After Wedding TLC: 13 Things You Need To Do After Tying The Knot

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We always focus so much on the wedding and the tasks involved in it that we forget about the tasks that we might have to look at after wedding ceremonies are complete. To have the most successful wedding experience, one must be ready for all the things one might have to face. You don’t want to be in a position where you’re left dumbfounded by all the bills and jobs to finish with no clue where to begin. So here’s a list of things to prepare you and remind you of all the things you have to do now that you’re officially Mrs. and Mr. ‘Right.’

The After Wedding Checklist:

1. The Much Needed Day Off

Many people leave for their honeymoon right after the wedding but then there are those who choose to settle in their lives first and then go for the honeymoon. So if you belong to the second category then the most important ‘after wedding thing’ for you to do is just take time off and relax. Weddings can be overwhelming and tiring, and your bodies need time to re-energize.

2. After Wedding Thank You Notes

Every wedding has relatives and friends travelling from all over the country/world to be a part of the special day. Send out thank you notes and express your gratitude. The best part about this ‘after wedding task’ is that it can even be done on your day off and it involves no physical exertion. So, get it done and cross it off your checklist.

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3. Unpack

There is always at least one person who has lots to unpack since they’re now officially moving in. So clear out the cupboard space and start unpacking and fixing your wardrobe. Organize as you like with all the time you need. It’s an ‘after wedding tradition’, after all. Hangup your photo frames, assemble your furniture and you’re all set.

4. Unwrap

Once you’ve unpacked all your stuff, it’s now time to unwrap all the gifts! Now some might say that unwrapping should be done before unpacking, but then, that’s totally your call to make.

5. Make Lists

This is another after wedding errand. Make a checklist of all the gifts you’ve received and note down the names of the givers. This list comes in very handy when you have to attend their weddings, or any other event in their lives and you wonder what budget to stick to (*wink*)!

6. After Wedding Clothes

Indian brides wear heavy jewellery on the wedding day and their dresses too are quite expensive. So keep your jewellery safe and get your dresses dry-cleaned and packed to be preserved. Same goes for the groom. Wedding clothes are never really worn again, so it’s best if you put them away in the safest way possible.

7. Clear Dues

There are always some last-minute unpaid bills to the decorators or to the caterers which need to be cleared as part of the ‘after wedding duties’. Do not delay those as it can really be a burden lingering over your head.

8. Set Up The House

Now that you’ve officially moved in as a couple, as part of your ‘after wedding activities’, it’s time you decorate your house in a way which you can call yours. Set up the kitchen as that is always the heart of the house where you soothe your empty stomachs. Make your bedroom your favourite corner of the house and cross it off your checklist as well.

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9. Wedding Album

How couldn’t we not mention this after wedding activity! Coordinate with your photographer and get your personalized wedding album made. Many photographers these days also offer to make a movie-style wedding video. Give that a shot and get some big prints of your favourite photos for the house.

10. Go Shopping

There are always some things that you really wanted for the wedding but couldn’t buy and didn’t even get as gift (sigh!). So as part of your after wedding plans, go shopping for those. Make sure you have everything you need to finally start the dream phase of your life.

11. After Wedding Photo Shoot

This is a new trend that is catching up and is honestly quite intriguing. Like a pre-wedding shoot, people are now opting for a post-wedding shoot in exotic locations in traditional bridal outfits. These photos will add to the great memories you share.

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12. Registration & Name Change

There are many women who are opting against changing their names these days but if you wish to change yours then getting your wedding registered immediately (irrespective of your name change choice) and then starting the procedure to change the surname should be part of your after wedding plans.

13. Let It Sink In

Marriage brings about a huge change in your life. Some get immediately used to the idea while others take time. Doing the above tasks will keep you busy but won’t really give you time to accept your marital status. So spend time with your partner, and just let the beautiful feeling sink in.

So you see, a wedding is not the only biggest thing in life. The after wedding tasks are what make life more hectic. So plan it all out and chalk it out so that you can blissfully begin the new chapter of your life.

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