15 Amazing Health Benefits And Uses Of Castor Seeds

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Are you searching for something that can give you respite from rheumatism? Or do you want to have that perfect skin you had always wanted? Castor seeds are the best bet when it comes to all of this!

Castor plant is also botanically termed as Ricinus Communis. The plant finds its origin in East Africa, but it also grows abundantly in the Indian subcontinent and the Mediterranean region. Nowadays, castor plants are grown as a crop in many American states as there is an increased demand for castor seeds or castor beans. Many households in America grow castor plants in their backyard or garden as it helps to keep the pests at bay.

Apart from painful joints or unhealthy skin, there are other common ailments that can be treated by castor seeds. Want to know what they are?

Health Benefits And Uses Of Castor Seeds

1. Helpful In Fighting Rheumatism

The seeds of castor are rich in oleic acid, ricinoleic acid, linoleic acid and various types of fatty acids. All these three acids are extremely beneficial in treating gout and rheumatism. The oil extracted from these seeds has fast penetrating properties due to which, when you apply castor oil on the affected areas you get immediate relief. Many times castor oil is mixed with other herbs and essential oils with medicinal properties to enhance the effect and improve the result. Regular application is very important for long lasting results.

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2. Relieves Menstrual Pain

Many women suffer from abdominal pain and cramps at the time of menstruation, and suffer from obstructed or delayed menstruation. This is more common among girls in their teens or women who are at the brink of their menopause. Excessive bleeding can make them anaemic and lead to depression and insomnia. The emmenagogue nature of ricinoleic acid found in the castor seed oil opens the flow of menstruation and eases the pain as well as cramps. It is effective in relieving extreme pain during menstruation and opening.

3. Effective In Birth Control

Seeds of castor contain a toxic component known as Ricin, a type of protein. Castor oil contains a small amount of this toxic protein. Health experts advise administration of very small dosages of Ricin for birth control. It is effective as a germicidal substance and hence is used in spermicidal gels, lotion and creams. However, you should be cautious about its usage in a pregnant woman as higher dosages can lead to abortion.

4. Stimulate Lactation Process

The emmenagogue nature of castor seed attributes galactagogue properties to it, which means that these seeds can stimulate milk secretion. Castor oil eases the flow of the milk and enhances the quantity of milk. The fatty acids present in castor bean oil ensure regular supply of milk in nursing mothers and increase in the milk quantity as the baby grows. However, you must use castor oil that has been extracted from the castor beans through cold-compressing process and that too in very small amounts, or else it may affect the infant adversely.

5. A Treat For The Skin

Application of castor bean oil is nothing short of a treat to a problematic skin that is fighting sunburn, dryness, acne and stretch marks. Castor oil is used in different anti-stretch mark creams to stalk the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy or while you are losing weight. It has been found to be equally effective in treating regular skin infections and problems such as fungal and yeast infections and warts. Follow the given steps to get better results:

Dip a cotton wool ball in castor oil.Apply it to the affected area directly.Let it sit for an hour or so and then wash off with lukewarm water.Repeat this process twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed for faster results.In case the area to be treated is small, you can use a band-aid by soaking it in castor oil and then applying the soaked band-aid on the problematic area.

6. Moisturizing Agent

Castor oil serves as a rich moisturizer. Since it is loaded with fatty acids, it easily penetrates the skin, giving instant relief from cracked and dry skin. You can use it as a moisturizing agent in your face packs to remove dry patches and cure dehydrated skin. However, make sure that you use only little amount of this oil as it is high in fatty acid content as compared to vegetable oils. You can feel its richness when you touch it, as it appears sleek, thick and greasy. Its odourless nature makes it easier to use in any treatment. You can regularly use it as a moisturizer. Apply a few drops of castor seed oil on your face every night and leave it on to wake up with a revitalized and supple skin every morning.

7. Natural Remedy For Arthritis

Arthritis is a very painful and chronic disease of joints and bones and in severe cases can even disable the patient and limit his movements. The excruciating pain caused due to arthritis can be effectively reduced by massaging castor seed oil on the affected areas as the oil has anti-inflammatory properties. You need to massage it regularly to get relief from sore muscles, nerve inflammations and joint pains. Follow the given steps for better results:

Take a small-unbleached cotton flannelette piece and fold it into layers 3 to 4 times to form a pad.Take castor oil in a small bowl and dip this pad in it.Place the pad on the affected areas of muscles and joints.To keep the pad in one place, cover it using a plastic wrap.Take a heating pad or a hot water bottle and place it over the cotton pad.The wrap on the top will ensure that the heating pad or the water bottle does not get oily.Leave the pad as it is for around one hour.Practice it once in a day.

One of the benefits of this cotton pad is that you can reuse it. Place the pad in a plastic ziplock bag and keep it in the refrigerator until you want to use it again.

