5 Amazing Autumn Wedding Decoration Ideas To Fall For

What better way than to tie the knot in the crisp months of September and October? It is during this gorgeous time of the year that the old makes way for the new, and on offer are some truly breathtaking displays as the Earth is resplendent with the full range of beauty that nature has to offer.

Beautiful Autumn Wedding Decoration

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It is no surprise then, that fall weddings are ever the rage, with their eclectic themes that are comprised of various elements from the myriad of excellent rustic wedding decorations available. Details like burlaps, laces, twigs can make your soiree appear at once classic and whimsical.

Color Me Orange

Stunning Autumn Wedding Decoration

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Given that autumn is all about colours which are nature inspired – the warm reds, the bright tangerines, the orange of pumpkins, and of course, the deep brown characteristic of wood, adding a stroke of gold or bronze would give your autumn wedding decoration a very smart colour scheme.

Creative Autumn Wedding Decoration

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Autumn decoration would begin with your wedding stationery. And that’s also what will give your guests a hint of what to expect for the wedding. You have loads of beautiful options in this category, and your choice of wedding card can include designs, both intricate or simple and elegantly lettered, with motifs of leaves, fruit, and all the other flora and fauna, that remind us of the wonderful season of fall just as much as they define it.

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Pale Autumn Wedding Decoration

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Now, for the colour palette. Apart from Marsala which is the colour of 2015, there are tons of other shades you could incorporate in your weddings, for a truly sumptuous setting. From your outfits to that of your bridesmaid, table tops to tulles and drapes, you are at liberty to let the wedding scream of the chosen theme. Colours like red, purple, cream, and of course, shades of tangerines and crimson set the tone for fall.

Which Flowers Are in Season?

Colourful Autumn Wedding Decoration

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Whats more beautiful than bringing the garden fantasy indoors with a birch and curly willow arch created using branches and bright flowers of autumn like gerberas, roses and dahlia along with a few fruits and berries.

Splendid Autumn Wedding Decoration

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There is plenty to play around with when it comes to centrepieces, with an ombre effect possible with the roses’ red hues coupled with the yellow of sunflowers and purple of crocuses. A dark coloured table cloth adds dimension to the abundant centrepiece, and a dash of green into the mix tends to add an authenticity and feel to the affair. Amber candles give off a warmer glow than white, creating a romantic autumnal ambience. You could also use a white pumpkin shell as a vase for arranging your pretty petals.

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Lighting Up

Touching Autumn Wedding Decoration

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There is little doubt that the lighting at a wedding is a most important detail. While not quite overlooked, given the sheer range of excellent options available and their eventual impact, lighting can be a tad under appreciated. From bulbs, candles and lanterns, your wedding lighting demands not only significant attention, but an attention to detail as well. Combinations of hanging bulbs, large and small; lengths of stringed lights wrapped around trees, accentuating their already inviting, open and warm presence; glass candles decorated with glittered rims that give off a soft, incandescent glow; and tulles with thin and small strings of light whose magical aura seems to be straight out of a fairy-tale are some of the awe-inspiring ideas you could incorporate to quite literally, light up the wedding.

Gorgeous Autumn Wedding Decoration

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The beautiful season of fall really does give you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild, and we recommend you go with it and consider all of the excellent available options for a dreamy Autumn wedding, and remember to ask your planner what ideas they have in store for you as well!