4 Amazing Christian Wedding Decorations That Only Look Expensive

He popped the question and you two just cannot wait to get hitched. Venue is booked. Caterer is finalized. Your wedding dress trial is not too far away. Cake tasting was a fun evening. Invitations have been sent out. And the bridesmaids are planning your bachelorette party. These are the reasons why a Christian wedding is a lot more fun than a non-Christian wedding. They aren’t week-long affairs. They are like a romantic scene cut-and-edited from a beautiful snow day. But wait a minute! Have you thought about how you would like to decorate your wedding venue? There are so many things that go into planning and executing all of this. Don’t sweat over this. We have shortlisted four things you must remember while decorating the venue for your wedding. Once you have covered these Christian wedding decoration ideas, your wedding will be more than just fun.

1. Flower Arrangements

Flower Arrangements


Fresh, beautiful flowers just make the dullest of places come alive.Be it on the bar, on the tables, pew ends, aisles, on the cake or at the entrance. To make it look a little different and quirky, go for dramatic flower arrangements. You can fill jute bags with soil and plant a flower. Put them on both sides of the aisles. Unlike the usual decoration of ribbon and flower arrangements hanging from the sides of the aisle ( that you will walk down), this one looks more fun and different. Focus on centre pieces. Think out of the box. Get wooden crates and work on a flower arrangement in it. Teapots and empty liquor bottles. You can also go for a floral chandelier hanging in the middle of the room. If you don’t want your wedding to look like an organized royal ball, these flower Christian wedding decoration arrangements will look fun, and will be remembered forever.

2. Wedding Chair Decoration

Wedding Chair Decoration

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One of the ways in which you can make simplest of things, like chairs, look very stunning. Colourful wooden chairs don’t need to sit there without any adornments. You can tie pretty laces into a bow at the back of the chair. Hang strings of pearls and make them look very chic. If you don’t mind spending extra on flowers, colourful flower wreaths look good hanging at the back of the chairs. Play around with the shapes of the wreaths. They don’t necessarily have to be circular wreaths. A heart shaped one will look very romantic at a wedding. Decorating the chairs is one of the ways of expressing yourself on the big day, and make for a memorable Christian wedding decoration. Let love be in the air!

3. Decorating The Aisle

Wedding Chair Decoration

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You are going to walk down this aisle, the epitome of Christian wedding decorations! This will be your last journey as a spinster, before you become his Mrs. This is where you will stand and walk down in front of all the guests present. Hence, this aisle should look more spectacular than a red carpet. You can choose to print your favourite song or a poem on the aisle runner, or choose to walk on a bed of your favourite flowers petals. Other option is to have candle jars on the sides of the aisle that light up the aisle and adding a dramatic effect to your entrance.

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4. Light It Up!

Light It Up!

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Having candles or strings of lights add a very dramatic, romantic and elegant appeal to the venue. You can choose from either lightening up candles in clusters on the tables and the aisle, or let them float in big cylindrical jars of water. Lightening up the venue columns and trees is another option to explore. If you like the rustic old look at weddings, one of the best ways to get that is by hanging strings of lights on the ceiling. You can also drop round, paper lanterns from the ceiling for the good old feel and look. Although renting chandeliers may cost you a bit more, but the end result would make everybody go awww.