5 Comfortable Alternatives For Brides Who Can’t Handle Heels On Their Wedding Day

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Being a bride is a dream for all the girls out there, isn’t it? Right from a young age we dream about the big day! And in a country like India, marriage is nothing less than a festival which is celebrated with pomp and grandeur. There’s so much effort that goes into making an event like marriage a successful one.

And it’s on this day that every single guests’ eyes are on the bride. Right from the uncle from neighborhood to the far-distant relatives, everybody scans what the bride is wearing on her big day. The parents of the bride literally dress their daughter up like she was a symbol of how wealthy they are. The lehenga would be around 2-3 Kgs, the jewellery would be around 1 Kg at least, right? We know it sounds bizarre, but that’s how a bride is supposed to look on her big day here. She needs to look like a royal dream!

Ask any bride what her concern is about her wedding outfits, she’d say “footwear.” She’s neither worried about the heavy bridal trousseau nor the heavy jewelry. All that she’s concerned about is how she will match to the height of her beau wearing all of this heavy stuff. And if you’d answer “heels” you’ll probably hear her scream a “no” which is understandable you know! Who on earth can handle the heavy outfits on a heel? It’s very painful.

And not every bride dreams of rocking a Jimmy Choo heels that’s sky-high! But don’t worry all the bride-to-bes out there, we’ve got this problem fixed for you. We’re presenting to you some comfortable alternatives for your big day. Ditch those heels and pick one of these alternatives instead.

#1 Mojaris Or Juttis

Mojaris Or Juttis
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These have a royal significance too! And in the present times, you’ll find numerous brands that make customized Juttis or Mojaris that would match with your outfits. You can opt for the ones that have delicate embroideries, or the ones that have sequin work on them. You can also include elements like stones, ghungroos. This traditional footwear makes for a perfect match with the traditional attire. You can also get your name and your beau’s name embroidered on it. And these alternatives are mostly available in all sizes. The brides with big feet, your problem has been solved!

#2 Ballerinas

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If you think you don’t want to take the traditional route with your footwear but you’re looking for something similar to Juttis, then ballerinas are the answer. They’re like a legit modern take on our Juttis, isn’t it? Ballet flats are super cute too. Be it the ones with colorful ribbons, the shimmery ones, or the printed ones — these flats are super comfy and they add that extra oomph to your outfits.

#3 Brogues

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Brogues at the wedding? No, we haven’t lost it at all! Everything from the yesteryears seems to be taking a makeover and so have brogues. These days, you can find brogues with an ethnic touch to them. You’ll find brogues made of crepe fabric and patchwork of floral sequins. This Irish footwear is bound to give your outfit a modern makeover. You can also opt for a low heeled one — they’re comfortable, don’t worry!

#4 Sneakers

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Yep, you read that right ladies! Wearing embellished or just plain sneakers are trending these days. Even the celebs love it. Haven’t you seen Deepika Padukone wear it at one of her wedding parties? You can either get it designed or just do it yourself. All you need is your favorite pair of sneakers. Use glue and stick some embellishments on it or just paint them gold or in any color that matches your wedding dress.

#5 Kitten Heels Or Wedges

Kitten Heels Or Wedges
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Could be that he is taller than six feet, and this could be a problem at least for pictures as you don’t want to look short. And if you want to wear a heel that’s comfortable then opt for kitten heels as they are of the right size. They are neither too tall nor too flat. Another good option is wedge heels. They are comfortable and they are pain-free. Both of these alternatives form a win-win situation and they also solve your footwear woes. Go for plain ones, printed ones, sequined ones, or embellished ones. These options will make you feel tall and comfortable at the same time.

Its’ true the right pair of footwear can add that extra spark to your overall outfit. Now you know you have a good set of options, right? So, giddy up dear brides-to-be. We recommend that you first finalize your wedding outfit and then choose comfortable footwear to go with it. If you want to customize your footwear then do it beforehand to save up on time and relax in the last few days before your big day.

If you’re already a Mrs. What did you wear at your wedding? We’re curious! Let us know in the comments section below.

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