Beauty Secrets Straight From The Queen Of Eternal Youth: Madhuri Dixit

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If you grew up in the 90’s, all you wanted to be was to be like her.

We have all dreamed of being her at some point of time or the other. Her youth, beauty, charm, warmth and personality were something that attracted men and women to her like moths to flame.

This was 20 years ago and now she is in her 40’s. What has changed? Absolutely nothing! She is still just as beautiful, youthful, charming and warm as ever. With an added touch of grace and maturity that we credit to her motherhood and age.

This simplicity is what makes Madhuri Dixit so lovable, doesn’t it? Mother to adorable kids, wonderful wife to her doctor husband, a daughter and a daughter-in-law, and also a woman with her own strong personality. It is no surprise that Madhuri is idealized. Her skills of acting, dancing, parenting done with the perfect dose of warmth and perfection are what set her apart from the bling crowd. Probably this is why she has captured hearts from all across the world, and will continue to stay there in the top for all the time.

Would you like to know how she has managed to remain this stunning?

Beauty Tips Favoured By Madhuri Dixit

The beauty tips from Madhuri Dixit’s bag of secrets are very simple.

When asked what beauty is to her, Madhuri said “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what is beautiful to one, need not be beautiful to the other. But one must always work to feel and look good.”

If you ask her about all the crash diets, she says that they are just not done. “Keep it balanced”, she says. “Your body needs to be healthy to look beautiful”, she insists. She also says that the body needs rest to look alive, so sleep well and for proper hours or you will show signs of dullness in your energy and in glow too.

Tips That Madhuri Dixit Follows Regularly:

  • Oil your hair before a wash. Very important.
  • Moisturize, moisturize and then moisturize some more.
  • Never miss out on the SPF.
  • Eat healthy, eat well and work out.
  • Overall, lead a balanced life.
  • Her workout routine currently is a six day schedule with plenty of sleep.

Her choice in beauty products is very simple. Her favorites are an eye liner and a gloss. Her latest love and belief is the Olay Regenerist. Why, you ask? She says that she loves a good challenge and this product actually challenges clinical methods, by giving good results. This is one product she believes gives the glow a women needs to be able to step out without any makeup!

Now we know how she looks so natural all the time, don’t we?

How does she achieve the stunning glow? This is going sound way too simple to be true, but it has worked for her – staying happy and doing things that make her happy. If she wants a glow before a party, this is what she says she does -dance! Yes dance. Dancing is a very spiritual thing to her, it gives her the kind of joy she can’t find elsewhere and also because cardio work outs pumps blood in the body and face giving it a glow.

Isn’t this stunning beauty’s simplicity just heartwarming? What traits of Madhuri do you love? What aspect of hers gets you adore her? Shoot a comment and let us know!

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