15 Adventure Honeymoon Destinations For The Thrill-Seeking Couple

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations For The Thrill-Seeking Couple; Every couple looks for unique and different adventure honeymoon destinations for their honeymoon trip, a place that is equally exotic and exciting for the newly-wed phase. Romance lovers head to the hills or beautiful hotel stays, while nature and adventure lovers look at it as an opportunity to fulfill their thirst for adventure.

Here are some of the best adventure honeymoon destinations for those of you who seek thrill.

1. Hike On Guatemala’s Active Volcano

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations - Hike On Guatemala’s Active Volcano

If a Maldives honeymoon is too bland for you, then the Volcan Pacaya is the most active volcano in Guatemala and a trek on the hill would lead you right up to its mouth. Its most recent major explosion was in March 2014 due to which the entire expanse of Pacaya is covered in ash. Camping activities include roasting marshmallows and shopping at the award-winning Volcano Store. Pacaya lies 30 kms southwest of the Guatemala City near Antigua. A daring choice for adventure honeymoon destinations.

2. Paddle-Boarding In Gurabo, Puerto Rico

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations - Paddle-Boarding In Gurabo, Puerto Rico

Gurabo is a non-touristy countryside area where couples can enjoy adventure as well as peace away from the city’s noise; a nice choice for adventure honeymoon destinations. The Carraizo Lake is surrounded by beautiful hills and it is only a 30-minute drive from San Juan. Couples can experience kayaking, paddle-boarding and zip-line excursions in Gurabo.

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3. Kauai Hike

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations - Kauai Hike

The northern coast of Kauai has 3,000-foot tall cliffs with waterfalls adding to the beauty. Couples get the option of choosing a long or short trek route depending on their quest for adventure. The shorter one is a 4-mile round trip hike to Hanakapi’ai Beach while the longer one is a 22-mile round trip with a mid-way night camping option for the couples. And since it’s Hawaii, you’ve got a bunch of adventure honeymoon destinations, all near by.

4. Fishing Expedition In Barbados

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations - Fishing Expedition In Barbados

The Caribbean is one of the world’s best adventure honeymoon destinations. Staying at the Colony Club resort, couples can have first-hand experience at fishing for their meals with the help of local experts. The couples can tag along with the fishermen on a private boat to catch fish in the traditional ways of string and bait. The fish they bring back to the resort is then prepared in front of them by the chef, free of cost.

5. Rwanda Forest Treks

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations - Rwanda Forest Treks

Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills, holds in its belly a special treat for honeymooners with the beautiful mix of agricultural landscapes, gardens and tea plantations; one of the best wildlife reserve adventure honeymoon destinations, a treat from Africa. Couples can trek along the hills with experts in search of mountain gorillas. The close proximity with the gorilla family is something that excites most travellers.

6. Swim In Victoria Falls, Zambia

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations - Swim In Victoria Falls In Zambia

Several rock pools along the Victoria Falls, including the Devil’s pool, serve as the ultimate choice of adventure honeymoon destinations for thrill-seeking honeymooners. The trip would include a walk among rocks and a swim in the Zambezi River to reach the death pool at a 328-foot drop.

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7. Caribbean – St Lucia

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations - Caribbean Isle St Lucia

And we’re back to another one of the Caribbean island adventure honeymoon destinations. This destination, according to a survey, is preferred by 4.7% of honeymooners across the world. It is not only a beautiful location for a romantic getaway but also includes activities such as diving, snorkelling, hiking and kite-surfing for the thrill-lovers.

8. Tibet To Nepal Road Trip

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations - Tibet To Nepal Road Trip

For those who love long road trips, and honeymoons in north India, this one’s truly heavenly. The trip from Lhasa to Kathmandu gives you an option of visiting monasteries, winter and summer palaces of Dalai Lama and a view of the Mount Everest as you pass through the Himalayas. For those of you who have a problem with altitude, this road may be tough as you travel through Tibet. But as far as adventure honeymoon destinations go, totally worth the ride.

9. Sports Car Ride In Southern France

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations - Sports Car Ride In Southern France

Europe must be on your list of adventure honeymoon destinations. Cruise around the European streets to experience the French Riviera in a sports ride. Rent a sports car and also get a chance to speed against pro F1 racers at the AGS Formula 1 Driving School. The racing packages start at $450.

10. St Croix, Underwater Thrill

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations - St Croix The Underwater Thrill

A honeymoon in the Caribbean next to the calm sea and under the starlit sky is a visual treat for anyone. But the St Croix trip will club your quest for romance with the adventure of underwater experiences as you view the coral reef and underwater canyons of exotic marine life.

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11. Mt Fuji, Tokyo

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations - Mt Fuji Of Tokyo

Trek along Mt Fuji, one of the most well-known mountains in the world. Mt Fuji is the highest peak in Japan and gives a mesmerizing view of the city. The trek takes about four to five hours to complete, thus making it possible to view the sunrise if you start at midnight. Have a cute picnic by mid morning, and then head on to Kyoto, one the most beautiful adventure honeymoon destinations of the past.

Caution: This trek is not easy and thus one must take the required safety and health-hazard prevention measures before setting out on the trek.

12. Swiss Alps And Snow Sports

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations - Swiss Alps And Snow Sports

Just the thought of the Swiss Alps gives a beautiful postcard image in the mind, right? Imagine spending your honeymoon in the snow-clad mountains! That’s why the Alps have been on adventure honeymoon destinations lists for over a hundred years. Couples can enjoy skiing, snowboarding at any of the spots on the 220-mile ski-trails.

13. Surfing At Tahiti

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations - Surfing At Tahiti

Come back from your honeymoon with an expert lesson in surfing. Sit back, relax on your trip and join one of the surfing classes available at numerous spots in Tahiti. Basic private lessons start at $48 and those who know the basics can take up advanced lessons with private instructors.

14. Swimming Holes In Mexico

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations - Swimming Holes In Mexico

How exciting does it sound? Take a trip to Mexico to enjoy swimming in the swimming holes at Yucatan Peninsula. According to ancient Mayan beliefs, the swimming holes are an entry way into the underworld. Care to dare adventure honeymoon destinations to the great beyond?

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15. Bike Trip In Netherlands

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations - Bike Trip In Netherlands

The beauty of Netherlands and its rich fauna is known across the world. Get on a plane and enjoy biking trips across the beautiful flowery routes with not one but many species of plants. Opt for overnight stays right in the midst of scenic spots and wake up to an enchanting look before you get on with your next day bike ride.

These were our top 15 picks for the most exhilarating adventure honeymoon destinations across the world. The degree of thrill however depends on your liking for it. Ready to pack your bags and set off on the most exciting honeymoon trip? Which place is it gonna be then?

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