10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Custard Apples (Sugar Apples)

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Custard apples, also well known as ‘sharifa‘ or ‘sitaphal‘ in Hindi, ‘Seetha Palam‘ in Telugu, ‘Seetha Pazham‘ in Tamil, ‘Sita Pazham‘ in Malayalam, ‘Sitaphala‘ in Marathi, ‘Sita Phal‘ in Gujarati and ‘Sharifa‘ in Punjabi. Custard apples are rich in anti-oxidants like vitamin C, which help get rid of free radicals from the body. It is also rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, niacin & potassium. This post on benefits of custard apple will change your mind.

Custard apple, also known as chermoyas and are native to South America, West Indies and some parts of Asia. The fruit is soft and chewy with a hard exterior. The flesh is white in color and has a creamy texture. The pulp coats black shiny seeds that are not consumed, as they are slightly poisonous. Custard apple with its high calories and natural sugars are great as a dessert and as a nutritious snack.

The fruit can be consumed just by itself or in the form of shakes, smoothies, deserts and ice cream. Moreover, this tasty fruit is an excellent alternative to dairy products, making it perfect for those who are allergic to dairy products as it provides the same nutrition.

Benefits Of Custard Apple

Check out some of the best health benefits of custard apple.

1. Healthy Skin and Hair

Thanks to the high-levels of vitamin A, custard apple is great for healthy skin, healthy hair and better eyesight. It plays a role in moisturisation and anti-aging. The creamy flesh or pulp can be used as a balm to treat boils and ulcers. The outer skin of custard apple is helpful in combating against tooth decay and gum pain (1).

2. Healthy Weight

Custard apples are good for those who need to gain weight. A mixture of honey and custard apple when consumed regularly will help add on the required weight and those much required calories. All in the healthy way (2).

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3. Custard Apple During Pregnancy

Custard apple helps develop the brain, nervous system and immune system of a fetus effectively. Regular consumption of custard apple also reduces the risk of miscarriage during pregnancy and minimizes the extent of labor pain during childbirth. The pregnancy-wonder fruit also helps the expectant mother to cope with morning sickness, fight nausea, numbness and mood swings. Regular consumption during pregnancy is excellent for production of breast milk.

4. Prevents Asthma

Custard apple is rich in vitamin B6, which help reduce the bronchial inflammation and help prevent asthmatic attacks.

5. Prevents Heart Attacks

The magnesium content in custard apples helps defend the heart from cardiac attack and can help relax the muscles. Moreover, vitamin B6 in custard apples help prevent homocystein collection which also minimize the risk of heart diseases.

6. Aids Digestion

Custard apple is rich in copper and dietary fibre, which helps assist digestion, help ease bowel movement and relives from constipation. Sun dried custard apple pulp can be crushed into powder and consumption of the powder with water will help heal diarrhea.

7. Excellent For Diabetics

Having custard apple for diabetes is considered very effective. The abundance of dietary fiber in custard apple helps slow down the absorption of sugar and reduces the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

8. Controls Blood Pressure

Custard apples are good sources of potassium and magnesium which help keep the blood pressure levels in control. For those with fluctuating blood pressure levels, a custard apple fruit a day will help keep them in control.

9. Reduces Cholesterol

Custard apples contain high levels of niacin and dietary fiber, which help lower cholesterol levels effectively.

10. Treating Anemia

Custard apples serve as a stimulant, coolant, expectorant and haematnic. Moreover, the rich iron source is also useful in treating anemia.

Hope you liked our post on custard apple benefits. Forget counting the custard apple seeds, instead, start counting the health benefits and relish the creamy fruit. Leave a comment below to share your views.

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