Amala Paul Marriage – A Total Filmy Love Story Gone Awry

Amala Paul’s wedding to director Vijay created a lot of buzz in the media and for good reason too. Think of Amala Paul and the first things that come to mind are her engrossing eyes and her truly ethereal smile. She is an actress who is best known to deliver a natural de-glamorized performance no matter what her on-screen character is. It is no wonder that although she started her career as a supporting actress, she went on to take up major roles too all because of her talent. Since her first film in 2009, Amala Paul has portrayed several adorable and admirable characters in films. It is her on-screen persona and off-screen charm, which caught the eye of the Tamil film director A. L. Vijay. The Amala-Vijay romance started sometime back to 2011. Here we present all the scoop on the Vijay Amala Paul marriage.

Amala Paul Marriage - Amala Paul

The Start Of Amala Paul’s Career

Amala Paul was born in the year 1987 in Kerala. Although she did not have that much of an interest in acting initially, she was keen on becoming a model though. By the time she was in her graduation, Amala had already developed a modelling portfolio. It was in 2009 that her modelling portfolio was noticed by a Malayalam film director who decided to cast her for his next project. Amala thus made her feature film début in the year 2009. Since then, she has played diverse characters in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam cinema, and has been lauded for her performances by critics and even film veterans like Kamal Haasan. All things considered, such a talented actress would find love in her own circle, not to mention an Amala Paul marriage was always discussed by the media.

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Dear Director!

Amala Paul Marriage - Amala Paul And A. L. Vijay

In 2010, Amala signed her seventh film with the popular film director A. L. Vijay. He had begun his career as an advertisement film-maker but had soon shifted his focus on writing and directing films. It was Amala’s performance in one of her Tamil films which drew his attention and it is said that he developed a certain liking for her even before he met her. When Vijay was in the process of deciding the cast for his next Tamil film, it was quite natural for him to think of Amala, whom he immediately signed for the film. The shooting for the film began, and it is said that almost halfway through the making of the film, the duo started getting cozy towards each other.

Initially their romance was limited to the sets of the film but on completion of the film, Vijay and Amala would be seen together during the promotions of the film. Vijay and Amala were often spotted together at upmarket restaurants and hangout places in Chennai. Tabloids were rife of her alleged relationship with Vijay, and when Amala was quizzed about the same, she replied with the run-of-the-mill answer ‘We are just good friends.’ She even added that currently her priority is her film career, and she would like to do at least 100 films before settling down. So much for an upcoming Amala Paul marriage, or not?

Everyone would have had that with a pinch of salt but her bond with Vijay became outright glaring when Amala flew down to Chennai from a film location just to attend the 60th birthday celebration of Vijay’s father, film producer A.L. Azhagappan. Amala was spotted bonding with Vijay’s family members and even posed for shutterbugs with Vijay’s parents. Things were definitely going the amorous way for the duo but they would wait for three whole years to take it to the next level, a.k.a. Vijay Amala Paul marriage.

The Engagement And Subsequent A.L. Vijay Amala Paul Marriage

Amala Paul Marriage - Amala And Vijay Share A Social

The couple managed to keep everything low profile from 2011 to 2014. It was a known fact by 2014 that these two were definitely seeing each other but the two had started making some conscious efforts to avoid being seen together in public. It was in late 2013 that rumours started doing the rounds that the two had some serious plans of tying the knot. Due to the constant frenzy about their relationship, and the even crazier rumours of an Amala Paul marriage, the two decided to break the silence. In April 2014, Vijay and Amala released a statement sharing that they were delighted to announce they would be taking things to the next level. While Amala said that she would share more information soon, Vijay elaborated in his press statement that he definitely intends to tie the knot with Amala sometime in 2014. He added that he and Amala will focus on completing their pending projects before entering into wedlock.

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Amala Paul Marriage - Amala And Vijay Engagement Pics

By late May, the couple started sending out the wedding invitations to their close friends and family members. And it was learnt from the Vijay Amala Paul marriage invitations that the couple had finally selected 12th June, 2014 as their wedding date. Although the couple had made an announcement about the wedding date, they had not been much candid about their engagement. For this reason, their engagement which took place four days prior to the wedding came as a surprise.


Amala Paul Marriage - Amala And Vijay Wedding Pics With Family

Amala Paul Marriage - Amala Weds Vijay

Amala and Vijay got engaged on 7th June, 2014 as per Christian traditions at St Jude’s Church, in Kochi. Since Amala is a Christian and Vijay a Hindu, they decided to have the engagement as per Christian traditions and the marriage as per Hindu traditions. For the engagement ceremony, Amala wore a lovely white gown designed by Anita Dongre. Vijay was decked up in a grey suit accentuated well by his white shirt.

Amala Paul Marriage - Amala And Vijay At Their Reception

Amala Paul Marriage - Amala And Vijay At Their Reception With Friends And Family

Amala Paul Marriage - Amala And Vijay At Their Reception With Vijay

Amala Paul Marriage - Amala And Vijay At Their Reception With Jiiva

The couple had a simple mehndi ceremony before the wedding which was followed by a traditional Tamil wedding ceremony. Amala looked resplendent in a red Kanjeevaram saree complete with all the traditional bridal jewellery. Vijay was dressed in a white silk shirt and a white silk dhoti that had a lovely decorated border. All the major names from the South Indian film industry were present at the A, L. Vijay Amala Paul marriage, as well the wedding reception, which was held the same day in the evening. The couple were finally and officially husband and wife and just a look at the photos and you would know that it was one of the happiest moments in their lives.

The Journey So Far

Amala Paul Marriage - Amala And Vijay Celebrate A Year

The couple has had a successful run with their wedding with each of them returning back to their respective work after marriage. On 12th June, 2015 the couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

An Impending Divorce?

Amala Paul Marriage - Amala And Vijay Divorce Rumours

In late July 2016, certain media tabloids started reporting that the Vijay Amala Paul marriage hit a rough patch with ‘compatibility’ issues’ being cited as the reason. Word was out that the couple were planning on taking the legal route to get a legal divorce marking an end to their two year old matrimony. By early August 2016, it was learnt that the major cause for the rift between Amala and her in-laws was regarding her showbiz career. It is said that Vijay’s parents wanted Amala to quit acting completely and become a homely bahu. Apparently, Vijay and Amala had discussed about it before the wedding, and while Vijay was supportive of his wife working after marriage, Amala did take a significant break from working in films for a few months to bond with her in-laws. But things didn’t go as planned. Amala was getting a lot of good move offers which she didn’t want to turn down.

Also, she signed three films before her wedding and she had to fulfil those professional obligations. This did not go down well with Vijay’s parents, and it is said they would often pressurise Amala to quit her acting career as soon as possible. It is said that things went too far when Vijay’s parents resorted to harassment in order to force Amala to give up her career. While Vijay was supportive of Amala’s career, Vijay’s parents were not too happy with their actress daughter-in-law. They soon started voicing their discontent to Vijay till a point that he finally gave in to parental pressure and decided to call an end to his wedlock with Amala. Vijay’s father later confirmed to a tabloid that the couple has split, and added that they will soon be filing for divorce.

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The Vijay Amala Paul marriage was considered quite a successful one before the reports of their discord started doing the rounds. After the news of their separation broke out, fans and followers of Amala took to Twitter, expressing their astonishment about the matter. Others expressed their anger about the fact that a newly-wed woman is still expected to quit her job for the sake of family. It is surely quite a sad thing to see once loving pair split. Here’s to hoping Amala and Vijay find a way to settle in-law issues and get back together.

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