of watercress, 1 stalk celery, lemon juice and some pepper. Blend everything in a juicer and serve with ice cubes.

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2. Cucumber Watercress Delight

To make this tasty juice, you need 2 long cucumbers, a handful of watercress, an apple and lemon and salt. Blend everything in a juicer and add some water. Serve it chilled with ice.

So what are you waiting for? Bring home this wonderful herb, and get creative in making some of the best juices your family has ever tasted. Remember, with each drop that they gulp down, they will reap several health benefits that money can never buy!

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