8. Eliminates Stubborn Ringworm

Ringworm is very difficult to remove once it infects your body. It can lead to chronic conditions as ringworms that are quite stubborn. However, the active compounds such as the undecylenic acid present in castor seed and the leaves effectively treat all types of fungal infections including ringworms. Here is a guide on how to use it for better results:

Take some seeds and leaves of castor plant and crush them coarsely.Warm pure coconut oil and soak this coarse mixture in it.Apply this warm mixture to the affected area like a poultice and wrap it with an unbleached cotton cloth.Leave it on the skin for around an hour or you can leave it overnight tightly wrapped by a plastic wrap.Keep on applying this poultice on the affected area until it is cured completely.

Sometimes, too much use can turn the skin red. If this happens, discontinue the application.

9. Cures Wounds And Bruises

A poultice made of castor seed oil has also been found to be effective in treating external bruises and wounds. Even deep wounds and bruises can be treated effectively using the poultice of castor seed oil and you can see immediate results after the application. For better and faster results, apply the poultice at least twice a day and cover it with unbleached cotton. Wrap it with plastic to avoid staining on your bed sheet.

10. Promotes Hair Growth

Castor seed oil benefits by treating various health problems and forms an essential part of different types of hair care products. The oil is packed with the goodness of omega-6 essential fatty acids that are extremely good for promoting luxuriant hair growth. The warm castor oil, when applied on the scalp stimulates blood circulation and opens the pores of the hair follicles thereby nourishing the hair from its roots. Leaving the oil overnight assures better results. Although the oil is sticky, you should still let it sit for 7 to 8 hours so that your hair is nourished properly. Put on the cap to avoid staining the pillows and allow deep penetration. Wash the hair with warm water the next day.

This remedy is also effective in controlling split ends and hair breakage problem as it is a good hair moisturizer and conditioner.

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11. Antimicrobial Properties

Castor seed oil has antimicrobial properties that make it ideal for treating all types of fungal infections and even minor scratches and cuts. Many people use it as a first-aid treatment to get immediate relief from itching and pain. It helps to heal the infections by attacking and eliminating the infection causing fungi, thereby easing the symptoms caused due to such infections.

12. Remedy For Thick Eyebrows

Very few people are really blessed with thick and dark eyebrows. Women especially are very much keen on having well-shaped and dark eyebrows and use different methods, including eyebrow pencils to darken their eyebrows so that they appear thick. However, you can thicken your eyebrows naturally using the castor oil therapy. Moreover, you can also use castor seed oil to improve the thickness of your eyelashes. Castor oil enhances the growth of your eyebrows and eyelashes.

Directions For Use Are As Follows:

Warm castor oil and apply it over your brows and lashes just before going to bed. Repeat this process every night for best results. Another way is to gently massage the oil on your lashes and brows every day for a couple of minutes. Leave the oil for an hour and warm with a mild cleanser and lukewarm water.

Consistency in application is important for faster results.

13. Drains Excess Fluids

If you have been suffering from an excess of fluid in the liver and lymph you can use a castor oil pack to get relief from the problem.

Directions For Use:

Take an unbleached piece of cotton cloth and fold it into 3 to 4 layers.Dip this cotton pad in warm castor bean oil. Put it on the abdomen and cover it using a plastic sheet.Cover the plastic sheet with an old towel. Lie down in a sleeping position while keeping a pillow under the knee. You will get relief within an hour and will start feeling better.

14. Effectively Treats Constipation

Studies suggest that castor oil works as an excellent laxative and is a good remedy against constipation. To ensure proper bowel movements in the morning, take a teaspoon of castor oil before going to bed. For making the intake easier, you can take it along with cranberry juice, orange juice, ginger juice or prune juice as castor seed oil tastes bitter. However, you should not repeat this treatment for more than 3 days to avoid diarrhoea symptoms.

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15. Other Castor Oil Benefits

Apart from the above health benefits, there are multiple other benefits of castor bean oil. It is effective in curing problems such as:

Parkinson’s diseaseMultiple sclerosisCerebral palsyGastrointestinal problemsAge spotsMigrainesInflammationSkin abrasions

Although castor seed oil is highly effective in treating different health conditions, in serious cases, it should be used only after consulting your health care provider as sometimes it can react with the drugs you are taking for treating that particular remedy. What is more important is that when you start the castor oil treatment you should be consistent, especially in cases of chronic conditions such as rheumatic arthritis or menstrual problems.

Always ensure that you are using the pure castor oil that is extracted from the cold pressing technique as mixed and refined versions of castor oil may not be able to provide the same benefits as the pure oil. Moreover, the mixed version of castor oil can cause side effects, as you are not aware of the properties of the mixed products.

Are you aware of any other benefits of castor seeds? Do share with us in the comments section below!

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