Adnan Sami Marriage: Twice Bitten But Not Shy

Adnan Sami’s entry into the Indian music scene with his album Always Yours (2000) was a breath of fresh air. His tunes and verses were nothing like anything Indian music aficionados had ever heard before, and the album went on to become a runaway success. Adnan Sami’s Marriage was thus a topic of speculation.

Sami then went on to have a full-fledged career as an independent album artist and a Bollywood playback singer, through which he worked with the likes of A.R. Rahman and Anu Malik. While he met a turnaround success in his professional life, Sami’s personal life has been a topsy-turvy one, with two failed marriages, and the third one finally taking a safe and sound stance. So what exactly has been the love life of this uber-talented musician? Let’s answer that question now.

Adnan Sami’s Marriage- The Fastest Pianist In The World

Adnan Sami's Marriage

Adnan Sami was born Adnan Sami Khan on 15th August 1971 in London, England in an aristocratic Pakistani family of Pashtun descent. Sami received all his education in London, and began playing piano when he was just five years old. By the time he was 20, he had already become an accomplished pianist, and could play a host of other musical instruments, a talent which landed him a feature in the coveted Keyboard magazine from the US. He was labelled as the ‘fastest piano player in the world’ and also a music wonder from the 1990s.

In the late 1990s, Sami began concentrating on making an Indian debut album, a task which he accomplished with launch of 2000s aforementioned Always Yours. The album was an instant success, and since 2001, Sami has resided in India where he has done playback singing in six Indian languages. He applied for Indian citizenship in the year 2015, and was proclaimed an Indian citizen with effect from 1st January 2016.

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Adnan Sami's Marriage -1

Adnan Sami’s Marriage : The First Wife

Adnan Sami's Marriage - albums

Adnan Sami’s first tryst with marriage was way back in the year 1993, when he was just 22 years old. Sami had then tied the knot with Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiar in Karachi, Pakistan. The pair even appeared together in a 1995 Pakistani film called Sargam. Little is known about the couple’s courtship, and their time through their short-lived marriage but it is said that it was Zeba’s third marriage. They had a son in 1994, Adnan’s only child, whom they named Azaan. Adnan and Zeba divorced in the year 1996, but continue to maintain a healthy rapport, since they share the joint custodial rights of their son Azaan. Azaan lives with his mother in Karachi and occasionally visits his father in India. Adnan once shared in an interview that he has made peace with his first wife, and respects her for the time they shared together.

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Adnan Sami's Marriage - 2

Love In Dubai, Celebrity Status, Divorce And Remarriage

Adnan Sami's Marriage - Wife

In 2001, Adnan Sami’s Marriage to Dubai-based businesswoman Arab Sabah Galadari had taken place. She already had a son from a past failed marriage. Just like Sami’s previous marriage, little is known about the pair’s first meeting and the path to matrimony. In fact, little was known about the fact that Adnan Sami has married for the second time, and the news came under limelight only when the couple announced a dissolution of their marriage in 2004. Sami and Sabah met once again in 2007, this time in Mumbai – Sami’s new home turf, and got espoused for the second time much to everyone’s surprise! No one knows what was on the mind of the once estranged couple, and what exactly sparked the surprise bonhomie. In hindsight, it was always a failed relationship since Sabah filed for a divorce yet again in the year 2009.

This time the feud was within the Indian jurisdiction, and since Sami was a big celebrity by now, the Saba-Sami marriage fiasco got ample media coverage. Sabah even accused Sami of domestic violence, which he vehemently refuted; a denial for which he got a support from a surprising source, his first wife Zeba Bakhtiar. It was an ugly episode in Sami’s life but thankfully the court granted the couple a divorce in 2009, and by 2010, the pair amicably split forever after negotiating the final terms and conditions of the divorce.

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Adnan Sami’s Marriage : Third True Love?

Adnan Sami's Marriage - second wife

Adnan Sami tied the knot for the third time in January 2010 to Roya Faryabi, a German woman of Afghan descent in Mumbai. Faryabi is a telecommunication engineer by profession, and Adnan and Roya were first spotted in public at the premiere of the 2009 film 3 Idiots in Mumbai. At that time, Adnan had stated that she was just a family friend, which is indeed the case since their families have known each other for quite a long time owing to their common Afghan roots. In spite of the ‘friend’ wrapper, the pair’s relationship was much deeper since it was Roya who came to Adnan’s emotional rescue when he was in the middle of a bitter divorce feud with his second wife. Roya had visited Mumbai earlier, before 2009, apparently to meet Adnan’s mother, and seek her approval to their relationship. Her visit also came out of concern for Sami’s health who underwent rapid weight loss from 2006 to 2010 (from 230 KG to 70 KG!). Since the couple ticked all the compatibility check-boxes, they finally did get married, and ever since Sami has been the happiest man in the world. In a 2013 interview, the elated Sami shared the following words about his wife Roya:

“Roya has rejuvenated me. Her unconditional love, her belief in me, inspires me. It could just be holding my hand and telling me we’ll get through this together… I’m not good in finance. She keeps things in order.”
– Adnan Sami about his third wife Roya Faryabi

Adnan Sami’s Marriage : Moving On And Becoming A Grandpa!

Adnan Sami's Marriage - grandson

The third marriage is going strong, and the couple’s love is quite palpable, especially through Adnan’s romantic display of his feelings. In his 2013 music album Press Play, he dedicated an entire song for his lady-love, and the lyrics were all about his ardent awe and adoration for the woman whom he considers the biggest blessing of his life. A blessing indeed but perhaps not greater than the joy of becoming a grandfather. It is not a widely known fact, but Adnan and Zeba’s son Azaan tied the knot in January 2014 to a girl named Sofia, who is said to be his long-time girlfriend. The couple was blessed with a baby boy in 2016, and while the name of the tiny-tot is not yet known, he continues to reside in Karachi with his parents and maternal grandmother. A grandchild should come as an absolute delight for a man who has been in and out of the throes of failed marriage not once but twice. We hope for the best, and wish Adnan Sami, Roya Faryabi and their extended family all the best for their life’s pursuits.

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