10 Amazing Flirty Love Quotes To Seize the Day

Say ‘I love you’ out real loud once. Now really feel it, and say it again. And again, for luck. So, you can say it a million times over, but how can you say it differently? Here are 10 flirty love quotes that convey a similar message, but do so in a way that’s much more fun and fresh, and we hope, just as effective.



The specialty of this one line flirty love quote is that the longer into the relationship it is used, the more its impact. This is one to keep in the locker.


Flirty Love Quotes

Generally, it’s the guys that do the staring and the girls that do the shying away. Try this on your partner and see how he reacts. The result may be hysterical. Try this on a stranger in a crowded place and you shall most likely have a runner, red with embarrassment. However, there might be the odd guy that might actually say, ‘thank you’ and get into a staring contest. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?


Flirty Love Quotes

Feeling a bit naughty today, aren’t you? Get cosy with your partner on a cold winter evening and whisper these flirtatious lines into his ear before running away. You won’t believe the speed at which you’d be caught.


Flirty Love Quotes

Ahem, flirt much? You might be sober, you might be high, you might be addicted or maybe you just can’t resist. The temptations are too many. However, there’s only one person that’s going to make you feel that way, the only person who’ll kiss you that perfect way. This is to let them know of that fact.


Flirty Love Quotes

Guilty! The verdict’s out. Though it’s a cliché, it doesn’t seem like it to the ones in love, and it sure is a bit corny, but sometimes corny is all we need. Don’t you agree?

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Flirty Love Quotes

Agreed! It’s a fact that a woman can’t get enough compliments but has anyone ever thought of the fact that guys love compliments as well? It definitely is an art and a game changing art at that. Make a man feel good about himself and you’re going to be in for a good time.


Flirty Love Quotes

It’s something very innocent but it’s not. Not at the beginning of a relationship at least. However, if the same thing is said after 30 years of marriage, you’ve got to know that it’s true love, because the statement in itself surely can’t be true!


Flirty Love Quotes

Nothing says good morning better than a great compliment and to be complimented about your smile with an equally brilliant one from your better half just can’t be beaten. It feels like a million bucks, just like your smile looks.


Flirty Love Quotes

Oh, my god! You’ve got such beautiful eyes, I can stare into them all day! I just love looking into your eyes. You’ve got big beautiful eyes, I just love them. We’ve heard them all before, haven’t we? However, we tend to assume that only girls have beautiful eyes and it’s the guy that’s mesmerised by them, but pause once to look deep into a guys’ eye, and you might lose your thoughts in the process. They say the eye is the window into the heart of women, but for a man, it probably is the window into his head.


Flirty Love Quotes

We’ve heard this a million times. We’ve all seen it on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. We’ve all heard Joey Say, ‘Who loses 50 coin tosses in a row’? ‘Heads- you win. Tails- I lose’. And the fact is, this classic line still retains its endearing charm, and is usually most effective at disarming your lover!