Ajinkya Rahane's Marriage: A Match Made In Mumbai

All thanks to his stellar performances on-field, Ajinkya Rahane is a very prominent face both in the Indian and international cricket scene. With the spotlight on him, fans were scrambling to get every bit of information about his professional and personal life too. It was on 26th September, 2014 that Jinks (as Rahane is popularly known) tied the knot with childhood friend Radhika Dhopavar in Mumbai. While most fans must have been elated by the news, we are guessing that the cricketer broke a few hearts when the news of his wedding came out. Here’s all you want to know about Ajinkya Rahane marriage.

A Backstory

Ajinkya’s parents have had a lot to do with the youngster’s success both on and off the pitch. As a young lad, Ajinkya was known to be fairly reserved leading his father to push him into taking up karate, a move that would transform the youngster’s confidence.

Ajinkya Rahane was marriage - Ajinkya Rahane His family and inset with these candid shots

His dad, Madhukar Baburao Rahane is a civil engineer and works for BEST which deals with a lot of Mumbai’s buses and electric supply. His mother, Sujata is a housewife.

It was when he was at school that Ajinkya first met Radhika, and the duo remained friends off and on throughout their childhood, but shared a bond that saw them comfortably resume conversation even if they had not seen each other in a long time. But nothing indicative of a Radhika Dhopavkar Ajinkya Rahane marriage yet.

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Ajinkya Madhukar Rahane’s Personal Profile
Date of birth : 6 June, 1988
Profession : Cricketer
Spouse : Radhika Dhopavkar (Marriage Date – 26 September 2014)
Parents: Madhukar Baburao Rahane and Sujata Rahane
For more information  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ajinkya_Rahane

Radhika Dhopavkar: The Lovely Bride

Well, if Ajinkya was plagued by a certain shyness when he was growing up, Radhika was no different. In fact, she can be described as the quintessential Maharashtrian girl who exemplifies certain unique values – she is shy, modest, intelligent and extremely down to earth.

Ajinkya Rahane was marriage - Ajinkya Rahane with these pics from Radhika Dopavkr Their Soshls

As the only child to her parents, Radhika was pampered to the fullest, but you would be hard pressed to notice it in her soft and gentle demeanour and the way she carries herself. There was to be no shortage of pampering that she received from Ajinkya as well, then or now!

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Her dad, Nandkumar Dhopavkar also hails from Maharashtra and does his wife and Radhika’s mother, Anuja Dhopavkar. Nandkumar was previously in the merchant navy but now runs a large and successful hospital along with his wife.

Their Love Story

For anyone looking for a detailed insight into the romantic story of the couple, let us just say this upfront – this is probably the most uncomplicated tale of romance that you have read, perhaps even more so for any cricketer out there.

The Ajinkya Rahane Marriage - Ajinkya Rahane With Radhika Dhopavkar In Pics From Their Socials And Candid Shots With The Press

Indeed, the two have never been spotted together partying or getting cozy in some nook of an upmarket Mumbai café. In fact, they both prefer to stay indoors and spend time relaxing with family.
However, the very question of their dating doesn’t arise given the fact that the Radhika Dhopavkar Ajinkya Rahane marriage was an arranged marriage – the two sets of parents fixed their match and their children happily obliged. Of course, it helps that the two have known each other for a long time and are entirely comfortable in each other’s company.

The fact that Ajinkya is 26 while Radhika is 23, a mere three years younger, has seen this couple relate quite naturally and with ease to each other.

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To Be Seen In The Stands: Radhika Rahane

Ajinkya Rahane was marriage - Ajinkya Rahane, therefore Dopavkr Their Wedding and engagement with Radhika

The duo’s wedding date was set as 26th September 2014 and the stage was set for some grand celebrations to take place. And true to the expectations, the event didn’t disappoint. Gala celebrations rung in the Radhika Dhopavkar Ajinkya Rahane marriage with the entirety of cricket fraternity firmly behind their golden boy as he tied the knot with his bride.

Fans, cricket dignitaries, Mumbai Cricket Association members and board persons as well as other important cricketing and other personalities were seen passing on their blessings to the newly-weds, who seemed to be on cloud nine on the date.

Ajinkya Rahane was marriage - Ajinkya Rahane and therefore Radhika Dopavkr Their Wedding Reception

The Radhika Dhopavkar Ajinkya Rahane marriage reception was held none other than at the MCA where almost all of the members of Team India as well as the managing committee were spotted having a blast. The wedding, as is to be expected, created a huge buzz in the media and the highly sought after photos made the news across the country in the following days.

Post Wedding: A Couple In Bliss

Finally spotted in the stands donning a Rajasthan Royals team jersey and unequivocally backing her husband was a very stylish (if still rather shy) Radhika after the wedding. Such a sight is something that Indian cricket lovers and fans of Ajinkya Rahane have grown accustomed to seeing, and it is clear even from such a limited view of how close the couple are.

Jinks, as he is known in the dressing room, and by close friends, isn’t the most active in sharing the details of his personal life, but fans occasionally get a glimpse into the star batsman’s life, as was the occasion of their first marriage anniversary, which Ajinkya celebrated by – among other things – sharing a selfie of him and his wife together for his followers on social media.

It has been known for quite a while that Radhika has a keen interest in interior design and has pursued several courses to further her know how on the subject, but as of now all is quiet on that front. The couple haven’t yet taken the initiative to start a family, but one suspects that it is merely a matter of time and we wish them all the best with that.

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Radhika And Ajinkya: Head In The Clouds And Feet On The Ground

So there you have it, the Radhika Dhopavkar and Ajinkya Rahane marriage story, a tale of sweet love of this wonderful and grounded couple, who seem to inspire us all. When two wonderful people come together, happiness is all around.