27 Easy Airplane Activities For Toddlers To Keep Them Engaged

Now, you would be relieved when traveling with your toddler on a flight.

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Are you boarding a flight with your little one? As the plane takes off, children may amuse themselves by observing the sky, moving clouds, and exploring the front pockets (1). However, if it is a long-haul flight, they may get restless. Limited legroom, cramped spaces, and limited mobility make children fussy. It may sound challenging to keep a toddler engaged during a flight, but you can ease off with some preparation. Therefore, plan ahead to make your journey stress-free.

Although the airplane activity for toddlers is mostly going to be easy to monitor, make sure you are following basic safety rules, such as making the toddler wear an FAA-approved harness device and a seat belt at all times. Here are some airplane activities for toddlers to keep them busy and entertained.

27 Toddler Airplane Activities

To keep your little one busy and entertained throughout the flight, here are some fun toddler airplane activities that you can try-

1. Doodling animal faces

For this activity, you will need a pencil, eraser, and disposable paper cups. You may also request the flight attendants for some extra cups if you need them. Now, let your child draw the faces of various animals on these paper cups. Ask your toddler to begin with eyes, nose, ears, and then draw the mouth.

2. Puppet show

Carry some stuffed toys and organize a small puppet show for your toddler. If you have forgotten to carry these small toys, grab some tissues and make your puppet.

3. Post-it notes

Carry a bunch of post-it stamps and give them to your child. Now ask the child to cut them into different shapes or write some notes and stick them on their window and tray table. Make sure that the toddler removes these post-its after the flight has landed.

4. Window gel clings

Ask for some window clings. If you are lucky, they may be available as airplanes have many windows. Since this is one of the favorite airplane activities for kids, some airline companies keep a stock of cute window gel clings. Let your toddler stay busy with these clings

5. Bracelet making

You will need to carry threads and beads of various colors for this activity. Ask your toddler to use the thread and colorful beads to make a bracelet for you.

6. Puzzle

Carry some easy puzzle board games to play on the flight. Give the jumbled pieces to your kid and ask them to solve the puzzle.

7. Finger puppets

If you have finger puppets, carry them on the flight or draw tiny faces on the tips of each finger. Now, name each of your fingers or the puppets and narrate a story to your toddler.

8. Travel busy board

You can purchase this board from a toy shop at the airport. The set consists of a number of items such as dot stickers, alphabet letters, and blocks. Your child is sure to have a fun time playing this board game.

9. Clay modeling

Carry a clay set or play-dough for your toddler to make shapes and play with. This activity is sure to get your little one excited.

10. Snacking

Munching on little tit-bits can also help you pass the time with your little one. You can use this opportunity to tell stories, explain the importance of healthy snack options, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

11. Magnet board

Carry a magnetic board game such as snakes and ladders or something of your child’s interest. A magnetic board ensures nothing falls off the board despite any turbulence.

12. Lego airplane craft

Carry your toddler’s Lego kit and ask them to build an airplane using the blocks. They can feel inspired by the design and structure of the plane as they observe it more closely.

13. Ice cream sticks airplane craft

For this activity, you will need some ice cream sticks and glue. Ask the toddler to arrange the sticks, form an airplane and glue them together.

14. Paper airplane craft

Fold a sheet of paper to form a paper plane and show the steps to your toddler as well. You can fly these paper planes once you land and step out of the aircraft.

15. Passing the ball

Bring a tiny softball to play pass the ball with your toddler. You can push the ball back and forth and spend a jolly time on the plane. Whoever stops first loses the game.

16. Nursery rhymes

Practicing nursery rhymes is the easiest way to keep a toddler occupied, but make sure you are not too loud as you may disturb the co-passengers.

17. Coloring book

Carry a set of crayons and a coloring book for the toddler. This airplane activity is simple and quite fun too.

18. Flashcards

Carry a set of flashcards for some fun quiz time. Let your toddler choose a subject or topic of their interest. Now show them the flashcard with a picture and ask them to identify its name whether they like it or not.

19. Magnets

A pair of magnets is enough to keep the toddler amused and engaged for a long time. Let them play with these magnets and explore various surfaces or objects a magnet can attract.

20. Erasable doodle books

Erasable doodle books are fun and allow your toddler to be creative in many ways. It can be used on long flights as it is erasable and does not get spoiled even after multiple doodles.

21. I spy

This activity involves making observations inside and outside the airplane. Ask the child what they see around them. For example, I spy with my eye a heart-shaped cloud.

22. Guess the letter

Draw a letter with your finger on your toddler’s back and ask them to guess the letter. Every time the child guesses it wrong, you get to draw again. When the child guesses it right, it’s their turn to draw on your back.

23. Memory game

Choose a category of objects or names of places or foods. Now take turns with your child and keep saying names. For example: If you said banana and the child said apple, you will say banana, apple, grapes, and so on.

24. Pin drop silence

This activity will give you and your toddler some time to rest. Ask the child to continue being silent and whoever talks first loses the game.

25. Rock, paper, scissors

Teach your child the signs for rock, paper, and scissors. The rules are that the rock can destroy scissors, scissors can cut the paper, and paper can wrap around the rock.

26. Choose a fist

Hide a small object inside your palm. Now show both your fists to the child. They have to guess which fist has the hidden object

27. The mirror game

For this activity, ask your child to perform any action. Now you have to imitate them and vice versa.

These activities for toddlers on a plane may keep them busy and excited throughout the flight. As they do not need elaborate preparation, you can spontaneously come up with them. It’s going to be a memorable experience for both of you when you engage in toddler airplane activities.

Key Pointers

  • Doodling animal faces on paper cups or making colorful bracelets are some activities that will help toddlers stay engaged in airplanes.
  • Carry finger puppets, play dough, or puzzles to grab children’s attention during the journey.
  • To further make your trip comfortable, play memory games, sing rhymes, or entertain toddlers with other engrossing activities.


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