Ajith Kumar And Shalini’s Marriage: The Rock Of Gibraltar

Ajith Kumar, the superstar of Kollywood, is a renowned Tamil actor whose name is not limited only to the south Indian film industry but has a strong influence across the whole nation. Ajith Kumar And Shalini’s marriage came in much later, but marked a big difference in his career, and his influence.  He established himself as a romantic hero with the 1996 movie Kadhal Kottai, but other movies like Aval Valuvara (1998) and Vali (1999) or Mugavaree were the most notable movies of his film career. In the later years of his career he worked on movies like Aasal (2010), and Mankatha which was his fiftieth project.

Ajith’s Popularity And His Acheivements

Ajith Kumar And Shalini’s Marriage - Ajith Kumar

Apart from being a popular actor and producer, he is also passionate about F2 Racing. He is lovingly called Thala Arijit by his fans and the industry people because of his popularity. In his life, he has always been open about his opinions and thoughts and does not feel it to be a crime to not always be politically correct but speak one’s mind. The habit of his to be open about his thoughts has landed him in a few troubles and controversies but his fans and well wishers have always supported him.

His Passion For The Unusual

Ajith Kumar And Shalini’s Marriage - Ajith Kumar's Cooking Prowess

Amidst all this, he also loves to cook and try out new recipes. Whenever he eats a new dish or item he likes in any hotel or restaurant, he asks the chef to share the recipe with him and he goes home and tries out the recipe before making it for his friends and guests. He cooks biryani excellently and many of his co-stars and directors can vouch for his amazing cooking skills as he keeps feeding them with his self prepared dishes that he takes to the shooting sets and locations.

Link Ups And Controversies

Ajith Kumar And Shalini’s Marriage - Ajith, Heera And Swathi

In his personal life, before and after Ajith Kumar And Shalini’s marriage, he was linked to a few co-actors of which the names of Heera and Swathi are the most prominent. The news of his link up with Heera had made quite the rounds and was considered by the media as one of the most controversial and interesting link ups ever. They were linked together while shooting for the movie Kadhal Kottai.

The Link Up With Heera

Ajith Kumar And Shalini’s Marriage - Ajith And Heera In A Still From Kadhal Kothai

It has been speculated that Heera would always be insisting on taking Ajith as her co-actor in the movie and they were quite close. The rumors that they were actually living together were also quite active during the 90’s. But all these could never be established as they never openly came out about their relationship in public. Even though Ajith once admitted to be in a live-in relationship with her, they never went public about the relationship.

Ajith And Swathi

Ajith Kumar And Shalini’s Marriage - Ajith And Swati

Ajith was also controversially linked with Swathi, another Tamil actress of the 90’s but whether these were just rumors or there was some truth in them it is difficult to speculate. Ajit’s career choices continued to build his chocolate boy image. Finally the cupid struck both Ajith and Shalini on the sets while they were shooting for the movie Amarkalam that released in the year 1999. They started dating each other steadily and the couple was not at all media shy and was openly seen together in restaurants, movie premiers, events and public appearances. Things were said to have been gping very well, and fans were rooting for Ajith Kumar And Shalini’s marriage.

Ajith And Shalini: Cupid Struck

Ajith Kumar And Shalini’s Marriage - Ajith And Shalini

In the end of 1999 after months of dating, Ajith finally proposed Shalini for marriage and she consulted her parents about it. Once her parents gave the nod of approval regarding the match, she agreed. Ajith Kumar And Shalini’s marriage took place in Chennai in 2000 and was a huge affair and many prominent faces of the industry, the political faces and the leaders of the media attended their wedding. The news papers and page 3 sections were filled with the wedding photographs of the couple and nothing was amiss from declaring it a grand affair.

Ajith Kumar And Shalini’s Marriage, The Challenges of Their Relationship

Ajith Kumar And Shalini’s Marriage - Ajith And Shalini With Anoushka And Aadvik

Since the two belonged to different religions, they did face their share of hardship to be finally united as a married couple. Ajith was a Hindu Brahmin whereas Shalini was a Protestant Christian which prompted them to follow the marriage rituals of both the religious sects. This is one highlighting factor of Ajith Kumar And Shalini’s marriage, which was taken as an example and an inspiration for many others later on. After marrying Ajith, Shalini finished her last two projects before setting down as a homemaker and leaving her career in films. The couple have two kids, a daughter named Anoushka Ajith Kumar who was born in 2008 in Chennai and a son, Aadvik Ajith Kumar who was born in March, 2015.

Shalini, Ajith’s Support System

When asked about the support he gets from his wife, he fondly says, “Shalini was an extremely successful actress herself. She’s been extremely supportive. It’s a very cliched thing to say that she’s my biggest critic, but to be very honest, she has given me the freedom to take my own decisions without trying to influence me or interfere in any way. I’m happy that I have a spouse who believes in me. But, yes, I let her share her doubts and I seek her opinion on what she feels. I value her opinion. When things are going well, a lot of people want to be a part of it, everyone wants a piece of the cake. But when we go through traumatic experiences, there are very few people who stand by you like family and friends. She’s been there always and we have been married for 12 years. In fact, on April 24, we completed 12 years of married life. I’m not an easy person to live with.”

Going Steady Still

Ajith Kumar And Shalini’s marriage is going great. The couple are steadfast and setting an example of a happily married life and are going steady for the past sixteen years, without any controversies or rumors surrounding their love. They are truly one couple in the Kollywood industry to give us huge couple goals!

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