Airbrush Bridal Makeup Vs Regular Makeup – What Are The Differences?

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Bridal makeup is more complicated than it sounds due to the magnificence of the bride’s clothes. Especially in India, brides wear heavy outfits with a lot of zari and stone work on them. This means that unless the makeup is done really well, it can look pale in front of the rich attire!

Though you can do your own makeup at home, bridal makeup is best left to professionals and salons. Makeup artists can create magic and make the brides look more gorgeous and stunning on the biggest day of their lives!

It is but natural for brides to be confused about how they want to dress up on their big day. There are a wide range of products in the market, ranging from medicated to oil-free skin care products, which claim to render the skin younger. While there are different types of makeup, each one has its own pros and cons. To make things all the more complicated, every makeup artist will offer her own opinion!

Making the right choice of makeup becomes all the more easier if you know the basics. Two of the most popular kinds of makeup today are the airbrush and regular makeup. The techniques vary slightly, but both techniques leave the bride looking no less than a glam doll on her big day. So what does airbrush makeup mean? And how different is it from regular makeup, you ask? Read on as we unravel the differences between the two, making your choice a tad bit easier!

Airbrush Bridal Makeup Vs Traditional Bridal Makeup

Airbrush Makeup:

  • In bridal airbrush makeup, experts use an airbrush gun, air compressor and a special airbrush foundation, which is silicone or water based. The foundation used is thinner than the normal liquid foundation as it has to pass through an airbrush gun. The beautician sprays a very fine mist on your skin with gentle air pressure using the air compressor. Thus airbrush makeup is lighter on the skin in comparison to traditional makeup that can make you feel heavier!
  • On proper application, an even and consistent foundation spreads across your skin, covers up blemishes and leaves you looking no less than a Greek goddess! Airbrush makeup also blends in well while evening out the imperfections of your skin. Moreover, as it is lightweight, your skin can breathe and you can brag of a natural and polished look. Since airbrush makeup involves the spraying of just a little foundation and makeup, you look more natural, and the artist can then highlight your best features such as the eyes or lips.
  • Airbrush is no better or worse than any other form of makeup. The final result depends on the makeup artist. A heavy handed artist can ruin the whole look by using airbrush makeup tools to build up a heavy coverage. It is therefore important that you do not give your face to an amateur to experiment with, especially if you are dressing up for an occasion.
  • An airbrush makeup bridal look can indeed make you look glamorous, flawless, and stunning; like a show-stopper! No more worrying about makeup that cakes up and makes your face look painted! The cherry on the icing is that airbrush makeup does not stain your clothing and stays on for longer than traditional makeup. Interestingly, airbrush makeup is waterproof and does not fade off until you wash it.

Traditional Makeup:

Traditional bridal makeup, as the name suggests, is the technique used since time immemorial by women to look beautiful. Women have loved to dress up for centuries, and even before makeup techniques such as airbrush makeup came into the picture, the female race used available tools to blend makeup onto their skin to look more attractive! You do not need to visit a salon for a session of traditional makeup. You can simply apply foundation, mascara and other cosmetics using brushes you already have at home!

  • The foundation can be liquid, powder or cream based and can be applied using a sponge or duo fibre brush or foundation brush. You can even use the tip of your fingers to gently blend in the foundation. The highlight of traditional makeup is that it is a lot less expensive than airbrush makeup.
  • However the flip side of traditional makeup is that it can look over-the-top if not done by a good makeup artist. The foundation is generally thicker in consistency and overuse can result in makeup that cakes up with time.
  • Unlike airbrush makeup, traditional makeup is not waterproof and it tends to rub off on clothing. You will probably need occasional touch-ups all through the evening. However, if you luck upon a brilliant artist, even traditional makeup can make you look radiant and beautiful.


As mentioned above, every type of makeup has its own merits and demerits. Ultimately, your personal preference will be the deciding factor in choosing between airbrush and traditional makeup!

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Choose subtle colors that blend with your skin tone, and do not overdo makeup. The more natural you look the more compliments will you be flooded with!

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