10 Amazing Health Benefits And Uses Of Marjoram Essential Oil

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Are bloating and indigestion taking a toll on your appetite? Are you suffering from irregular periods? If you are tired of popping pills, you may want to start using marjoram essential oil as the benefits it offers are that amazing!

Would you like to know more about marjoram oil and its wonderful benefits? Then this is the post you got to read!

What Is Marjoram Essential Oil?

Marjoram essential oil is an extract of the fresh and dry leaves of the marjoram plant or the knotted marjoram. Not only is marjoram essential oil an effective analgesic, but it also has digestive and carminative properties.

Benefits of marjoram oil

1. Effective Analgesic

Marjoram oil has many analgesic properties, which make it effective for treating inflammation, muscle, joint pain, cold, and fever. Marjoram oil is a naturally processed essential oil that does not have any side effects, unlike most prescription painkillers available in the market.

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2. Anaphrodisiac

As the name indicates, an anaphrodisiac usually acts in a way exactly opposite to an aphrodisiac. Marjoram essential oil helps suppress libido and control sexual urges. Marjoram essential oil is thus especially effective for those of you who suffer from extreme and abnormal sexual urges.

3. Bactericidal

Marjoram essential oil is an effective bactericide. It helps eliminate bacteria from the body. It helps in protecting you from bacterial infections and conditions like food poisoning, typhoid, malaria and bacterial diarrhea.

4. Antiseptic

Marjoram essential oil is an efficient antiseptic, which makes it ideal for treating internal and external wounds. Marjoram essential oil is an essential component of antiseptic lotions and creams. Marjoram essential oil is effective in treating septic conditions and preventing tetanus.

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5. Antispasmodic

Marjoram essential oil cures and provides relief from most spasmodic pains. It helps relieve internal spasms like respiratory and intestinal spasms, apart from treating regular muscular spasms and cramps in the limbs.

6. Antiviral

Marjoram essential oil has antiviral properties. It is an effective cure for conditions like mumps, measles, influenza, and a common cold.

7. Digestive

Marjoram seed is an age-old formula to promote digestive health. The essential oil helps boost the secretion of important digestive juices like bile in the stomach. Its aroma stimulates the salivary glands and induces preliminary digestion in the mouth itself. Marjoram essential oil triggers peristalsis and eases the movement of food through the digestive tract.

8. Carminative

Marjoram essential oil can help solve the embarrassing problem of flatulence. It relaxes the intestine walls and the abdominal muscles facilitating the release of noxious gasses. It thus helps treat conditions like indigestion, bloating, gas, heartburn, and stomach ache.

9. Diuretic

Marjoram essential oil exhibits diuretic properties. It helps stimulate urination, which purges excess toxins from the body. It helps remove excess sodium, bile, and uric acid to prevent health complications.

Urination helps lower blood pressure, cleanses the kidneys and reduces fat. If you suffer from swelling or edema, take some marjoram oil. Be judicious with its use, as excess urination can lead to dehydration.

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10. Emmenagogue

If you suffer from irregular, painful or obstructed menstruation, you should consider using marjoram essential oil. Marjoram oil can help alleviate other symptoms of menstruation like headache, dizziness, and mood swings. Marjoram essential oil also helps prevent premature menopause.


Although Marjoram essential oil has no associated risks, however, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to prove its effects on pregnant women. If you are pregnant, you should safely postpone using the essential oil for a while.

If you have been using Marjoram essential oil, please tell us how it has benefitted you. Leave a comment below.

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