11 Amazing Engagement Gifts For Him That He Will Cherish

It’s your engagement, and you’ve laid out the most awesome gateway to a happily-ever-after. Everything’s being planned, re-planned, decided, and locked on to. With all the hullabaloo around, there’s very little time for you to hunt for something special that you can gift your better half. We understand that and we’re here to help with our list of top 10 coolest gift ideas that he will cherish forever.

1. An Heirloom


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Is there a pocket watch in your family or a family crest? Using an heirloom as an engagement gift is a meaningful way to welcome your fiancée as a permanent part of your family.

2. Tech-Toys

Tech toys

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It could be the latest gaming console, a tab or a phone or any tech toy that he’s been planning to get his hands on. He’ll love the idea, and be happy to have it. May be you could have a little more space to do your thing as well while he’s engaged with his toys. Two birds with one stone.

3. Minibar In A Jar

Mini bar add a jar

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He will love the idea of having an assortment of his favorite drinks all in one place. It is a gift any guy would surely enjoy, even if he’s not a regular dinker. These drinks in tiny gift bottles or sample stock as the collectors call, can be a great keepsake/decorative idea too. How cool would it be to have these little bottle of exotic liqueurs lined up on a glass kitchen cabinet or your dining area?

4. Custom Cuff-Links

Custom cuff locks

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They could be on his favorite super-hero, a show, a team or a music band that he loves. Gift him a set of customized cuff links that will surely make him feel like a rock star, and help him look the part.

5. Concert Tickets

He’s totally into music concerts or its something that you both love to do. Gift him first-row tickets to the hottest concert in town. He’ll love it, and you both get to bond over some kick-ass music!

6. Hand-Forged Railroad Pike Bottle Opener, Stamped With His Name

Hand work

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The ultimate man-thing. He’ll show-off this custom made bottle opener every time he calls his friends over for a drink.

7. Grooming Kit


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It’s not just the girls. Even men are style conscious. They have an arsenal of tools to keep them in top shape. Gift him the most comprehensive grooming kit ever. He’ll look hot and that works out for you too.

8. Season Tickets For His Favorite Sport


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It could be the IPL, or if he ain’t the cricketing types then for some other sport that he loves to watch around town. Get him those season tickets and he’ll be happy for a very long time! A pair of tickets also works well as a gift for a lovely couple.

9. A Romantic Weekend Getaway


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Take a break, head to the hills or drive down to the beach. Gift him a pint-sized romantic holiday where you both can cool your heels, after your happy-hectic engagement.

10. Gift An Experience


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There are lots of companies out there offering “experience” packages, such as race car driving (Buddh F1 Track Days), sky diving (www.skydivinginindia.com), scuba diving (www.scubalov.in) and more. Find some activities that he has always wanted to do and put them together into an awesome itinerary for a day of experiences.

11. His Favorite Cocktail


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It’s sexy and sets the mood and tone of your marriage. A kiss and xoxo signed at the bottom, coupled with a cheeky, ‘you are getting lucky tonight and for the rest of your life’ – is all you need to grab his attention and you know what.

P.S: Remember, these gifts are just ways to express your love for him, and you – dear lady, are the best gift he will ever get!