Top 10 Amazing Benefits Of Strawberry Juice For Skin, Hair And Health

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Are you planning on changing your regular juice? Want something refreshing on a hot sunny day other than lemonade? Well, try replacing it with a glass of strawberry juice. Trust me. It is the next best thing after chocolates. These sweet, juicy strawberries not only look good and delicious, but they are also loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, folic acid, calcium, iodine, magnesium, manganese, potassium and healthy omega-3 fats.

While nobody can resist the charm of the rich red colour of the strawberries and thus they are appropriately known as the fruits of seduction and temptation. Rather than eating it alone, one can prepare their own juice as well. Juicing is a delicious way to enjoy strawberries for all their nutrition.

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Below is a breakdown of various nutrients found in a cup and benefits of of strawberry juice. Read on!!

Health Benefits of Strawberry Juice:

1. Strawberry juice is full of antioxidants. One of the primary anti-oxidants present in strawberry is ellagic acid which is known to protect the body against cell damaging free radicals. Studies have found that the high levels of vitamin C and fruit pectin in this juice helps to activate proteins in our bodies that increase internal antioxidant production and also helps in removing toxins from cells.

2. The vitamin C, folates and ellagic acid present in the strawberry juice are known for preventing cancer development. Folates regulate gene methylation while Vitamin C and ellagic acid protect the body against cancer promoting free radicals.

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3. If you fall ill very often, treat strawberry juice as your best friend. The high vitamin and anti-oxidant content also promotes immunity and helps to protect the body against infections

4. Adding this delicious juice to your diet would help in promoting tissue strength and enhancing the healing process of the body. Vitamin C boosts collagen production keeps your skin young and healthy, prevents skin tearing and weakening of bones. High manganese content on the other hand supports collagen production and helps the body to heal faster.

5. Strawberry juice being rich in vitamin C is very good for the eyes. Regular intake of vitamin C helps to strengthen the cornea and retina of our eyes which in turn helps in preventing issues like weak eyesight, near sightedness and cataract.

6. During pregnancy, it is essential for the body to remain hydrated especially during the time when women suffer from morning sickness. Strawberry juice has a very high water content which helps the body to remain hydrated without being too heavy on the stomach. It also contains soluble fibre which is good for both the mother and the baby’s heart. The folates, potassium and magnesium content ensure the healthy development of strong bones and teeth.

7. Craving those chocolate covered strawberries but worried about you high blood sugar and high cholesterol level? Well, try replacing it with a glass of strawberry juice. It’s not only as delicious as any other dessert, it also better for your health as it contain less sugar and less carbohydrates and therefore keeps your blood sugar levels stable and healthy. The potassium in it ensures that your cholesterol remains in control and your heart remains healthy.

8.  Strawberry juice is a great source of phytonutrients. These nutrients help in preventing inflammatory diseases such as asthma and arthritis. So make sure you consume this juice regularly to keep these problems at bay.

9. The ellagic acid and vitamin C makes strawberry juice the best friend your skin can have. It delays the process of ageing, keeps wrinkles at bay, reduces blemishes and pigmentation and protects them against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Apply the juice on its own or mix 2-3 tablespoon with rosewater and use it as a toner. You can also add a few drops to your regular sunscreen and apply it.

10. Facing hair fall issues or scalp problems? Just massage your scalp with fresh strawberry juice before hair wash and after regular usage for a couple of weeks you will notice the change. Not only does this ensures that your scalp remains healthy, it also imparts shine to hair.

The only word of caution is that strawberries are goitrogen and can interfere with thyroid function especially in people with hypothyroidism so in case you have thyroid related health problems, skin this one.

Have you fallen in love with strawberries?? Enjoy them in your daily diet and skincare recipes for beautiful and glowing skin ever! Share your comments on how it works!

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